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Siamese is really beautiful and is very famous among all cat breeds. These cats have unusual coat colours and colour points over their coat. These points are darker in colour and you can see them around the cats face, paws, tails, and ears. Depending upon the coat colour, Siamese has different colour points which can be seal point, blue point, chocolate point, lilac point, cream point, and redpoint or flame point.

In this article, we will discuss in detail about Flame point cats but before that let us also discuss few things about other colour points.

Seal Point

Seal point Siamese breeds have almost black points or these points can be dark brown too. You can see these points around the cat’s nose and paw pads with a cream colour coat. It is said that this is the original colour of the Siamese cat when this breed was first exported from Siam.

Blue Point

Cats in this colour look very beautiful with blue eyes and fur and have slate grey points. These cats have slate grey noses and paw pads with a bluish-white body.

Chocolate Point

The cats with chocolate points have cream coloured body and milk chocolate coloured points. These Siamese have a light chocolate coloured nose, paw pads, and tail.

Lilac Point

Siamese with Lilac points is seen with pink-like grey coloured points. These cats have a white fur coat and lavender nose and paw pads.

Cream Point

In this case, Siamese has a cream colour body and the points are very light in colour with pink paw pads and noses.

The Flame Point Siamese cat (or Red Point)

Now you may be wondering what is the flame point?

Redpoint Siamese are considered as flame point cats. This breed of Siamese is very beautiful and rare and they have bright, reddish-gold points. Siamese looks very beautiful in these points and have sparkling blue eyes which makes them more attractive.

This breed is very rare and some may say that Flame point Siamese don’t even exist. But yes they do exist but are hard to find. In the U.K this breed of Siamese is often called as Flame point Siamese but in Australia and US, they are known as Red Point Siamese.



So a Flame Point Siamese cat is actually a Red Point?

Both flame point Siamese and Redpoint are same breed cats but they are called by different names in different countries. Red point Siamese have a creamy white fur coat and sparkling blue eyes. They have reddish-gold face mask, tail, and strips in legs with a pink nose, and paw pads.

It is said that when seal point Siamese breed was first introduced to the U.K in 1930s they were bred with red tabby or tortoiseshell British shorthair cats that carried Orange genes. Since then this flame point Siamese came to existence.

Most of the flame point or red point Siamese have stripping on their faces, legs, and tails. Like other Siamese kittens, flame (Red) point kittens are also pure white when they are born and they develop these points later after several months. It is noticed that these Flame points or red points keep on deepening with age of the cat and become darker when they grow up to two years of age.

Do Flame (Red) Point Siamese have Blue eyes?

Yes flame (Red) point Siamese do have blue eyes as another colour point Siamese. The reason for blue eyes is the Himalayan gene in them which also makes them partial albinism.

The genetics behind Siamese cat Color Development

Siamese cats have a Himalayan gene in them which makes them partial albinism and because of this gene, they have certain colour points in their body. This gene is heat sensitive which means cooler the area darker will be the colour. Because of this gene all Siamese kittens are born white and later they develop dark points around their face, tail, and legs. The reason Siamese have blue eyes is because of this Himalayan gene in them. However, a genetic mutation of this gene restricts colouring to the cats’ extremities and it includes the face, cats’ legs and also the tail. During the genetic mutation, the enzymes that produce pigment in the fur gets affected but the amount of pigment these enzymes produced is greatly affected by temperature. In the womb where the temperature is warm kittens colour remain white but when they are born are exposed to a certain temperature, they develop darker colours. With time and age, the colour points will get darker until they reach two years of age.

Determining Color Points in Young Kittens

As discussed above that all kitten is born white, it may take as long as a year for colour points to develop in a colour pointed breed. But within the first few weeks or within a month you can guess the colour points that will develop and you can get to know about it through the pigment on the animal’s nose and paw pads. Development of the pigment also depends upon which colour points a kitten will develop in future. Usually, in seal point and blue point kittens, the pigment starts developing within 10 days after the kitten is born. In chocolate point and lilac point kittens, this pigment develops in 12 days while in Flame point (Redpoint) kittens this pigment develops in 15 days.

What Age Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Expected to Live?

Like other colour points Siamese, Flame or Redpoint Siamese also have a long life span. They usually live anywhere from 15 to 20 years and surprisingly few may even cross that time frame. Life depends upon how healthy your Siamese cat is.

Do flame point Siamese cats shed?

Yes, Siamese does shed like other cat breeds. But the thing to notice here is that Siamese shed very low as compared to other cat breeds. Usually, Siamese cats undergo two moults a year. They will shed normally in spring when they start preparing themselves for warm summer days and they will shed again in fall when they will start developing a new undercoat for winters.




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21 thoughts on “Flame (Red) Point Siamese Cats”

  1. Gary Gleck says:

    I have an 8 month old 1cthatcis amazing. He loves to fetch seems as smart as an 8 year old!

    1. Tricia says:

      My flame point loves to fetch too. She will bring a tinfoil ball back to me many times. Mine is 3 years old and very tiny in size.

      1. Salah says:

        Mine does as well!
        She loves for me to toss her the tops of water bottles to her!

  2. Greta Anthony says:

    So I think our rescue cat is a red point siamese or at least part red point. He’s a big cat 13lbs mostly white with golden orange ears and head. Bright blue eyes, slight orange down the center of his back and a lightly orange striped tail.

    1. Shirley Peterson says:

      Mine looks a lot like that; the vet called him an Apricot Siamese.His color is not real bright and does resemble an apricot. I bottle fed him when we found him abandoned at 2 weeks old and raised him the way a mama cat would do. And now he just turned 18, weighs 14 lbs. and still likes to play.

  3. Lauragrace Kinser says:

    My Bowie looks just like this, he’s 2 now and weighs about 15lbs. He’s gotten peachier with age, but he’s all white with flame points and blue eyes that shine red in the correct lighting. Our vet says he’s a flame point Siamese. He’s a very sweet and smart boy!

  4. May Cotton says:

    My flame point, Pixel, will be 13 in July. He came to us at 9 weeks. He has a split personality–mean and feisty or sweet and cuddly. As he has gotten older, he is sweet more often. He likes kitty hugs, but don’t dare pick him up! He is a very beautiful, photogenic cat. He is not as big as these others. He was 11 pounds at his biggest, but now he weights 9.

  5. Colette Santoro says:

    Our Wil is a big, gorgeous 15 lbs.
    flame point. We got him from a rescue group who found him as a baby near a dumpster. Why anyone would abandon him is beyond me. His litter mate didn’t make it.😿

    1. Siamese of day says:

      Hello Colette, thank you for your story of your flame point Siamese, many things are cruel in over world, make a change and be different.

      1. Lena Leath says:

        I think I might have Flame tips, white lightest orange on the ears and tail I don’t really look at the feet sparkling blue eyes but they’re only 2 weeks old and it’s so so light they actually looked read or when they were orange and then they got fluffy white and now I see that light orange how did you know?

        1. Paige says:

          I have a 4 year old Flame point who is also HUGE! I really think this bread is just large. He’s 17 pounds and is healthy. I also have a blue seal Siamese and she is tiny and petite compared to my big boy who is WAY bigger than a small dog.

    2. Jasmine says:

      I have a 2 year old flame point and he is huge!!! Very tall! He is about 3 small chihuahuas!!! He eats like a pug and he’s not overweight, he tends to carry his weight well. He is a big baby. But I got on here looking for answers of why he’s so big?!! He’s the size of a dog! Never seen a cat as big as him before!

  6. Kimberly L Dahl says:

    I have red point Siamese cat he is so lovely and friendly and playful

  7. Lena Leath says:

    I rescued an orange tabby female from a park, vet checked her out and said to wait to see if she goes into heat to see if she’s been fixed or not, gorvher healthy and filled out, then she got out my son’s window. Noi have 5 kittens. Thank you neighbors Siamese. One looks traditional Siamese brown point female but they 2 boys are white, nlue eyes and showing hints of orange in ears and tail. Pink noeses.butbthey are soooo light trying to figure out of they are flame tips. Trying to resist keeping one but I just might have to the photographer in me things will be stunning and photos specially next to his petite Tabby mom she’s so strikingly white and orange miss her yellow eyes. I’m thinking I’m going to have to ask my vet!

    1. Siamese of day says:

      Hello Lena,

      Thank you for your story, if you have some question or want to get fast answer you can visit our partner to get instant help HERE from Veterinarian specialist. Be safe and take care.

  8. Morgan says:

    I have a flame point Siamese and he is my big baby! The sweetest cat I’ve ever had. We just introduced a kitten into our home, and he has been very nurturing apart from the occasional night time rough play. He bathes and naps with the kitten. I found this page wondering how big other flame points are because he is a pretty big guy, although I don’t know his weight. He is almost 2 years old and his name is Olaf (yes, like the snowman). 🙂

    1. Siamese of day says:

      Hello Morgan, thank you for sharing your story, we are glad that you found the information that you were looking about – your flame point Siamese. Be safe, take care.

  9. Junebug says:

    I have a 4 year old flame point Siamese and he’s always been very introverted since a baby, he’s always nervous and is terrified of strangers and hides until they leave, we still love him with all our hearts though.

  10. Monique his name is pompom says:

    I just adopted a red point 2 weeks ago. He is already the love of my life. Just out of the hospital spending a year for flesh eating disease and now living in a seniors home although imo my 55. He is the best thing i could of done. Everyone here loves him. I put unthreatening basket attached to my scooter. He already know what to do. He just goes to sleep. He is very attached to me and loves to.come up and cuddle so far a very loving cat and I would not change him for anything in the world. Thanks for letting me hear all your posrs

  11. Jerry S says:

    So my male, Mittens, has bright green eyes but all the golden orange markings yall speak of…he plays fetch and is the most cuddly kitty I’ve ever met. He just turned 7! Is green eyes even more rare than the breed itself? I’ve seen lots of Flame points but never one with bright green eyes.

  12. Kim Patrick Foley says:

    My Son acquired a so loveable & neat male Flamepoint named Bentley. His stray ginger tabby got with neighbors male Siamese & He was the only white kitten along with 5 ginger tab siblings- rare indeed & beautiful!!

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