Long Haired Grooming Tips for Siamese Cat

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Siamese cats are quite unique and beautiful pet animals. Even more beautiful are the Long-haired Siamese cats. Most of the cat lovers are quickly drawn to this long-haired feline.

Let’s face the truth, they look quite magnificent and pretty when compared to its counterparts. They have that rich and luxurious look and they feel very softer upon touching.

But these long-haired cats have special requirements that need to be fulfilled. They need timely and proper grooming along with an occasional bath. Most of the novice long-haired cat owners are not really prepared for what is coming when they get this feline at home.

Even though they look pretty but their coat needs timely maintenance so that the shine never dulls. There are certain kitties who tend to groom themselves habitually but a certain amount of care and maintenance is required from the owner as well to ensure that the coat stays beautiful and shiny.

A long-haired Siamese cat owner has to be prepared for understanding the personality of their cats. Some of them can be cranky and would start throwing tantrums.

When one is aware of how to care for these kitties and the correct grooming technique then it becomes easier to deal with them. Here, we present to you some of the grooming techniques for a long-haired Siamese cat.

Love for bathing:

Cats hate bathing with an exception of few. So, if you have a feline that runs away from the water then you can forget about bathing. You need not worry if your cat is rolling in the dust since they are good at taking care of themselves.

Very soon you would not see any dirt left on their coat. Instead of bathing, you try wiping their coat with towel wipes if there are any signs of dirt or dust.

But in case of sticky and greasy looking coat, you may need to take your scary little feline in the waters for bathing. Also when the cat is obese then they are not able to groom themselves properly at the back of the body.

In such cases, it is important to bath your kitty for sanitary needs. It would keep the kitty away from any infection and at the same time make them look shiny and healthy.

Brushing Cat’s hair:

grooming a long haired Siamese cat



Every cat enjoys brushing especially when it comes to long-haired Siamese cat. For an owner, this is one of the best ways to bond with the cat and make them feel loved and comfortable.

However, do not go in for a brush that has harsh brittles since it may hurt their skin. Use soft bristles instead since Siamese cats can feel sensitivity on the head and belly. Avoid touching the skin with a comb since you may accidentally cause some damage.

If there is any kind of knot, then it is better to cut it off slowly rather than trying to untangle with a comb. When you comb the hair of your pet, always do so in the direction of its hair growth.

Cat’s Nail trimming:

Your feline’s nails are not only bad for itself but also for your furniture and the humans around. Hence, it is a good suggestion to timely trim your pet’s nails.

For some owners, it may seem to be quite intimidating when it comes to clipping the nails. Even the professionals at times are not comfortable with this task since every cat may react differently.

But clipping the nails of your cat is a good practice in grooming. The clipping of nails should be done a couple of times in a given month since their claws grow really quick.

Buy sharp nail clippers along with a nail file so that the trimming sessions happen smoothly and well. For those who are scared of trimming the cat’s nails can file it into the natural claw shape.

Avoid overfeeding:

Siamese cats are prone to getting overweight if you feed them more than needed. When we talk about the long-haired Siamese cats, it becomes all the more important to monitor their diets.

The long-haired cats have long legs which are not created for supporting an obese body.

Hence even if your cat loves to eat, as an owner you should be extra careful in monitoring its diet and provide them with timely nutritious food only. You can also consult a vet for a proper diet chart and the foods that can be given.

Brush Cats teeth:

The Siamese cats are prone to dental problems hence it is necessary to take good oral health care. Just like humans, if their teeth are not taken care of then it can lead to infections or certain gum diseases.

Weekly brushing your pet’s teeth can help in keeping those dental problems away. Do not use human toothpaste for brushing their teeth. You get special pet toothpaste that can be used for brushing your feline’s teeth.

Make use of soft bristles toothbrush else it would hurt them. You can also try brushing its teeth by taking some paste on your fingers. If they throw tantrums, then try pampering them and give them some break before you start again.

Taking good care of your long-haired feline would ensure that it stays healthy and free from any diseases. You can also schedule bi-yearly or yearly visits to the vet for check-ups.

Siamese cats are very friendly and caring cats. The better you groom them, it would keep them happy and free from any health stress.




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