Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

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What is a Chocolate Point Siamese?

Chocolate point Siamese cats are very popular among many cat lovers. This variation of Siamese is quite unique genetic variation of the seal point. They are one of the oldest considered color within the Siamese breed and very famous as a pet.  Earlier it was not considered as a separate color and was thought to be a poor seal point Siamese. In late 1950s chocolate point Siamese were given their individual identity.

Chocolate point Siamese cats are very rare and they have very close resemblance with seal point Siamese cats. The first thing that differentiate them from a seal point Siamese is that their body is ivory with little to no shading and the points in this variation are deep chocolate brown and warm in tone. The points color in chocolate point Siamese cat is often patchy and the color has many variations. Some of these cats are almost as dark as seal points.  Until they age few years, you won’t be able to tell the difference between chocolate and seal apart as kittens.

A brief history on the Chocolate Point Siamese cats

This variation of Siamese cats are very rare than seal point Siamese cats. They were truly recognized as another variation of Siamese in 1950s and until then they were considered as poor color seal points. A group of enthusiasts devoted to these Siamese took the challenge of developing standards for the Chocolates. They said that milk chocolate points were the aim of the breed and then this variation came into existence.

What does a Chocolate Point Siamese cat look like?

The eyes of Chocolate point Siamese cat are deep, vivid blue in shade. The body is ivory all over and shading, if any, to the tone of the points. Points on this variation are of milk chocolate color and ears and tail are to be the same color. The ears of this breed should be darker than the mask. Chocolate point Siamese have nose leather and paw pads decorated with pinkish brown shades. Legs of this variation should aper paler than the seal point Siamese.

It is very rare that you find chocolate point Siamese with a warmer, cinnamon like color. Though, every chocolate Siamese will have their body wrapped with milky ivory remaining pale for a lifetime.

Is your cat a Chocolate or a Seal Point? What is the difference between the Chocolate Point and the Seal Point Siamese?

You will find the same brown marking in both seals and chocolate point Siamese cats. However, the Chocolates wear lighter, pink-toned shades of brown resembling milk chocolate. Seal points will end up with darker coats with age while chocolate Siamese will have ivory shading all over. The ivory-white fur of chocolate point Siamese cats remain pale with little to no shading but in seal point, you will find it getting darker with age.

The other point that will help you differentiate between both is the feline’s pink undertones since in seal points you will no shade of pink in her nose leather and paw pads.



What is the Chocolate Point Siamese Cats’ Personality like?

Like other Siamese variations, this breed is also very energetic and friendly. You will find them playing all day long and they are very talkative.  The personality of this cat is very vibrating and they are very curious like other Siamese cats. They love playing their owners and people they like. These cats are very intelligent and they love playing games and solving puzzles. You will find these cats very attention seekers and they will do whatever they can when they will need attention. Chocolate point Siamese cats are easy to train and they also love interacting with pets and pleasing their owners

These cats are very fond of human company and that is why they easily get bored and depressed when left alone at home. If you have any other pet or child at home then you will find these felines playing with them all day long. Here we can end up saying about their personality is that they are one of the best pet to have at home.

How much does a Chocolate Point cat cost?

You can buy a chocolate point Siamese cat for around of $600 – $1200 USD. A pure bred chocolate Point kitten can cost you around $600-$800.

Chocolate Point Siamese Cats GCCF Standard of Points

  1. Eyes– Clear, bright, vivid blue.
  2. Points– Milk chocolate; the mask, ears and tail to be the same color. The ears should not be darker than the mask. Legs paler than the other points should not be too heavily penalized.
  3. Body – Ivory all over. Shading, if any, to tone with the points.
  4. Nose Leather and Paw Pads– Chocolate or pinkish chocolate.

Origin and other features of chocolate point Siamese cats:-

Chocolate point Siamese cats are originally from Thailand since they has ancestral background of seal point in Thailand. Male chocolate Siamese weight around 8-12 lbs and their height ranges between 8-10 inches while female chocolate Siamese weight less that 8 lbs and their height is between 8-10 inches.

Coat length of this feline is short with Light pink-toned brown markings as points on the extremities. They are attention seekers, needs love and laughter. These cats ages between 15 to 20 years depending upon their health and diet.

Health and life Chocolate point Siamese

These cats are generally healthy and they don’t get sock very often. With proper diet and exercise, you have expect them to live around 15 to 20 years. In some exceptional case some chocolate point Siamese may live between 22 to 25 years. They shed very low as compared to other cat breeds as they have short hair.

Is the Chocolate Point for you?

Yes if you are a cat lover and want to have a cat that is friendly, playful and do some comedy then this is the cat for you. With a vibrating personality this breed also looks beautiful and has a classic appearance. These cats are very intelligent, talkative, and inquisitive which makes them entertaining, loving, and extremely loyal pets.



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