7 Differences between Siamese Cats and Domestic Cats




Siamese cats are one of the most beautiful cat breeds. They look tremendously unique with their long slim body, bright blue eyes, and colour points on several parts of the body, triangular shape ears, apple shape face and long pointed tail. These cats are intelligent than many other cat breeds and are famous for their sturdy vocal cords. Many people want to know how these cats are different than other cat breeds and in this topic, we will discuss what makes them different from other cats. There are lots of things that make Siamese unique than you may have thought. You will be surprised to know that they have a very high energy level, they are affectionate, they are loud, and shed less as compared to other cat breeds.

What Makes Siamese Cats Different?

There are many factors which make them different from Domestic Cat and below we have discussed some of the facts.

1. Siamese cats are more affectionate than Domestic cats. 

Siamese cats are very friendly and affectionate cat breed. These cats are loyal towards their owner and will follow you where ever you go. They will poke their nose into the things you will do in front of them and will be your best friend. These cats will cuddle and sit in your lap and will sleep next to you on your bed at night putting their head on your pillow. Your feline partner will be the one to wake you up in the morning. On the other hand, most of the domestic cats are not affectionate. Breeds similar to Siamese may be affectionate but not all of them. Siamese cats form really a strong bond with their owner because of their affectionate personality. You will find them very attached to one person in your home. They will trust that person and will stay loyal always. These cats always want attention and can get depressed easily if they are left alone for a longer period of time. Siamese cats are friendly and will go easy with other pets that they’ve grown up with. Actually, they can become quite bonded with other pets too. In domestic cats, it has been found that they are not much affectionate and you will find them sitting alone upstairs, in the peace and quiet.

2. Siamese cats are (almost) hypoallergenic.

As compared to domestic cat breeds, Siamese cats are hypoallergenic. It means that they produce fewer allergens. These cats shed very less as they have short hairs and you will love them as they will not shed much inside the house. Since there are not cats that are 100% hypoallergenic but Siamese cats are much more allergy-friendly than your average domestic cat. They spread fewer allergies causing dander than their domestic counterparts. Their short hair also requires less grooming and you can skip regular bathing of your Siamese cat. As they shed less, you don’t even require regular brushing to remove loose hair. On the other hand, domestic cats cause a lot of allergies as they spread a lot of dander. Dander is the main cause of cat allergens and Siamese breed is known to be hypoallergenic as they spread no or very less dander.



3. Siamese cats are more prone to theft than domestic cats.

Yes, you heard it right, Siamese cats are more prone to theft than domestic cats. The reason is that they are very beautiful and are a unique creature. You will find them rarely on streets like domestic cats. The appearance of Siamese cats is so pleasing to the eye, and they’re known to be a more expensive cat, they’re a target for thieves. These cats are the best pet to have if you want them to stay at home. Moreover, they love human company so much that they will never go out alone. You will not find this problem with domestic cats as they are easy to get for a very low cost or free. Siamese cat’s appearance is so much eye-catching that they could grab the attention of a cat thief easily.

4. Siamese cats are more vocal than domestic cats.

Siamese cats are very talkative cat breed. They love to grab attention and are incredibly vocal. These cats have a bossy personality with a lot of attitudes and you need to spend so much time with them to stop them meowing. Whenever they will feel boredom with will meow. They just love to do a lot of activities and can’t sit quiet for long like domestic cat breeds. Siamese cat will not stop meowing if you will give them less food. Domestic cats are quite opposite as compared to Siamese cats. These cats ate more relaxed and don’t tend to chatter back and forth with you. They will not meow a lot like Siamese for food and will even give up when you will not feed them on time. 5. Siamese Cats Are Ancient It is believed that Siamese cats are one of the first domestic pets in human history. Historian has found their link to the 14th century in Thailand where they were given royalty status by the royal Kingdome of that time. Since Thailand was earlier known as Siam, this cat breed got the name from it. It is said that these cats were domesticated so they could guard the royal goblet and other Thai treasures. Siamese cats were the official cat of the royal families in Thailand where they originated

6. Siamese Cats Are Born Completely White

All the Siamese kittens are born white, unlike domestic cat breeds. They develop colour points in their body after a few weeks of their birth. The cat breed has temperature-sensitive enzymes which are responsible for it. While in domestic cat breed this is not common to have all white kittens

7. Siamese cats are smarter than domestic cats

Siamese cats are very intelligent cat breed. they are easy to train and you can teach them easily how to fetch, roll over, and sit. These cats can even solve easy puzzles and they remember things more easily. While in domestic cats it is tough to train them as they are not much smarter as compared to Siamese cats.


Siamese cats are better than domestic cats in many ways. They are very playful pets and if you have kids or other pet at home then they can easily get along with them. These cats are not aggressive which makes them a perfect pet to have.



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    I think your article is extremely biased. You come to conclusions that are unfair and short sided. Maybe since English is obviously not your first language you have difficulty expressing yourself but to state, for example, “most domestic cats are not affectionate” is ludicrous. Do you have personal experience with the many types of domestic cats in the world? Try not to be so elitist when writing about Siamese in comparison with mixed breed cats because you’re apt to most of the worlds cat owners angry since most of the worlds cat owners do not own a Siamese.

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