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Are you in a lookout for a cat that has some exotic looks and personality without any kind of danger? Then the Bengal cat has been specially developed for you. The Bengal cat is not a recommended breed if what you are looking for is a friendly and gentle cat that would need minimal attention.

The Bengal cat is a highly intelligent and curious little kitty. It has been created by crossing the domestic cat with the small Asian Leopard cats. The Bengal cat stands out for its short-hair and large-boned personality.

It has an interesting coat which is marbled or spotted. The Bengal cat is a highly active kitty which is constantly on the move. They love to climb and jump around especially on high places.

Hence, for an owner of a Bengal cat, you would need to ensure that they do not get bored and there are enough toys or furniture such as a cat tree to keep them busy.

Before we delve into the detailed information about Bengal cat, let us go through some quick facts about these kitties.

  • A highly active kitty that would keep you on your toes.
  • They are constantly on the move.
  • Among the varied breeds of cat, the Bengal cats are highly energetic and at the same time affectionate towards their human counterparts.
  • Love to play various games such as fetching and are also easy going when it comes to walking with the leash.
  • Love to bird watch.
  • Prefers larger spaces wherein they can indulge in various activities.
  • Some of them prefer to play in the water as well.
  • Attention seekers especially with those that are constantly around them the whole day.
  • Bengal cats have short coats hence grooming is never an issue. You would notice that their coats are in varied colours such as orange, ivory, brown, rust or golden.
  • They also have spots that vary in colour such as black, cocoa, chocolate brown or rust.
  • Some of them have a dazzling gloss on their coats. This makes it look like as if they have glitter sprinkled on their body.

Bengal Cat History:

A lot of cat lovers have been fascinated with the beauty and charm of wild cats. This has led to keeping certain wild cats such as cheetahs or lions but there has been little success in taming them.

Hence to meet up with the desires of such cat lovers, the Bengal cat was developed. The Bengal cats are known to be a cross between domestic shorthair cats and the Asian Leopard cats.

The program of breeding Bengal cats initiated in the year 1963 by Jean. S. Mill, however, these cats were officially recognized in the year 1991 by the International Cat Association.

How does Bengal Cat breed look?

Bengal cats have a pleasingly striking look that cannot go unnoticed. As mentioned earlier that the main objective of developing this breed was to provide a safer version of a wild cat. The body of the Bengal cat can range from medium to large size. They have a lean muscular physique.

Their cheekbones are high along with a broad head that has small rounded ears. Their eyes are almond shape along with a black rim. Due to these facial features, they can be easily distinguished from the other breeds of cat. Their paws are rounded and large along with a large tail low.

When you get to see a Bengal cat, you can easily identify it since their overall appearance if very much similar to the wild cats. Bengal cats have dense and short coats that appear to be glittery when in the sunshine.



Bengal Cat Personality:

Even though Bengal cats are highly energetic and affectionate, they are surely not for all cat lovers. Bengal cats are extremely intelligent and prefer to have lots of attention from their human counterparts.

They lover to hover around their humans and stay loyal throughout their lives. If you do not plan to be home the whole day, then it is preferable to have two cats so that they give each other company.

Bengal cats can get bored easily hence they need to be entertained constantly. When they get bored, they are likely to cause a ruckus in the house. They would start opening the cabinets, drawers or taking things apart in search of some toys or food.

When a Bengal cat is aware that you do not like certain of their activities then they tend to do it more often to gain your attention. Due to their highly intelligent nature, they can also hide a few of your items.

Bengal cats love to jump and climb high. Hence you can get them a customized cat tree that also has a perching seat for them to watch birds or take a nap. It would not be a surprise when you Bengal cat would jump in the water along with you. Unlike the other cat breeds, the Bengal cats love to swim and paddle in the water.

Get interactive toys that would challenge the minds of these cats. You can get them trained easily especially the clicker training.

Bengal Cat Health:

Most of the cat breeds have the potential to develop any genetic health-related issues. Hence, it becomes important to take good care of your cat. Similarly, Bengal cats also have certain genetic issues that cannot be ignored.

One of them being polycystic kidney issue. They are also easily prone to feline infectious peritonitis or trichomonas foetus. Obesity is a common concern among most of the cats. Hence, it becomes necessary to visit the vet for regular health check-ups and vaccinations as necessary.

Bengal Cat Grooming:

Due to their short and soft coat, it is very easy to groom Bengal cats. Carrying out weekly brushing is a great way to bond with your kitty. Brushing to keep its coat healthy and shining. It would also reduce any dust and hairballs. Trim its nails on a regular basis to ensure that they do not grow long. You may need to occasionally clean their ears since they can be prone to mites in ears. Keep a watch on their ears for any signs of redness or bad odour. Brush their teeth on a regular basis with a toothpaste approved by the vet.

Bengal Cat Nutrition:

Your Bengal cat would need the best quality cat food to stay healthy and free from any disease. Whenever you purchase any cat food, it is important to go through the ingredients present in it. Their food should be meat based protein. Starchy foods are not high in nutrition.

Certain Bengal cats have a preference for either wet or dry food. Hence most of them prefer to go in for a mix of both. Dry food would reduce dental issues such as tartar or gum problems. On the other hand, wet food would mean an increase in water intake that would improve the functioning of the kidney. Ensure your Bengal cat gets enough of clean drinking water that would avoid any urinary issues.

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