What Is the Expected Life Span of a Blue-Point Siamese Cat?




We all love to have pets in our house. Dogs, cats, fishes are some of the pets we all would love to keep. Over a period of time they become an integral part of the family. Pets require a lot of attention, care and love. At least in those initial days when they are trying to get adjusted to the new family. Bringing in a new pet also involves to make a note of its lifespan. When you are well aware about the lifespan of your pet then it becomes easier for both the pet and the owner.

A Siamese cat is one among the best cat breeds. It has a friendly and loving nature. They are highly intelligent cats and love to seek attention from their owners. Today let us talk about the lifespan of a blue-point Siamese cat.

Physical characteristics of a Blue-Point Siamese: Blue-Point Siamese Cat

The Blue-point Siamese is very closely associated to the seal point. But instead of those dark or black points, they have blue or grey points. Their body fur is bluish-white in colour. Similar to the seal point, the blue-point’s body start to darken as they grow older.

Initially it was only the seal-point which had gained recognition by the associations but in the year 1934, the blue-point also was accepted as the official Siamese breed. The Blue-point Siamese have a calmer nature than their counterparts.


The Siamese cat live longer life when compared to the other breed cats. These cats irrespective of the breed can live anywhere between 15years to 20years. Surprisingly, you may also find certain Siamese cat who exceed this time frame. But there are some who may pass away even before reaching 15 years. Since every breed of Siamese cat is different hence predicting an exact time frame would become difficult.

Also there are other factors which can have an effect on the lifespan of the cat. Those factors include, overall health of the cat, whether it stays alone or with other pets, care and grooming carried out by the owner etc.



Life-Expectancy of Indoor cats:

Before you even search for the answer to the above topic, it is important to understand whether your pet is given that love and care, whether it is given timely feeds and water, is there any kind of stress on your pet etc. Timely taking your cat to the veterinary, providing them proper and nutritious food and water, giving less stress and bestowing them with love and care can further decide how long your cat would live.

Obviously, there is no doubt that a pet would normally have a lifespan irrespective of the best care. But there are chances that your pet can surpass that time frame and live longer. On the contrary when you do not take care of your pet and it starts to feel alone or depressed then it may pass away much before it attains the necessary number of years.

When the conditions are ideal, you can expect your Siamese to live up to 15 to 20 years or even more with certain exceptions. It is also important to note that when you sterilize your cat then it can increase its lifespan to another 2 to 4 years.

Life-Expectancy of Outdoor cats:

As we have mentioned time and again, the habitat of any pet can further determine its life expectancy. It has been seen that cats who reside indoors with their owners tend to live longer than those cats who reside outdoors. One of the main reason for the same is that the street cats can quickly contract any medical issues and they also have to deal with daily stressful cases. There are chances that they can be attached by a dog or another pet itself. Outdoor cats may or not get food on time. They are not even shown to the vet. For this reasons, the life-expectancy of an outdoor cat tends to reduce. There are however few exceptions wherein outdoor cats can complete the required life-expectancy.

Health of Siamese cat:

The lifespan of a blue-point Siamese cat can also be affected due to health issues. The pure bred Siamese cat are easily prone to health issues than the mixed bred Siamese. Few of the health issues a Siamese would be prone to include, chronic renal failure, glaucoma, crossed eyes, finding it difficult to breath, bladder stones etc.

How to increase the life-span?

Though it is impossible to anticipate the lifespan of a blue-point Siamese but with proper care and love, you can ensure that your cat lives longer. Try to maintain a good and healthy diet, groom your cat regularly, provide them ample amount of love and care, do not make them feel alone since they are hungry for attention. One of the most important factor that can increase its longevity is, proper and timely visits to the veterinary. The vet is the best person who can identify if your cat is undergoing any health issues and get it resolved on a timely manner.




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  2. Craig Hubley says:

    We had a cross Blue Point Siamese with what we believe was a Bombay or Mohave Jag Cat.

    She lived very healthy to 11 but developed gall bladder sludge that very quickly backed up to cause jaundice & enlarged infected kidneys, blocked bile, and rendered it infeasible for a gall bladder removal to leave her a functioning digestive system.

    If your cat goes off feed get her on anti gall bladder sludge meds fast and get ultrasound. You have very little time with this breed to save their lives.

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