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Striking personality, and color points are some of the characteristics you would find in a Siamese cat. The breed of Siamese cat is quite intelligent, fun-loving, caring and affectionate. Adding them as part of your family would be the best part. However, before you decide to get one at home it is important to get to know about them in detail so that you can be prepared for all what is coming.

The History of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats originated in a place called Siam which is today known as Thailand. They were said to be unique and sacred. In those days were used as guards to the ancient temples. Due to their striking appeal, they were instantly regarded as royal. The Royal cat of Siam is said to be a product that happened due to the mating of Wild Cat and Egyptian Cat. There are various legends around the Siamese cat.

In the year between 1890 and 1903, these cats appeared in Australia and gradually there was a lot of changes in their physical appearance.

Siamese Cat Size and Appearance

The modern days Siamese cat has a graceful and svelte body. It is muscular with a medium body size. The hips are not much wider than its shoulders. This provides it with sleek lines. The male Siamese cat weigh between 8 to 12 pounds whereas the female cats are at around 8pounds.

Siamese cats have long and slim legs. The hind legs are higher than the front legs. Paws are small and oval. Their tail taper to a point and it is long. They have an elegant neck which gracefully carries the long head. The chin is also long, ears are pointed and large. It is wide towards the base. The eyes of Siamese cats are quite distinctive. It is almond shaped and slants towards the nose. Their eyes are mostly blue and it is said that deeper the better.

Siamese Cat Personality & Temperament

The Siamese cats are quite intelligent and also very caring. They are well known for their social skills. They are also described as extroverts. But there are few among their breed who are quite sensitive and also of nervous temperaments. Such Siamese cats find it difficult to adapt themselves with the changes happening in their environment.

They long for human companionship and often share a strong bond with a single person, mostly the owner. Siamese also mingle well with other cat breeds. They are quite vocal and loud when it comes to communicating any of their needs or desires.

Siamese Cat Health Issues

Though most of the Siamese cats are termed to be health and can live up to 15 years. But due to their wedged shaped heads, there are few cats who can be prone to dental or respiratory health issues. There are some who have hereditary health problems.

  • Siamese cat run the risk of developing hairballs.
  • If their teeth is not maintained properly then it can lead to teeth or gum problems.
  • They can also be prone to upper respiratory infection or the feline viral rhinotrachitis.
  • These cats also have a tendency to develop kidney stones.

There is a need to visit the vet on a periodic basis so that all vaccinations and shots are provided to your pet.

Caring for Your Siamese Cat

There are certain things that one should follow to ensure that their Siamese is under good care and does not feel bored or neglected.

  • Provide food that is high in protein and with moderate levels of carbs and fat. All their food should contain taurine. You can go in for canned food or dry food at times. Read the ingredients before purchasing their food.
  • Since these cats are prone to obesity hence you should talk to the vet on the type and quantity of food that should be given.
  • Take your cat to the vet atleast once in a year for checking on any bugs, parasites, vaccinations, health issues etc.
  • If they fall sick, then take them to the vet often as required.
  • Brush their teeth on a regular basis as suggested by the vet.
  • Carry out light brushing of their coat so that they stay clean and neat.
  • Spend quality time with them. All they need is your love and attention else they start turning aggressive.




Siamese Cat Grooming

Due to their short hair and pleasing personality, it is quite easier to groom your Siamese cat. Though there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to grooming them. But a regular maintenance would do not harm.

Due to the short hair, they do not shed much hair. But weekly you can brush through their hair so that it can remove any loose hair.

Maintaining their nails is important hence time to time you can get their nails clipped off.

Regular dental cleanings would ensure that they stay safe from any gum or teeth disease.

Are Siamese Cats Good with Kids?

Siamese cats are very friendly and playful in nature. They love to stay in the company of humans. Even when it comes to small children, they do no harm. If your children are keen on playing and also aware on how to handle these little flurry creatures, then Siamese cats would give them endless play hours. They are quite social hence should not be an issue when dealing with kids. However, ensure that your kids are well aware of handling a pet with care.

Siamese Cat Exercise Requirements

Due to their social nature, Siamese cats enjoy playing for long durations. Before you plan to get one at home ensure that there is enough playing area for your cat. You also need to invest in certain equipment’s or toys so that it keeps them busy.

Siamese cats love to run and jump high. Hence you can place perches or cat tower at various places in your house. This breed of cat is quite smart in handling any task given to them.

How to Train a Siamese Cat

Keeping Your Cat Active

Siamese cat tend to get obese with too much food and less activity. Hence there is a need to keep them active. Try to keep the mealtime stimulating. You need not provide them a big portion of meal. Try to hide smaller portions of meal around the house. By feeding your cat in this manner would increase their level of metabolism and also their hunting skills.

Get some interesting toys such as fetching balls or dangling something from the string. This would ensure that the cat does not stay at one place and is moving.

Try to play the game of hide and seek with their favourite treat or toy. First you can place them in locations where they can see and once they get the toy, you can treat them. Once they understand the game, you can increase the level of difficulty.

Siamese Cat Characteristics

There are a lot of information that we are now well aware about the Siamese cat. Let us pen down few main characteristics of this breed.

  • They are unique and quite a recognisable breed among the cats.
  • Their main coat colour is light with facial mask and other extremities being darker in shade.
  • They have almond shaped blue eyes with long wedge shaped head, long tail, neck and legs.
  • They are very talkative and vocal
  • Love being around humans especially their owners.
  • Due to their long athletic lines, they can jump well.
  • Highly intelligent breed which can be trained with ease.

Siamese Cat Colours

These blue-eyed looking cats have quite a unique fur pattern. The coloration pattern is basically considered to be points. The points are mostly darker and it includes paws, face, ears, and tail.

Seal Point: They are dark seal brown with dark brown nose. They have a creamy body.

Blue Point: They have slate grey noses and bluish white body.

Chocolate Point: Light chocolate coloured nose and paw pads. They have cream coloured body.

Lilac Point: They have pink like grey coloured points, white body, lavender coloured paw pads and nose.

How Long Do Siamese Cats Live?

Siamese cats of energetic breed tend to live for 15 to 20 years. Most of them tend to exceed this time frame as well. Few of the Siamese pass away before they reach 15 years. But the life expectancy of this breed depends a lot on their health issues, overall lifestyle provided to them, how active they are and circumstances.




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