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Cat lovers have so many choices when it comes to selecting a pet cat. There are a variety of cats in terms of breed, sizes, color, etc. Each of the breeds has their own set of, physical characteristic, traits, and personality that makes them different from each other.

There are certain traits that would be common among every cat and some differences. Some cat owners prefer to get a pet based on its physical characteristic whereas some prefer the personality of the cat.

The Siamese breed cat is one of the most popular breeds among cat lovers. The Cat Fancier’s Association recognizes four important Siamese breeds, chocolate point, lilac point, seal point, and blue point.

These points refer to the flashes of color that mostly reflect on the legs, face, tail, and ears. Siamese cat demands a lot of attention and does not like to be left aloof.

It is a breed that can easily turn out to be your companion for life. Siamese would not be a good option for those who do not stay home and rather prefer to be out. On the contrary, people who prefer spending time at home and do not like staying alone can get a Siamese breed.

Among all the four types of Siamese breeds, the seal point is considered to be a beautiful breed with a lot of elegance. You can also term it as a dignified breed.

Today, let us go through some of the interesting facts about seal point Siamese cat.

Siamese Physical traits



Siamese Physical traits:

The seal points are known for their interesting coat pattern. Their body color is mostly lighter in color with darker points in its extremities. You will find the dark points on the paws, ears, tail, and face since this is where the temperature of the body is cooler than the rest of the part. You will see that the nose pad and the paw pad would be dark brown. Their eyes are deep blue.

Similarity with Another Siamese Breed:

Most of the cat owners confuse the seal point with two other Siamese breeds based on its point coloration. The tortie point and the chocolate point that may look similar to the Seal point. But there are certain clues you can check out to spot the exact difference among these breed of cats. The color of the limbs of a chocolate point Siamese cat is milk chocolate whereas in terms of seal point it would be black-brown. The paw pads of the chocolate point are pink and tortie point has mottled paw pads whereas for a seal point it would be brownish. The limbs of a tortie point would be somewhere between orange and brown.

Marking Time Frame:

It takes a lot of time for the coloring to develop on the seal point. As a kitten, the skin of a seal point would be creamish whereas it’s paw pads would be pale pinkish. In the first few weeks of its life, you may notice the color still getting developed on its body. In the initial two weeks, you can easily spot the brown color on its nose. For the remaining of the points to develop, it may take a complete year.

Possessive Nature:

There are a lot of cases wherein you may have noticed your pet getting possessive when you start petting a new animal. This can be the case with other humans as well and not limited to other animals. This is mostly a natural trait in the pet especially cats wherein they become very selfish when it comes to their owners. They try to gain attention in various ways and may withdraw themselves when they do not receive the desired attention. The seal point can turn out to be an extremely possessive and protective pet when compared with the other pets. They would love to hover around their owner and not leave them alone even for a minute.


Whenever one imagines a seal point Siamese cat, they may only have a picture of it being sleek and slim. People generally assume that seal points do not gain weight hence may not suffer from obesity in the long run. However, this is not true. In the year, 2003, the world record for the fattest cat was held by none other than a Siamese cat. Thus it becomes important for the owner to take additional care in terms of diet and food when they get a Siamese cat. You can also check with the vet on the types of food to be given and in what quantity, to avoid the cat from gaining weight.

Don’t Change Habits Easily:

There are certain cat breeds that are extremely impulsive wherein there behavior cannot be predicted. Hence, it is better to stay away from messing with cats. But when it comes to seal points, they have a habit and do not give away that habit easily. Seal points take time to change, their nature is to follow certain habits.




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