29 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Siamese Cats




  1. The Siamese Is an Old Breed:

    The Siamese is considered to be one of the oldest breed which originated in Siam which is now referred to as Thailand. They were known as Royal Points and also considered to be royal. They were honored in high regard and none except the kings and queens would own them.

  2. Many Siamese Are Lactose Intolerant:

    Lactose is basically sugar which is present in dairy items. Siamese finds it difficult to digest lactose. Hence they should never be given milk or any other milk products. Due to this lactose, they may suffer from diarrhea. Though the Siamese may cry for milk but you can try with tiny amount initially. If there is no sign of uncomfortable or diarrhea, then gradually you can increase their dose. But keep it occasional, do not make it a routine.

  3. There Are Two Breed Varieties of Siamese Cats Today:

    There are two breed among the Siamese cats. The first one being the original which has been given its name as Thai cat since it has been descended from the natural cats which originated in Thailand. These ones have round eyes, bodies and faces. The new breed of modern cats is termed as Siamese. The western breeding is very much different from the original breed itself. The Modern Siamese cat has almond shaped eyes, large ears and wedge shaped face. Both these breeds have point colours. In terms of physical structure, both the breed cats are different and unique.

  4. How Friendly Are Siamese Cats?

    Siamese cats are very friendly and fun-loving. They love to be around humans, other cats or animals. However, they are mostly close to their owners and would constantly hover around them. Siamese cats try to gain the attention and affection of their owner. They love to be social and get bored easily. You need to play with them and keep them occupied.

  5. Where to Adopt A Siamese Cat:

    You can visit Siamese Rescue online website. It is a national organisation which serves as a foster home and also has shelter homes across the country. They have volunteers who are willing to hand over Siamese cats to the wilful owners. You can also check the local humane society or country facility for any Siamese breed.

    Today social media is a major platform for any information or details. You can spread the word through friends or family.

  6. Siamese Cats Once Had Crossed Eyes and Crooked Tails:

    Most of the Siamese cats at one point had kinked tails and crossed eyes. But the cat breeders found this undesirable hence gradually got these characteristics eliminated through cross selective breeding. Today, it is rare to find a Siamese with crooked tail and crossed eyes. They have a legend attached to this appearance. As per the legend, a particular Siamese cat was assigned to guard a goblet for its king. The feline clutched it so hard that her tail bent and due to constant staring her pupils also lost focus.

  7. The Classic Siamese Cat Variety Native to Thailand Is Called Wichien Matt, Or Simply Thai Cat:

    The ancient breed of Siamese cat dates back to thousands of years in Thailand. The ancestry of Thai cat is traced back to landrace wichien matt cats. Landrace is said to be a type of domesticated animal which had developed over a period of time. It has adapted locally to the natural environment, agriculture. It had remained isolated from the rest of the species. Hence this was the reason why the classic Siamese cats had retained their original appearance for so many hundreds of years.

  8. The Modern Western Breed of Siamese Cat Is The Result Of Breeding For Show Purposes:

    The Siamese cat of the modern day is all a result of selective breeding. Cat enthusiast, breeders in the West started to favour the appearance of this cat. This breed of cat had fine bones, slender and sleek appearance, narrow head, long neck, tail and pointed ears. It set them apart from the rest of the cat breed. After carrying out years of selective breeding, the special breed of Siamese was created. The new sub-breed was created after 20 rigorous years of breeding.

  9. “Royal Cat Of Siam” Was The Breed’s First British Name:

    The Siamese are known to be few among the historic breeds of cat. During those days they were considered to be royal and were to be only own by kings and queens. In the year 1930, they were said to be a part of the royal family. Hence when they arrived in Great Britain, this royal status was highly acknowledged even among the owners and cat enthusiast.

  10. Siamese Are Easily Trained Because They Are Highly Intelligent:

    Siamese cats are known to be highly intelligent hence can be trained easily. They would obey your command once you make them aware about the same. They can retrieve certain things, and do all sorts of tricks for you. Most of them describe Siamese cats as dogs like. However, each of the Siamese breed has its unique personality. When you start the training at a very young age then they may tend to adapt themselves easily as opposed to adult cats.



  11. Siamese Cats Own Their People. Their People Do Not Own Them:

    Siamese cats have an independent nature. It is the Siamese who decides, who it would own. They choose their people instead of the other way round. It is not necessary that the person who adopted them would own them. They may remain close and affectionate with other members of the family as well. They have a tendency to decide when to be affectionate with each member and then ignore them as per their needs. But once they choose a human companionship then they are very loyal towards them.

  12. Siamese Are Extraordinarily Talkative, Vocal Cats:

    Siamese cats are very vocal and communicate their desire constantly to their owners. You can say that they possess human qualities through their voice. They can keep on talking about everything and at all the time. When they do not like something then as a protest they would start grunting. They can also yowl, cry or chirp happily based on their mood. For those individuals who love talking and communicating, Siamese is a great addition.

  13. Siamese Are Clever and Don’t Like to Be Confined:

    Do not judge Siamese as any other cats. They are very clever. You would be surprised to know that they can easily open doors that have levers. They can easily squeeze through window openings. They have a child like nature to explore everything around them Hence it is always better to keep them indoors for safety purpose.

  14. Siamese Hate To Be Left Alone:

    One of the most well-known trait found in Siamese is that they hate to be left alone. They are loyal to their human companionship hence do not prefer staying far from that person. They prefer to stay around humans. If their favourite person is not there for too long, then they would start to sulk or hide. You can term them as wonderful companion. If there is a need to leave them alone then ensure that they do not get bored. Get toys or scratching boards to keep them busy.

  15. Siamese Kittens Are Born With Completely White Fur:

    Siamese kittens are different than what they look like when they are adult. They are mostly pale and look like some small white mice. But once they are few weeks old, their physical appearance also undergoes changes. Its paw pads, ears and face mask become dark. The colours appear only in the cooler parts of their body.

  16. United States President Rutherford B. Hayes And His Wife Lucy Owned A Siamese Cat:

    The U.S diplomat to Bangkok had gifted a Siam cat to Lucy. During the 1870’s, the diplomat was able to get one of the best and finest Siamese cat. He wrote a letter as a first attempt to send Siamese cat from Bangkok to U.S. Siam was easily part of the US president’s house and was adored by their daughter. But Siam fell ill and died within a year’s time

  17. Siamese Cats Made Their Debut At The First Major Cat Show Held In The World:

    The first cat show as held at Crystal Palace in London during the year 1871. It was created by Harrison Weir who himself was a cat enthusiast. During those times nobody had come across a Siamese breed. The Siamese cat was introduced as having soft coat fur with contrast black legs, face mask and ears. Those days it was exotic to have one. Siamese instantly became famous post the show even after negative descriptions that were carried out about them.

  18. Siamese Can Be A Little Night Blind:

    Siamese cats are known to suffer from eye problems as part of hereditary traits. This may or may not cause blindness among them. Some of these cats have trouble seeing during night times. The vets are trained to understand this problem among them and offer solutions to such issues. Few of the Siamese may suffer from retinal degeneration and some cross eyes. It has been seen that cats who have mutation tend to lose their vision gradually due to the detoriation of the retinal lens. There is no cure as of now for this problem.

  19. Siamese Cats Were Believed To Receive The Soul Of A Royal Family Member Who Had Died:

    During the olden days, Siamese would serve as temple guards. Whenever a person of high ranking passed away, the Siamese was chosen to the recipient of their soul. The cat was moved from that household to the temple. For the remaining of its lives, it lived with the other priests in the temple. They were served foods on golden plate. They were also allowed to sleep on cushions made with fine fabrics. These temple cats were said to be possessing special powers.

  20. Legends And Myths Explain Why Siamese Once Had Crossed Eyes And Kinked Tails:

    Only two Siamese cats would remain in the sacred temple when the Siam warriors would go to the war. The male cat was called Tien and the other a female called Chula. The cats would guard the golden goblet of the Buddha and men would fight for their kingdom. While they were waiting for the men to return, both the cats mated and Chula got pregnant. Tien left Chula and went to look out for a priest who would guard the temple. All this while, Chula was left alone to guard the goblet. She never took her eyes off the golden goblet. She wrapped her tail around this treasure so sternly that it developed a kink. While she waited for Tien to return, she continued staring at the goblet which led to the crossed eyes. She gave birth to her kittens who were born with crossed eyes and kinked tail.

  21. Many Siamese Cats Have Owned Hollywood Stars:

    There is a list of Hollywood stars who were owners of Siamese cats for long. Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Gable were all shown to be photographed along with Siamese cat. Even John Lennon, Andy Warhol, Laurence Olivier, Roberta Flack, Jimmy Carter, Sophia Loren are few among many others to own this royal breed.

  22. Siamese Cats Are Prone to Convergent Squint:

    Convergent squint is known to occur when the Siamese cat’s eyes squint and constantly stare left and right. This type of condition is known to occur when the nerves which are connecting the eyes to its own vision gets mixed up. Few of the symptoms include, looking back and forth continuously and squinting of the eyes. This condition cannot be treated but it does not pain or lead to blindness.

  23. Siamese Cats May Be Born with Primary Glaucoma, Which Is Very Rare In Cat Breeds:

    Siamese are known to inherit this medical condition from birth. Glaucoma is a medical condition wherein there is just little of the fluid sacks present in between the eye lenses. The fluid leads to pressure on the ocular nerves which can steadily reduce the vision. This condition has no cure. But you can get them to the vet who can reduce this discomfort.

  24. Elizabeth Taylor Gave James Dean A Siamese Kitten:

    Elizabeth loved her Siamese cats. She rarely parted away from them. When James Dean and Elizabeth were filming a movie, they came close to each other. Dean started to share his thoughts with Taylor which made her believe that he was lonely and needed companion. Hence she decided that James would get better with a Siamese kitten as a companion. She gave him a kitten and named it Marcus.

  25. Their Tips Are “Temperature-Controlled:

    There is an enzyme present in Siamese cats that leads to darkening of the cooler parts of their body. Hence you would find their face mask, tail, ears to be darker than the rest of the body. The warmer portion of their body is light in colour.

  26. A Siamese Was Once The World’s “Fattest Cat:

    A Siamese cat named Katy could have easily taken the title of World’s Fattest Cat in the year 2003. She was a five-year-old kitty from a Russian city Asbest. She was given hormones to stop the process of mating. This led to a gluttonous appetite and ended up making her fat. She weighed 50 pounds which was more than a 6-year-old human.

  27. Siamese Cats Have Shined On The Silver Screen:

    In the year 1965, there was a movie named “The Darn Cat”. This title role was played by a Siamese cat. These cats have also been part of other movies such as “The Incredible Journey” (1963), “Lady and the Tramp” (1955) and “Bell, Book and Candle” (1958).

  28. A Siamese Cat Once Gave Birth To 19 Kittens:

    During the year 1970, a Siamese cat gave birth to 19 kittens in Oxfordshire, UK. 4 of them were stillborn. As per the Guinness World Record, a Siamese cat normally gave birth to 4 to 6 kittens. This was recorded as the world’s largest litter among domestic cats.

  29. Siamese Cats Have A Poetic Name In Their Native Land:

    Siamese cats are also called as Wichein Matt in Thailand. This can be translated to “Moon Diamond”.






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