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    Everything about Siamese Cat - Cat tips and advice

    Siamese Life

    Cats Vomit
    Every pet parent knows the warning signs of an upset cat stomach. These signs can be mournful meow, gagging and the heaving retch. An upset stomach is the reason for your cat vomiting. Whenever you hear that hacking noise from the room where your cat is living, it simply means
    If you have a young kitten or an older cat, they very much crave interactive toys with which they can play and enjoy active hours on end. Here we have created a list of best interactive cat toys so that you can pick that suit your cat’s nature. From cat
    Best Automatic Cat Feeders
    Cats are best companions to have as research has proven that they can significantly reduce stress and anxiety in humans. One of the most significant benefits is children who grow up with cats get less sick. When we have a cat at home then it is important for us to
    Are you younger or older than your cat? Here you can find the exact cat age chart that we have made. According to studies, one year of human life is equivalent to seven years of a cat life. In reality, a one year old cat is much more mature than
    cats purr
    A purring cat is a happy cat. Cats usually purr when they are relaxed and happy. They express their love by purring. Whenever she purr when you hold your cat means she is happy, content and she is enjoying lots of fuss and attention. Cats express their feeling by purring
    Siamese Cat Alone
    Only an animal lover can understand the pain of leaving one’s precious pets alone when one has to go out for work or any other reason. Not only is it heartbreaking to leave the furry four-legged bundle of joy alone, but it also gives you a headache thinking to find
    Siamese cat Is So Small
    Siamese cats are mostly bulky cats but they may vary in size just like humans do. If you are the one wondering why your Siamese cat is small then here we will let you know the reasons behind it. There are several variables you need to take into consideration. Here
    Siamese Cats and Domestic Cats
    Siamese cats are one of the most beautiful cat breeds. They look tremendously unique with their long slim body, bright blue eyes, and colour points on several parts of the body, triangular shape ears, apple shape face and long pointed tail. These cats are intelligent than many other cat breeds
    How Affectionate Siamese Cats
    Siamese cats are best known for their beauty and friendly nature. They love to interact with their owner and are one of the most lovable and affectionate breeds. These cats are very energetic and are loyal to their owners.  They are very affectionate pet that love to play, cuddle, and
    Siamese Cat Travel Accessories
    Having a pet is a great idea as they are a blessing in disguise. However, rather than just being your bundle of joy, pets are like babies who need to care and loved just like the smallest member of your family. It is always a good idea to research about