Lilac Point Siamese Cats

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Lilac point Siamese cats are one of the most famous Siamese cat breeds. They were first recognized in the 1960s. Earlier Lilac point Siamese was not given that much of preference as compared to other Siamese cats and were even called as freaks by some individuals.

Fortunately, they gained popularity as a colour in Lilac first in the U.S in 1955 and in Britain in 1960. Lilac point Siamese are the result of the blue (dilute) gene to chocolate and so are “diluted” chocolate points. They are the diluted versions of both Chocolate Point and Blue Point cat.

Lilac point Siamese Appearance

Lilac point Siamese cats look pale blue in colour from their eyes to their paws. While other Siamese cats have electric blue eyes, the Lilac Point’s charming facade is topped with a lovely pair of china blue eyes. The nose leather and pay pads of lilac point Siamese are pale pink undertone and they have light cream or magnolia-coloured (not pure white) coats. All colours do stay pale and soft throughout their lives.

Lilac Point Coat Color

The entire body of Lilac point Siamese cats is predominated by the colour creamy white. This variation of Siamese cats is the lightest among other 4 Siamese breed colours which are Seal point, Bluepoint, Chocolate Point, and Lilac Point. However the colour of the Lilac point Siamese coat suggests that it is linked to the blue point but in reality, they are genetically diluted chocolate point

A brief history on the Lilac Point Siamese cat

Lilac point Siamese cats were earlier not given that much preference and were even called as freaky cats. In the very beginning, they were considered as a poor quality blue point breed version of the chocolate point. Fortunately, they gained popularity as a colour type in their own right first in the U.S in 1955 and in Britain in 1960.

Lilac point Siamese cats are considered as one of the last of the four variations to be officially recognized. The first three are Seal point Siamese, blue point Siamese, and chocolate points Siamese. Although chocolate point and seal point Siamese are very common but blue point and lilac point Siamese cats are the rare ones.

What is the difference between Blue Point and Lilac Point?

Bluepoint and Lilac point both have grey colored points and that is the reason sometimes it breeders get confused between both. The common difference between lilac points and blue points Siamese cats is that Lilac point are silvery grey but blue points Siamese are darker or slate grey.

Interesting facts about the Lilac Point Siamese cat 

  • In the beginning, lilac point Siamese was considered as a poorly colored version of blue point and were not given any preference. Luckily they were first recognized in the USA in 1955 and in Britain in 1960
  • They were also known as the “frosty point”, the diluted color of the Chocolate Point. The reason behind this the frosty grey coloring of its points with pink undertones.
  • The interesting thing to notice in lilac point Siamese is that although when their fur points are coated with the color grey, its fur includes cream or magnolia in color.



The Lilac Point Siamese Personality

Lilac point Siamese cats are very beautiful, demanding and melodramatic. They love to get attention from their owners and happy to accompany their owner wherever and whenever possible. They are very energetic, loud and are known for their theatrical behavior.

Lilac point cats are very friendly and their owners can expect a lot of love, attention, and dedication from this cat.  They love to interact with their owner and adore the company of people they love. The best thing about Lilac point cats is that they are extremely loyal and affectionate.

Being energetic they love to play various games and they keep themselves interested in how things and social circles work. You find these cats poking around your stuff and on their companions.

The other best thing about these cats is that they are very intelligent like other Siamese breeds and having them around is always very entertaining and they are frisky little creature on your hands. These cats love human company so much that if left alone for a longer time period then they get easily stressed out and depressed.

They are full of energy and that is why are just talkative as other Siamese cats. Without any doubt, they are one of the best cat breeds as they are curious, intelligent, talkative and demanding. You can talk them from the walk and they will even play fetch with the same enthusiasm as a certain other four-legged animals to which he disdains being compared.

How much does the Lilac Point Siamese cost?

In the USA you can get a Lilac point Siamese cats from somewhere around $600 to $1200 USD depending upon your area and from where you are buying them. Always buy from the reputable breeder who produces this variation of the Siamese and perform the best practices of Siamese cat breeding.

You can also go for premium Lilac Siamese cat with noticeable features but then you have to spend around $850 to $2,000 USD on this one from a reputable breeder.

Health, weight, age and other common features

Lilac point Siamese are considered a healthy breed of cats. They weight around 8 to 12 lbs and their height is around 8 to 10 inches. Life expectance of lilac point Siamese cats is on average between 10 to 15 years and in some exceptional cases, they may even live up to 20 years if they are healthy and get a good diet.

The eye colour of the lilac point is China blue and like other Siamese variations, they also have short hairs. The coat color of the lilac point is diluted “chocolate point”, Pink undertones and greyish points. You can brush the coat of your Siamese cat softly and gradually, for once a week.


If you are a cat lover and want to have a four-legged companion then lilac point Siamese cats are a good choice. All you have to do is spend time with them and show love toward these cute fellows.



Image by Prachya Singhto from Pixabay
Image by Tania Van den Berghen from Pixabay
Image by Tania Van den Berghen from Pixabay

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