Why do cats purr?

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A purring cat is a happy cat. Cats usually purr when they are relaxed and happy. They express their love by purring. Whenever she purr when you hold your cat means she is happy, content and she is enjoying lots of fuss and attention. Cats express their feeling by purring and same way that when we’re happy we smile and dogs wag their tails. Also, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that Purring cats are not always happy cats but there is a lot of mystery around why these cats purr and how these feline friends make a mystical sound. Purring is the most common sound that cats make and when they purr then it is sign of good mood. Recent scientific study has also revealed that cats don’t just purr when they’re happy but also when they’re distressed or afraid. This is also considered as the defense mechanism and in this way cats keep themselves calm in stressful situations.  This is the reason you will find your cat purring when a vet doctor examine them.

Does purring mean your cat is happy?

In most of the cases, it is found that cats usually purr when they are happy, content, relaxed and enjoying the company around. This way they send the waves of calmness. They purr to communicate the emotions and needs. Naturally if you pick your cat up, he or she will either purr because they like it, or because they are nervous.

Why is your cat purring?

We can never guess what the cat is trying to tell you with purr, but looking at the situation we can make a judgment why the feline partner is purring.

Reasons why your cat may be purring include:

Your cat is in happy mood: – While purring if the cat looks very relaxed eyes half-closed and tail mostly still, then you can guess that she is in a happy mood. Food on their mind: – Usually when you find your cat purring at the mealtime means that she is hungry and want food. When purring for food they will also combine their normal purr with a mew. Kitten mother bond: – A kitten will purr to let their mothers know where they are or that they’re fine. Purring helps a kitten and mother bond and mother will purr at their kittens to express their love towards then kitten.



Relief: – You will find your cat purring when she will get hurt or when she is in pain. In this way, they sooth themselves, just like a human child will suck their thumb to get relaxed and chill. Also, Read: Can Siamese Cats Be Left Alone? Healing: –  The study has also found that purring is related to healing of the bones, wounds, build and repair tendons, ease breathing and decrease pain and swelling. Study reveals that low frequency purrs cause vibrations within the body that can naturally heal the feline partner. This is the reason that cats heal faster after surgeries than dogs. Relaxed mood: – When cat enjoys the environment and are in a relaxed mood then they will purr to express it. Purring is a sign of friendship:-  It has been found that cats also purr to express their joy of friendship, a way for a cat to show that it’s in the mood to socialize, or perhaps to communicate that it isn’t a threat.

Why do cats purr when they’re ill? Could it be good vibrations?

Experts says that when cats purr their create vibration that helps in self healing. Veterinarians say that cats heal much faster than dogs and purring vibrations is the reason behind it. This is the reason that cats can jump from great heights and still they are not hurt. By purring they stimulate circulation and the growth of new tissue. One study measured the sound frequencies of cats’ purrs and discovered that this happens between 20-200 Hz (and in particular, 25 Hz, 50 Hz, 100 Hz, 125 Hz, and 150 Hz). The reason is that purring stimulates the release of endorphins. Endorphin is the morphine-like feel-good chemicals made in the brain. Endorphins are the natural pain reliever and this is the reason purring help cat to recover from injury and it also reduces the pain.

Could it be a form of exercise?

A research was made in 2003 and it was found that cats have evolved to save energy as they sleep or rest for around 17 hours a day. Just to stimulate the muscles and bones without movement, purring can be a form of good exercise.

Why do cats stop purring?

A time will come when your cat will stop purring. This generally happens when cat is aged. A cat will stop purring as it ages. Experts do not know the reason behind it but they may purr so quietly that we do not hear it. If your cat is young and stops purring then this might be due to some pain. Here we suggest you to take your cat to veterinarian, just in case there is anything seriously wrong.

What does your cat’s purr mean to you?

Mostly a cat purr when she is happy.  Cat owner can expect things listed below from their cat she purr.
  • Where you have you been for so long?
  • Please take me out for a walk.
  • I am hungry and I need food.
  • The food was delicious.
  • I love your company and want a cuddle.
  • I am happy to be with you.
  • Please rub my tummy.
  • I love you.


Cats usually purr when they are happy and relaxed. A mother cat will purr when giving birth and you will find them purring when they are nervous, injured or when they are in pain or dying. Whatever the reason may be, you just need to show your love and affection towards your feline partner whenever she purr. Just pick her up and show your love so that she enjoys your company while purring.



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