How Long Do Siamese Cats Live? How to Increase Their Lifespan

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Siamese cats are known for their beautiful looks, friendly nature, and blue sparkling eyes. They require a lot of attention, care and love. If a pet owner takes proper care of their cats then it is possible to increase the life span of the cat. A good understanding of Siamese cat’s life span can help you plan ahead for your cat’s care and you can take care of their proper health with time.

If a pet owner takes proper care of Siamese cat then it is sure that Siamese will be your best friend for many years to come. The things to remember here is that you should know for how many years do they actually live for and what could affect Siamese lifespan.

Expected Life Span of Siamese

The life span of Siamese is longer when compared to other cat breeds. Siamese cats live anywhere between 15years to 20years. Some Siamese cats can have shorter lifespan while some can live longer for 20 years and it depends upon how you take care of your cat.

Also, there are other factors which can have an effect on the lifespan of the cat. Factors such as overall health of the cat, the living environment, care and grooming carried out the owner etc. also helps in the increasing lifespan of Siamese.

Life-Expectancy of Indoor cats:

The life expectancy of Indoor Siamese cats depends upon factors like the diet of the cat, how often you take them to the veterinary, love and care you give to them, how much time you spend with them, is there any kind of stress on your pet etc.

There is no doubt that pets like Siamese cats live a longer life when their owner spend much time with them and properly take their care. Siamese, when left alone for a longer period, gets easily stressed and depressed and this factor can add to a shorter life span. But there are chances that your pet can surpass that time frame and live longer when you take proper care of them from diet to time taking them to a veteran.

When conditions are favourable, you can expect your Siamese cat to live up to 20 years and even more with certain expectations.

Life-Expectancy of outdoor cats:

Cats that spend significant time indoor with their owners tend to live longer than those cats who reside outdoors. The reason behind this is that outdoor cats quickly contract any medical issues and they also face an increased risk of death, usually due to traffic, attack or disease.

Chances are also high that these outdoor Siamese cats can get easily attacked by dogs or other animals. Outdoor Siamese cats may or may not get food on time. So if you have a Siamese cat that spends much of its time outside then you should not expect your cat to reach old age. For these reasons, the life expectancy of an outdoor cat tends to reduce. According to a report most outdoor cats do not live for more than 9 to 10 years.



The health of Siamese cat:

Siamese cats are considered as healthy cat breeds. They are less prone to health issues but still in some cases you may find chronic renal failure, glaucoma, crossed eyes and some may find it difficult to breathe, bladder stones etc. These factors listed above are very rare and if you take proper care of your cat then these can be easily neglected.

How to increase life-span?

There are several factors by which you can increase the life span of your Siamese cat.

Set Up a Balanced Meal Plan

Always make sure that your Siamese cat’s diet is full of nutrients that are needed to build them big and strong. A healthy diet is very essential for their growth and it also makes them less prone to disease.

Provide Clean Water

You should make sure than your Siamese drink enough water so that it won’t develop any urinary tract disease. Make sure you give your Siamese a constant supply of clean water and never leave them dehydrated.

Make Sure Your Cat’s Vaccinations Are Up-to-Date

If you want your Siamese to live longer then make sure that your cat has all of the required vaccinations. These vaccines will lower down the risk factor for developing certain diseases.

Check Her Teeth

You can know about the health of your Siamese cat by her teeth. Siamese cats easily develop chronic tarter, gingivitis and plaque in her mouth that can contribute to bacterial growth. By regular brushing of your cat’s teeth, you can lower the risk of dental problems in your cat.

Visit Your Vet Regularly

Best to know about the health of your kitty is by taking her to vet regularly for periodic checkups. Any health issue if confirmed early can help in an increased life span of your Siamese.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

Don’t let your pet to spend much time outside as cats who roam freely outside can encounter a variety of new dangers. They may get attacked by dogs or by other animals or they may ingest a pesticide and other diseases.

Never Leave Them Alone For Longer Period

Siamese cats are very friendly and they love to play and live with their owners. However, if Siamese cats are left alone for a longer period of time then they can get easily depressed. Stress and depression can easily lower the life span of your Siamese cat.

So by following these easy steps, you can increase the life span of your Siamese cat. Always remember to show love and care so that they remain happy and playful pets.

With proper care and love, you can ensure that your cat lives longer. Give them a proper diet in a timely manner and groom your cat regularly. If you find any health issue with your cat then get it resolved in a timely manner.



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