Siamese Life

Siamese Breed Seal Point
Cat lovers have so many choices when it comes to selecting a pet cat. There are a variety of cats in terms of breed, sizes, color, etc. Each of the breeds has their own set of, physical characteristic, traits, and personality that makes them different from each other. There are
Haired Grooming
Siamese cats are quite unique and beautiful pet animals. Even more beautiful are the Long-haired Siamese cats. Most of the cat lovers are quickly drawn to this long-haired feline. Let’s face the truth, they look quite magnificent and pretty when compared to its counterparts. They have that rich and luxurious
Lynx Point Siamese
The pointed colouring when it comes to Siamese cats is said to come in a variety of colour combinations. All of them have been accepted under the breed standards. The colours of these Siamese cats are known to be the result of cross-breeding with certain other cat breeds a few
Cat food for Siamese Cats
Siamese cats are unique and loving breed of cats. Very affectionate and caring towards their owners. Very rarely you would come across a cat which is social and friendly with humans. Siamese breed is one among those which is very social. They love to gain attention and do not like
Siamese Cat Genetics
A natural breed in its sense, the Siamese cat is known to have a long and illustrious history. The Siamese breed has been tagged as Royal Cat or Palace Cat. There are lots of mysteries floating around this Siamese breed which makes it unique in itself. The historical ties that
Blue-Point Siamese Cat
We all love to have pets in our house. Dogs, cats, fishes are some of the pets we all would love to keep. Over a period of time they become an integral part of the family. Pets require a lot of attention, care and love. At least in those initial
bond with siamese cat
An instantly recognizable breed, the Siamese cat have a striking personality that makes them unique from the rest of the cat breeds. The Siamese cat is a short-haired cat breed that originally came from Thailand. They have a pleasing appearance. Siamese cats are very affectionate, good physical features and very
history of the Siamese breed
When we talk about Siamese cat, there are many people who imagine them to be short-haired seal points that have a slender body with brown and black coloured tail, nose and ears. But with so many cross-breeds, there are now multiple variations of the Siamese breed. Apart from their physical
Introducing Cats
If you are a cat owner and love being around cats, then one cat as a pet would never be enough. There are chances that you would want more than one cat to give you company. Well, there are a host of reasons for owning more than one cat. But
Siamese Cat a Pill
When it comes to giving pills or any medications to cats, even the experienced veterinarian would come across certain challenges. It is commonly known that the easiest method to give medications to the cat is by hiding it in its favourite food. It is important that the cat completes the
Separation Anxiety
What is Separation Anxiety in Cat? Separation Anxiety is known to be a common and well-recognized behavior that is seen in dogs. But not many people are aware that even cats can experience separation anxiety. It is a normal belief that cats are independent over any individuals coming and going.
siamese cat teeth griending
Bruxism or Teeth grinding is seen to be a common condition in cats. Even though it is a common condition, it may not be termed as something normal for the cats. When you hear or watch your kitty grinding its teeth then you should be aware that something is not