Do Siamese Cats Shed?

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The Siamese cat breed is much popular among pet owners. These cats are very friendly and are very beautiful in looks. Their large ears, silky hairs, stunning blue eyes make them so beautiful.

They are playful, intelligent and are known for their loyalty towards their owner. Many Siamese cats are silver-grey colour with blue eyes but some of them are even orange, brown, cream, and even blue or lilac-coloured. The reason for their mysteriously good looks is their Himalayan gene.

Because of this gene these cats have seal points in their body. So if you are planning to buy a pet for yourself then Siamese is a very good option.

Keeping cats as a pet is always a good idea but cat’s allergies are two times more common as dog allergies. Shedding can be an issue for a lot of people.

The allergies widely spread are common because of the shedding only. Now the question arises is that do Siamese cats shed? And if so, how much compared to other cats? The short answer would be yes, Siamese cats do shed.

Do Siamese cats shed?

Most cats shed fur and Siamese cats are no exception. Like other cats Siamese also shed but shedding in this breed is much less as compared to other breeds. Like other furry animals, these Siamese cats undergo two moults a year and that is on spring and fall.

They shed in spring to get rid of the thick winter coat when they are preparing for the warm summer days and in fall when they start growing new coat they shed again. This is very normal but you can control the shedding with proper care.

You need to comb your cat’s hair daily in these two time period. Brushing also helps you to control the hair fall in your carpets, furniture and in other house areas. Brushing is also a healthy bonding activity with your kitty.

Shedding is perfectly normal and you don’t need to worry much about it as with proper care you can prevent the hair fall of your cat.  Simply continue with your kitty’s brushing routine and vacuum when needed.

Does shedding cause Allergy?

Yes, shedding is the reason for allergies. The cause behind allergies is FelD1 protein. This protein is found in cat’s urine, saliva and skin and when it enters in human it causes allergies.

Because of FelD1 protein people suffer from feline allergies. As many as 10% of population is hypersensitive to this protein and gets a variety of allergic reactions. This protein comes in contact with humans through shedding and cats dander.

Cats like to groom themselves and when they lick their fur this protein comes in contact with the coat through saliva. When the saliva dries up the protein present in it become air born. A person when inhale this gets several allergic reactions swollen eyes, closed airways, and massive hives.

When talking about Siamese, they release very low FelD1 protein and these cats also shed less as compared to other breeds.



What causes shedding in Siamese?

Shedding is a normal process which happens in every animal that has fur. The natural reason for shedding in Siamese is seasonal change.

Time of the Year

Siamese shed in spring and autumn a lot. Time of the years has a great impact on when cats shed. The reason Siamese shed in spring is that they lose the undercoat in this period which used to keep them warmer in winter.

With shedding in spring they prepare their body to keep them cooler in the summer. In fall Siamese shed again as they start preparing for the new cooler season. In fall when they start growing a new coat they shed again.

Food and Diet

Other reasons for the abnormal shedding can be a cat’s diet. Cat’s also shed due to nutritional issue. If Siamese don’t get the necessary balance of ingredients then they will shed which is a sign of bad health. Vitamins like A, E and B are very essential as they help to produce and maintain a healthy coat.

If they lack proteins like A, E and B in their diet then they can end up shedding abnormally. It is also important that you should choose the cat’s food that has high omega-3 fatty acids. It helps to keep cat’s coat healthy and also helps reduce irritation which can lead to excessive scratching.

Also always keep your cat well hydrated as it helps in maintaining good health. Here it is clear that you must feed your cat with high quality food and should maintain the nutrients in the diet.

Cats Shed In Clumps When They Are Stressed

Siamese is very friendly and playful cats but they can get stressed in a situation like a change of location, thunderstorms, loud noises, and being around unfamiliar people.

This can cause anxiety in them and they can suffer rapid hair loss for this reason.

Cat Age & Gender

As Siamese do not shed much as compared to other cats but when they get old they shed more. Age put a great impact on shedding hairs. Same as age, the gender of the cat also impact in how much they shed.

Female cats that become pregnant will absolutely shed more than male cats. The reason behind this is that when female cats are pregnant they become stressful and stress is a basic catalyst for shedding.


If Siamese get any type of infection or allergy they shed in an abnormal way. They can suffer from food or environmental allergies too. In this scenario, switching to a hypoallergenic diet may help.

Above are the few reasons that cause normal as well as abnormal shedding in Siamese. With proper care and diet of your pet, you can easily handle this.

Conclusion – so, does the Siamese cat shed?

Yes, like all other cat breeds Siamese do shed but shedding in them is very less. Shedding is a natural process though, and you should not be alarmed by it.

So if you are the person who loves to pet a cat that does not shed or shed less then Siamese is the best choice as compared to other cat breeds.



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