How to Teach Your Kids to Care for Their Siamese Cat?

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Similar to we humans, even pets such as dogs, cats have their own unique personality. Some of the pets crave for a lot of attention and always want to be pampered and cuddled. On the other hand, some do not enjoy to be handled too much and prefer to be left alone.

The Siamese cats are among those who love to be pampered and cuddled. They prefer to be the center of attention among humans. As kids, some of them would love pets but some may find it difficult to handle them. Hence it becomes very much essential to properly educate the child on how to care for their pet cat. The right techniques should be taught to the kids. This way it would create a positive bonding and also ensure safety for both the child and the pet.

Let us go through a few steps on how this bonding can be achieved:

Do not hurry, take time:

Siamese cats are very friendly but at the same time, they prefer to be known during their own level. Greeting while standing or from a distance would not do any good for the cat. Hence, you can teach your kids to sit or lie on the floor while offering their hand to the cat. The cat would first smell it and then slowly get acquainted. When the Siamese cats feel comfortable, they would start rubbing their face on the child’s hand or would press its head against the child’s hand. This is a sign that the cat needs to be cuddled and pampered. In case if the Siamese cats start to act apprehensive then do not rush into matters. Take some time and slowly restart the process. When you force any action on the Siamese cat, they may respond back negatively.

Hold your Siamese with care and love:

It is evident while your Siamese cats would want to warm up with the child. Teach your kids about how to pick up the cat and hold it properly. It is important to respect the cat’s space and not do something that can make them aggressive. Also as much it is important to respect your cat’s personality, it is also important to understand your child’s age and personality. It is you who can understand what your child basically expects. If you feel that the child is too small for handling a cat or if the child may not be able to handle the cat properly then do not place it in their arms. Cats would like to feel safe and secure when held hence it becomes important to get that technique right in the kids. Siamese cats look to be cuddled and sit on the arms or laps. Just ensure that the cats are positioned in a proper manner to avoid any kind of bites or scratches. Both the cat and the child should feel comfortable enough before they start this bonding.



Gently caressing the cat:

Siamese cats are responsive to gentle pats and touch. They love to be pet gently on their back, shoulder etc. Rubbing the belly of the cat is a strict no since not all of them would respond back positively. If you feel that gradually the pet loves to be rubbed on the belly, then surely the child can also be taught the technique. Kids can gently pat the back or shoulder of the cat to express their love and care. The Siamese cat would surely love this technique.

Play Dates:

Siamese cats love to play with their owners. They also like the company of other pets and kids. Hence if you have kids at home then you can demonstrate various play techniques to them. First, let the child watch how an adult plays and also speaks gently with the cat. Let the kids imitate the adults and then do it by themselves with the cat. Supervise them while they are playing with the cat to avoid any aggressive behavior from the cat. There is no need for any fancy toys.

Give some space to the cat:

Siamese cats do not like to be disturbed while they carry out a certain activity. Hence it is important to let the child know that the cat is now resting, having his food or using his litter box and one should not disturb them. This also shows how one should respect the pet rather than forcing it to play or carry out other activity. If the child starts to forcefully pick up the cat or try to play with them then it can startle the cat. Some Siamese cat may also get irritated and injure the child.

The child would mimic the activities which are carried out by the elders in the house towards the pet. Hence it becomes important to always set the right example. You should not end up yelling and shouting at the cat since the child can imitate the same and it can lead to negative consequences. Siamese’s are friendly pets and they just love to be the center of attention. Teaching the kids to handle a Siamese cat with care and love would work towards a great bonding that can last for long. Also, it is important that you supervise the child and the cat when they are together. This would avoid any untoward incidents.




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