Tips & Tricks: How to Train a Siamese Cat

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Training a cat can turn out to be a difficult affair. Due to the stubborn nature of the cats, most of the people find it impossible to get the cats trained. Various cat breeds have different nature. When it comes to the Siamese cat, the training part gets even more difficult than the average one. One of the main reason for this difficulty is due to the unwilling nature of the Siamese cat.

If you share a good rapport with your Siamese cat, then the training becomes simple. Understanding the cat is of utmost importance. Every Siamese cat learns differently based on the experiences they had earlier. There are certain activities which your cat may enjoy learning whereas some they may completely ignore or dislike. Certain other things that impact the training of the Siamese cat are its intelligence level, its curiosity to learn new things and attention span.

When you plan to train your Siamese cat then the most important thing is to make the entire experience a pleasurable one. Most of the owners make the common mistake of disciplining the cats while the training period. This can make the Siamese cat agitated and stubborn, which makes the work even more difficult.

Let us have a look at some of the tricks and tips that would work in getting the Siamese cat trained easily:

Try to be consistent:

The most important tip that all the owners would need to bear in mind is to have a consistent approach. Since it is the training period, you have to keep in mind that the cat won’t get it right the first time itself. You need to admonish if the cat does something wrong and try to stick to it in all of the situations. This would make the cat understand that they are doing something wrong and it needs to be worked upon. Do not use harsh methods or something that would hurt the cat. Try using some mild methods to reprimand their behavior. Be consistent with your approach until the cat learns to expect a certain kind of behavior when they engage in a particular action which is against the training rules.

Healthy Rewards:

The best part of any training activity is to provide them with a desirable reward. The rewards can be in the form of their favorite food. Ensure that it should be safe and healthy for your feline. Note that training a cat is different than training a dog. The dogs normally have the tendency to please their owners hence it is easier to get them trained. But it is not the same with the cats. You have to respect their independence and also lure them with delicious treats so that they obey your commands. Excessive praise isn’t all that sufficient. The main trick is to make use of best quality treats which the cat really loves to have.



Do not get harsh:

Training are never an easy method for both the trainer and the feline. It is all up to the owner to make this experience a good one for their pets. Avoid using harsh punishments for your cat when they do something against the rules. It may backfire and may not give you the desired training results. In certain cases, it can also frighten the cat thus making them too aggressive or the bonding would get affected. Any negative reinforcement would not work in your favor and it may actually create a problem. For example, if your cat tends to eliminate waste outside its litter box, pick it up with a paper towel and place it in its litter box. This provides a scent based cue to the cat for using the litter box. If the cat has the habit of relieving at a certain spot in the house, try to place a double side tape or tin foil. This would discourage the cat from going in that spot.

Try to respond back immediately:

If there is any certain thing that you need to make your cat understand, then do not delay your actions. It is good to respond back immediately. In case if you delay any of your action even by a second then the cat may not understand why they are being punished. Hence be careful when you are trying to reprimand any of their behavior. Cats only learn well through actions and reactions. For example, If the cat starts making use of its teeth or nails while it is playing with you, then respond immediately by disengaging yourself from that activity. Just ignore the cat or walk away from them. The cat would follow you to play with them but when you deprive them of their favourite activity then he would learn the reason for the same. Do not ever hit your cat since it can create a negative bond or the cat may become fearful.

Give them space:

It is not an easy affair to get started with the training. The cat would need some time off in between the training periods. Hence do not keep long training sessions. It may rather discourage the cat from getting trained. Initially, try to keep short training sessions and then playful time. They would make learning fun for them. Also it is important to respect the boundaries of your cat. Many a times while training, they tend to react differently. There may be a reason for doing so. Probably your cat got hurt during a particular training. Try to understand the reason behind their particular behavior and handle it with care. If the cat does not want to be handled at a particular time, then respect it and do not try to purposely handle them.

Types of Training:

There are a lot of things which you can train your cat. But what is important is to identify those particular trainings which your cat really need. Few trainings that you can provide them are, litter training, clicker training, avoiding to scratch all around the house, discourage them from biting or hurting with nails, how to avoid spilling food around etc. Some also train the cats to walk with leash.

Ultimately the important part of any training is to provide a good and clean environment and also to form that special bond with your feline. Have patience while training so that your pet does not feel isolated. First form that bond of understanding with them so that they can further associate themselves with various activities.




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