Do Siamese Cats Like Bathing? – Do’s and Don’t

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Bathing a cat is not really a good idea as many cat breeds don’t like to get wet. Cats do not need regular bathing because they keep themselves clean and many pet owners give their cat bath in extreme circumstances.

One should give their cat a bath when they get covered in an oily or toxic substance or get invaded by ticks or fleas. Basically regular bath is must for those cat breeds that have long hairs as they can get dirty very easily.

In the case of Siamese cats, regular bathing is not needed as they have short hairs and don’t get dirty easily. Though there are some rare occasions when Siamese cats do need bathing and here we will discuss some great bathing ideas your cat surely love.

Do Siamese cats like bathing? 

Siamese cats are one of the rare cat breeds that are known for linking water. The breed has short hairs and friendly personalities. They are easy to groom as compared to other cat breeds. Siamese cats do not like to get wet but they like to play with water.

They have remarkable interest in water and will splash it whenever they get the chance.

Preparation before Bath


Prepare yourself by wearing old clothes. You can wear jeans and a long-sleeved shirt to protect yourself from getting scratched.

Your Cat

Before you take your cat for a bath just clip the cat’s nails. Many cats scratch their owners as they try to run from the bath. Though they love water but don’t want any interference.

They just love to splash the water and play with it. It is also seen that many Siamese cats just sit comfortably and take a proper bath but it is not the same case with all Siamese cats so you should be prepared for it.

The kitchen or bathroom

Other than your bathroom, your kitchen can also be a good place for your cat’s bath especially if you have a double sink. You can use one sink for soaping and another one for rinsing off your Siamese.

A bathroom is also a good place as many cat owners would love to take their cat to the bathroom for a bath. At bathroom, you have an advantage of a showerhead to rinse with. You can also use two buckets, one for the soapy water and the other one to rinse.

Where ever you take your cat for a bath, make sure you remove all the breakable items from the place.

Your tools

Tools that you will need for a cat’s bath are sponge or facecloth, towel, grooming brush, comb, and specially formulated shampoo for cats, or flea shampoo. You should never use human shampoo or soap as it can harm an animal’s skin and fur.

The water

Cats usually feel uncomfortable while bathing if the water is cold. You should bring slightly hotter than Lukewarm water so that your cat enjoys bathing. Just put a few drops of shampoo into the first container and mix it well. Do not completely fill the container with water because your Siamese cat won’t like to dip its face in the water.



Bathing Step 1: washing

Bring your cat to the bathing place. Put your cat into the first container gently. Support your cat firmly and work your way through cat’s fur so that the whole body, apart from the head, gets wet. With your hands work gently with soap and shampoo over your cat’s fur up to the neck area and then rinse and remove the soapy water with your hands.

If your cat has any wound over the skin and at any party then avoid bathing up to the time it is not cured. Soap and Shampoo will hurt the cat skin and it may also cause infection.

Bathing Step 2: rinsing

Take your cat to the second container that is full of clean water. Rinse your cat well and squeeze away as much water as possible with your hands.

You have to rinse your cat well for more than four to five times so that the fur gets properly cleaned and soapy water get out of the skin. More and more you will rinse the cat; the shampoo will get out of the cat’s coat easily and you can avoid leaving your cat with skin problems.

Bathing Step 3: drying

After you are done with bathing and rinsing, do not leave your cat with wet fur. Take your cat out from the container and warp her up securely in the towel without covering the cat’s face. If you will cover the cat’s face then your cat may get frightened up.

You must use a long towel so that you can cover your wet cat from every direction. Gently rub the towel over the cat’s fur so that you can dry the fur and skin. You must be very careful while drying the face of your cat.

You can also cotton to take the dirt out of the cat’s ear.  Siamese cat’s hairs are not long so you have not to worry about the knots and tangles in the hair. You can comb the cat’s hair and leave the cat alone in a dry place. You will find your cat licking her skin as it will help to dry her off.

Siamese cats Bathing Do’s and Don’t

Never use human soap or shampoo for your cat’s bathing

This may cause skin infection to them as human soap or shampoo may have a strong chemical in it which will cause irritation to the skin of your cat and may cause infection on it.

Regular bathing is not needed

Make sure you only give bath to your cat once in a week or two. Siamese cat has short hairs and they do not get dirty easily. You should only give them a bath once every two weeks.

Don’t use a human hairdryer to dry the fur

Dry your cat’s coat with a towel only and leave your cat in a dry place after the bath. Never use a human hair dryer as it will cause irritation to the cat ‘skin.

Brush your cat to remove any excess fur

Gently brush the fur with hands or comb to remove the excess fur. It will also remove tangle and knots from the hair.

Do not dunk them underwater

It may frighten your cat.


Siamese cats love to splash and play with water but unlike other cat breeds, these cats do not hesitate to take bath. It is easy to take them for a bath but you should follow the rules discussed above for an enjoyable cat bathing.



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