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    Why Do Siamese Cats Meow A Lot? | Siaemseofday

    Why Do Siamese Cats Meow A Lot?

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    Siamese cats are famous for their active personality. These cats are very energetic and very intelligent too. Meowing is just a mean of communication to human and that is why cat’s meow. Among all other cat breeds Siamese cats use their voice quite a bit. Siamese cats originated in Thailand (earlier known as Siam) and later they were introduced to western world. These cats are interesting pet to have at home.

    Siamese cats are more social than many cat breeds and they love human company. Many pet owners ask that Do Siamese cats meow a lot? The answer is yes. There are plenty of reasons why they meow a lot and here we will discuss several reasons.

    Their intense vocals are a form of communication. You will be surprised when these cats will sometime meow like a human baby. Unlike other cat breeds, they demand much love and attention and their meowing has much to do with this personality trait.

    Why Siamese Cats Are So Vocal

    These cats demand lot of attention and love human interaction. New cat owners should always remember that if they want to pet Siamese cat then be aware of the extensive care and attention they need. They are very energetic and active cats.

    These cats love to play a lot and you will find them poking their nose to the things their owner will do. If they will feel like getting ignored then they will get depressed and will meow in order to get attention.

    Sometime these cat meow like a human baby. It usually depends on the kind of atmosphere you provide to these cats. They love to spend time with the person they love and usually meow when they need attention. Their meow cry has different meaning every time and their owners will understand this over time.

    Being intelligent they try to speak more and also learn to ask for what they want. You will find their voice lovely and enjoyable when you will try to fulfill their needs. Owners can buy fun toys for their Siamese cats and you will see them playing and talking a lot with these toys. When you will take proper care of your Siamese cat then you will notice happy or conversational sounds.

    Don’t Ignore a Siamese cat

    These cats are very fond of human company. They will easily get depressed when they are ignored or left alone at home for long period of time. Having a royal background these cats demand attention and you have to spend lot of time with them. They will give a sad meow call when they feel ignored or depressed. Whenever they are around you, they will make themselves known and will talk a lot.

    Like kids cry a lot when they need something, same you can expect from a Siamese cat. You have to learn what they want when they meow and should take care of their specific needs.

    Consider Getting a Friend

    If you have a Siamese at home then you have to consider them as your close friends. You should always keep in mind that these are the pets that you can’t leave at home for many hours during the day. These cats get easily depressed and you may find behaving differently when they are left alone. Their meow sound will be very low when they are stressed out.

    Try to spend lot of time with these feline friends and never leave them alone. If you have two pets at home and you will show more love towards other, your Siamese cat will feel jealous and will meow a lot to get your attention.

    Siamese Cats Can Get Bored

    Being intelligent and active, these cats can get easily bored.  You have to give them a nice toys with which they can play a lot and spend their time. When they get bore they meow a lot to grab your attention.

    So if you have a Siamese at home then you need rush to your nearest pet shop to buy some attractive toys for them.

    When these cats get bore, they can’t easily sleep. This may leave you with a meowing cat all night long. Try to show your love and care more often to your Siamese cats so that they don’t get easily bored.

    Siamese Cats Are Intelligent

    Siamese cats are very intelligent and that is why they make a lot of noise. They try to understand things and learn more about the world around them. If you find your Siamese cat louder than usual then you need to find out what is the reason behind it. It may be because they are trying to tell you something.

    Being intelligent animals they need extra activities to do and learn new things. You can easily teach them new tricks and new things. More they engage with learning, less noise they will make.

    These cats love to chatter and they make noise in all situations. They make happy noises as well as sad noises.

    Siamese Cats Love Interaction

    These are the cats that love human interaction. You can’t keep these cats away from you if you are having them as a pet at home.

    They love to play with their owners and really carve fun activities. It is essential to start interacting with your Siamese cat as soon as you get it, to form a good bond.

    Avoid Problems

    Being a pet owner you need to understand needs of your feline partner. You have to understand what they like and what they dislike. If you will not avoid their problems then these cats will make lot of noise.

    Whenever they are in problem they will try to talk to you and will meow in different voice. Try to understand what they want to say and pamper them when they sound low. Cats need to form a bond with their owners for them to live peacefully in the home.

    Need Food

    When these cats are hungry they will meow asking for food. You need to understand this and should always feed your cat on time.


    Siamese cats are very lovely pets and can be a great addition to your family. They meow in different sounds and you need to understand what they want from you. These cats need good food, a stimulating environment, and lots of attention.


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