Siamese Life

Siamese Cat Travel Accessories
Having a pet is a great idea as they are a blessing in disguise. However, rather than just being your bundle of joy, pets are like babies who need to care and loved just like the smallest member of your family. It is always a good idea to research about
Best Cat Trees
Cats love to climb and sit higher so that they can look around freely. If you have a cat at home then you can give them a cat tree, tower, or condo. We are sure your feline friend will love this gift. Cat trees provide environmental enrichment for your cat
Siamese Cats Cross-Eyed
The Mystic Eyes: The glittering and moon-like eyes of the most famous and peculiar feline group are a condition that is pretty common in the Siamese cats. The hypnotism in their eyes is a reflection of the magic in their eyes. Have you ever come across the cute nerdy looking
How Affectionate Siamese Cats
Siamese cats are best known for their beauty and friendly nature. They love to interact with their owner and are one of the most lovable and affectionate breeds. These cats are very energetic and are loyal to their owners.  They are very affectionate pet that love to play, cuddle, and
Best Balinese Cat theme
Balinese cats are a longhaired variety of Siamese. These cats are named after the beautiful dancers on the Indonesian island of Bali. They are beautiful companions to have as a pet. The Cat Fanciers Federation recognized the Balinese in 1961, followed by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1970. These cats
Tabby Pointed Siamese Cat
Lynx point Siamese cats are also known as Tabby point Siamese in the UK. They look like wild lynx and are a crossbreed between Siamese and tabbies cats. It is said that breeding began in the 1940s and the first kitten born from these two was again cross-bred with a
Siamese Cats and Domestic Cats
Siamese cats are one of the most beautiful cat breeds. They look tremendously unique with their long slim body, bright blue eyes, and colour points on several parts of the body, triangular shape ears, apple shape face and long pointed tail. These cats are intelligent than many other cat breeds
Best Automatic Cat Feeders
Every cat owner loves to feed their feline friend on time and this makes it important for you to have an automatic pet feeder at home. As a pet owner, you should give a portion-controlled meal to your cat and you should make sure your pet get nutrition intakes every
Personality of Snowshoe Siamese Cats
Have you ever heard of a cat called a Snowshoe Siamese? Yes, this breed does exist and is very rare to find. First appearing in the 1960s in the United States, the Snowshoe Siamese cats are actually a blend of a Siamese and American shorthair. This cat breed is now
Siamese cat Is So Small
Siamese cats are mostly bulky cats but they may vary in size just like humans do. If you are the one wondering why your Siamese cat is small then here we will let you know the reasons behind it. There are several variables you need to take into consideration. Here
Siamese cat meow
There are plenty of reasons your cat meow. Sometimes you can find it irritating and sometimes you may love. Cats usually meow to indicate their problem, to say hello, request attention and sometimes they ask for food by doing this. Though some breeds like Siamese cats are known to be
Applehead Siamese Cats
Siamese cats are one of the most popular cat breeds around the world. They are known for their elegant looks, blue eyes, and high intelligence.  Siamese cats are the most recognizable and widely known cats in the world. These cats are very active and vocal and they love to play