How many types of Siamese are there? [Here’s the answer]

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The Siamese cat is known to be a very friendly and beautiful looking breed. The breed originated from an ancient kingdom of Siam, which is now popularly known as Thailand.

Over a period, the Siamese cats have evolved in various ways such as body composition, colour and size.

The different types of this breed have its own distinct colouration and marking that makes it look unique and different from the rest. Only a skilled breeder or cat lover would be able to tell the difference between each of this breed.

In total, there are Eight types of Siamese cats, which are broken down into two groups.

Traditional Siamese Cats:

As the name suggests, the Siamese cats, which fall under this category, have been there since the beginning. Since this breed originated from the town Siam or Thailand, thus it has been given the name of Siamese.

The people of Siam revered this breed since it was the very first domesticated pet in history. The Traditional Siamese are known to have cross-eyed at the side. They are famously known to have a crooked tail, which is not seen in the modern Siamese.

The traditional Siamese were known to have a royal position and they were given the task of guarding the royal treasure. There are many myths surrounding the traditional Siamese cat. They were also known to be taking the spirits of the royal into their bodies once the passed on.

Traditional Siamese was a slim looking feline having dark colouring and marking around its face, tail and feet. The tall statue of this feline set it apart from the rest of the breeds. The traditional breed is further sub-categorized as, Old Style, Apple Head and Classic.

Modern Siamese Cats:

The modern Siamese cats are known to be a popular breed in modern society. You may have seen them in various movies. This breed is known for its friendly nature and intelligence.

The breed of Siamese under Modern category are popularly recognized across the globe. They are slim in physical appearance and are mostly white or light colouration. The modern Siamese is further categorized as, dark-coloured point, Wedgies and light-coloured points.

Further, the Siamese cats are divided into smaller sub-categories due to its distinct marking and colouration.

For those of you who are planning of adopting a Siamese kitten, it becomes important to understand this difference for you to pick the one that suits your personality.



Let us discuss further about the sub-categories of the Traditional and Modern Siamese cats:

Applehead Siamese cat:

This particular Siamese breed is known for is fluffy fur and rounded face. It is said to be more on the quieter side as compared to its counterparts, which are quite active. Applehead is less vocal than the other Siamese breed.

They have a distinguishable apple-shaped skull thus it has been given the name of “Big Boned”. The ears are smaller with an endearing dip on their nose.

Male applehead weigh around 18 pounds and mostly have athletic stature. When compared to Classic and Old-style Siamese, the applehead does not have a long tail.

Old Style:

The meow of an Old-Style Siamese cat can be mistaken for the crying of a baby. They are athletic built with medium-body.

When compared to Classic and applehead, the face structure of an old-style Siamese is elongated. They have almond-shaped eyes, which are mostly crossed, and the nose and ears are large.

Classic Siamese cat:

This traditional breed has longer and lighter body. Though you may not call them lean but they have large ears along with a non-existent nose dip. Similar to the other two traditional breeds, the classic Siamese cats also have the original Thai genetics which can be seen in their overall appearance. The classic breed are athletes by nature.

You need to take care of keeping them away from harmful UV rays since they are prone to skin-cancer.

Dark Colored Siamese cats:

They are further categorized into Blue Points, Seal points and Red points.

  • Blue Point: With piercing blue eyes, these modern dark colored Siamese cats are instantly recognized by shade of blue-steal. Unique breed when compared to its counterparts.
  • Seal Point: They are darkest among the other dark colored Siamese. Mostly named after Seal, their name has been originated due to the dark coloration of seals. The color ranges from brownish-black to dark brown.
  • Red Point: This breed has fur shades of orange, dark umber and crimson. They have blue eyes and quite a unique coloration of the Siamese breed that is difficult to go unnoticed.

Light Colored Siamese cats:

They are further categorized as, Chocolate Point, Lilac points and Cream Points.

  • Chocolate Point: This breed is light in shade having the coloration of light brown. Very intelligent and friendly in nature. Quite a popular breed among the others.
  • Lilac Point: They have light points such as greyish, light pink and purple tone. The body layer is lighter than the other Siamese cats.
  • Cream Point: This breed has light spotting, just as its name. They do not develop any dark spotting. The cream point is a beautiful looking breed that is commonly found.


This breed has a distinct looking triangular or a wedge-shaped face. The ears are set lower and more towards the face.

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