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Siamese cats have distinct physical characteristics, personality traits, and behavior patterns. You can differentiate between a Siamese cat and any other breed by just looking at it. Siamese cats maintain the exotic appearance of their ancestors while being a more popular home cat breed. You might be wondering how to
Siamese Cats and Domestic Cats
Siamese cats are one of the most beautiful cat breeds. They look tremendously unique with their long slim body, bright blue eyes, and colour points on several parts of the body, triangular shape ears, apple shape face and long pointed tail. These cats are intelligent than many other cat breeds
Care for Their Siamese Cat
Similar to we humans, even pets such as dogs, cats have their own unique personality. Some of the pets crave for a lot of attention and always want to be pampered and cuddled. On the other hand, some do not enjoy to be handled too much and prefer to be