Difference between Siamese & Himalayan Cats

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Cat is one of the most popular pet that people love and take care of. There are many kinds of cat breed all over the world but Siamese and Himalayan are two very popular cat breed which people love to pet.

Siamese & Himalayan cats are loved by many cat lovers. Both of these breeds are very beautiful and are affectionate pet.

Himalayan and Siamese cats are very closely related cat breeds with very similar personalities and features, yet both Himalayan and Siamese have some differences too.

Here you will come to know the characteristics separately and understand the dissimilarities between Siamese and a Himalayan cat. You need to understand usual facial expressions, fur, seal points, eyes, and behaviour of these two breeds to understand the basic difference between.

If you want to have a cat with who is active and vocal then go for Siamese but if you love to pet a cat which remains quiet and lazy then go for Himalayan.

Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cats are also called by the name “Himmie” and they are very beautiful and popular cat breeds. They are known for their sparkling blue eyes, longhaired coat, striking appearance and obvious beauty.

Their nature is easygoing and they have a quiet disposition. What makes them more beautiful is their face expresses ion that looks as if they are frightened or angry. The Himalayan breed is actually a cross between Siamese and Persian cat but yet they all share very different personalities.

This Himalayan breed has short legs, round blue eyes, short nose, full cheeks, small ears with rounded tips and the body is long and round. The body of Himalayan cats has long hair, especially the tail which is short and needs brushing daily to keep it without locks and curls.

Himalayan cats are available in many colours such as chocolate, seal, lilac, blue, red, cream tortie, blue-cream, chocolate-tortie, lilac-cream, seal lynx, white, cream, blue, lilac, blue lynx, flame red, or black.

This breed comes in one eye colour which is deep blue/vivid blue. The Himalayan breed is also a perfect indoor companion as these cats are quiet pet and have a sweet temperament.

These cats are highly intelligent and very playful pet which makes them good companions.



Siamese cat

 Siamese is one of the oldest and very popular cat breeds. This cat breed originally came from Thailand which was earlier known as Siam and that’s what its name suggests.

Siamese cats are beautiful and intelligent cat breed known for their tanzanite blue eyes and striking colour points over the body coat.

Siamese has large triangular ears, sleek and slim tubular body on long legs with short, fine coat with long tapering lines, blue eyes, long tail and colour points at the face, ears, feet and tail.

This breed is available in four traditional colours, seal, chocolate, blue and lilac.

This breed is very vocal, social and active. They love playing with toys and rely heavily on human companionship. Siamese love to talk with humans and if you have Siamese cat at home then be prepared to give few hours to play with them.

They make an ideal companion when they are handled with love, care, attention and patience.

Being intelligent and vocal, Siamese is endlessly curious and demanding. They get easily involved in whatever the owner is doing.

These cats get lonely and sad fairly easily when they don’t find human company. If you are the one who can’t give much time to this breed and usually stay away from home then Siamese is not the one for you.

What is the difference between Himalayan and Siamese Cats?

1. Siamese is much older than Himalayan cats. Siamese cats are natural breed whereas Himalayan cats came into existence after human intervention.

Himalayan cat is a crossbreed between Siamese and Persian breed. Because of cross-breeding, Siamese has blue eyes and markings of a Siamese.

Though Himalayan cats have DNA of Siamese their features are built much more similar to the Persian.

2. Himalayan cats have long hairs whereas Siamese has short hairs. As discussed above besides having the Siamese DNA but features like Persian cats, Himalayan cats have long fluffy hairs.

Because of long hair, Himalayan cats need regular brushing to keep hairs without locks and curls.

3. Both Himalayan and Siamese cats have different body features. Himalayan cats have a short nose that gives their face a flat look.

Ears of Himalayan cats are small and circular in shape. Also, the neck and legs of Himalayan cats are short and thick. On the other side, Siamese has long triangular shaped ears and triangular-shaped face.

Their legs are long and sleek. Himalayan cats have short hairy tails but Siamese has long tails with fewer hairs on them.

4. Siamese is very vocal and active but Himalayan cats are quiet and lazy pet. They are not extremely active or energetic like Siamese cats.

Siamese does love to get involved in everything that is happening around and demands a lot of attention.

In case of Himalayan cats, this breed is mellow cat bred that enjoy being quiet and are laid back cat breeds that enjoy being groomed by people at home.

5. Siamese is available in fours traditional colours with seal points on the body coat whereas Himalayan cats have a various colour combination.

6. The very basic difference between these two breeds is their hair length. Himalayan cats have a long, fluffy coat but Siamese cat has a short-haired coat.

7. As Himalayan cats have long and fluffy hairs, they need lots of grooming from the owner and Himalayans enjoys it.

Being a Himalayan pet owner you need to give a lot of attention to the hair shedding as hairs can cause allergies. With Siamese, you don’t need to do that much of hair brushing and grooming as they have short hairs and chance of pet allergies is very low.

8. The life expectancy of Siamese is more when compared with Himalayan cats. Siamese can easily live up to 15 to 20 years whereas Himalayan cats live up to 12 to 15 years.

Siamese cat breed, fortunately, possesses a long typical life span and they can even surpass the time frame of 20 years if a proper owner takes proper care of this breed.



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