National Siamese Cat Day – April 6, 2024

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April 6 is the ‘purrfect’ day for cat lovers. It’s National Siamese Cat Day. This is the day when we honour these magnificent felines. Siamese cats, also known as “Meezers,” are among the world’s most popular cat breeds. We adore these beautiful animals, and we hope you do as well. Since its introduction to America in the 19th century, the Siamese cat has come a long way. They were called “an unnatural, nightmare kind of cat” when they first appeared in London. According to Cat Fanciers’ Association registration data, Siamese has recently ranked among the top ten cat breeds in America. In celebration of April 6 as National Siamese Cat Day, here are ten things to know and do about the sleek and stylish breed.

1. Siamese Origin story

The Siamese cat is one of the oldest Oriental/Asian cat breeds, and its origin is believed to be in Thailand, formally known as Siam. These cats, known as Royal Points, were held in such high esteem that no one could touch them. The Siamese’s acceptance into Western culture seems to be a mystery. The Siamese is also the world’s most recognizable breed. Many consider this feline to be a “normal” breed, one that evolved without human involvement. A Seal Point was depicted in the manuscript “Cat-Book Poems,” written in Siam (now Thailand) between 1350 and 1700. Nobody knows when the Siamese came to the United Kingdom or America. In 1884, a pair of Siamese cats was given to the sister of the British consul general in Bangkok, who exhibited the cats in London the following year. On the other hand, Siamese cats were seen 13 years earlier (in 1871) in the first modern-style pet show at Sydenham, London’s Crystal Palace, where they were called “an unnatural, nightmare kind of cat.”

2. Siamese Breed Personality

Siamese cats are a smart, lively, and entertaining breed of cat. They are very demanding and become involved in their owner’s life. They are more likely to think of themselves as humans than as cats. If you have a Siamese cat, you will never be bored. Without human company, they quickly get depressed, and that is why you must give them time if you bring home a Siamese cat.

3. Adopt, don’t shop

Jace Shoemaker-Galloway, a cat lover, came up with the idea for the day. She wanted to convince people to adopt these adorable kittens from animal shelters. Shelters also have a diverse selection of cats, ranging from young to old, long-haired to short-haired, and various colours, coat styles, and temperaments. Unfortunately, over two million animals are euthanized at animal shelters each year.

4. Spread the love

On national Siamese day, it is best to give your Siamese a treat by bringing home a new toy for her or giving her something good to eat that she always craves. If you do not have a cat at home, then you can buy a treat for your neighbour’s cat, or you can even visit a local shelter to donate. There are plenty of toys available online, and you can choose the best for them. Most of the Siamese cats love to play with active toys such as ping-pong balls and plastic practise golf balls with holes. These cats are also brilliant, and you can give them a treat with some puzzle toys too.



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To welcome the arrival of National Siamese Cat Day, many cat owners order souvenirs such as Siamese cat pins, stickers, etc. in advance. They use these items in their daily lives, such as wearing cat pins on backpacks, clothing, hats, and putting cat stickers on walls and books at home. People express their love for Siamese cats in these interesting ways. can customize cat lapel pins with excellent quality and affordable price, which is the choice of many pet lovers.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About National Siamese Cats:-

1. Blue For A Reason

Siamese cats’ stunning blue eyes didn’t just appear out of nowhere. The gene that causes the Siamese coat pattern also restricts the amount of pigment in the eyes, giving the breed its characteristic light blue colour. If you observe, you’ll notice that the shade of Siamese blue eyes changes in different environments.

2. Didn’t You Hear Me?

These cats are well-known for having a voice and not being afraid to use it. Siamese cats are very expressive with their owners, communicating their emotions and desires through various meows tailored to each situation. If you’re looking for a lovable, chatty cat, this is the breed for you.

3. I Need You

This is not an independent breed, and they do not thrive in situations where they are left alone at home regularly. A Siamese cat can become depressed if left unattended for long periods, and if you own one of these beautiful cats, you will find that they take pride in following you around the house. The Siamese is a perfect family pet because of their calm and gentle personality.

4. Careful, I’m Sensitive

When Siamese kittens are born, they are all white. Also, remember that only purebred Siamese kittens are born white. Owing to a heat-sensitive gene in their bodies, their distinctive markings begin to evolve (around four weeks of age). As a result, the infamous Siamese point patterns (seal, chocolate, and lilac, blue) remain on the cooler parts of their bodies.

5. I Hear You Loud And Clear

Many cat breeds have blue eyes, but they carry recessive traits and are prone to hearing issues. Fortunately, Siamese cats are not diagnosed with any hearing issues. They can hear you loud and clear throughout their age. Their blue eyes can cause vision problems, particularly at night, making the breed even more reliant on their human companions.

More Facts About Siamese Cats

1. The Siamese Is An Old Breed

Siamese cats are one of the oldest domesticated cats in the world! The breed first appeared in Thailand (formerly known as Siam) in the 14th century, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that it made its way to the United States.

2. They’re social butterflies.

Siamese cats are a people-loving breed that forms strong bonds with their owners.

3. Siamese cats are curious and smart felines.

Siamese cats are curious and intelligent, and they can be trained easily. You can teach them to fetch, give high fives, and even walk on a leash.

4. Their coat is affected by the temperature.

That’s right, you read that correctly—the temperature influences Siamese’s distinctive markings. Siamese kittens are naturally born white and do not grow their signature markings until they are around four weeks old. Temperature-based pigments determine Their patterns; their torso is usually lighter (due to their higher temperature), whereas their colder extremities are darker.

5. Siamese cats were once treated like royalty

When a member of Siam’s royal family died, it was thought that a Siamese cat would receive their soul. The cat would then spend the rest of its days in a temple surrounded by adoring monks.



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