siamese cat teeth griending
Bruxism or Teeth grinding is seen to be a common condition in cats. Even though it is a common condition, it may not be termed as something normal for the cats. When you hear or watch your kitty grinding its teeth then you should be aware that something is not
nervous cat
None of us would want to deal with a cat who is angry or nervous. There are a lot of things that can make a cat upset. Few of those include loud noises, car trips, any strangers entering the house, watching the owner-pet another animal or visiting the veterinarian. A
Traveling Cat
Taking your pet cat in a car for a trip may initially sound to be an interesting thing but remember that if you haven’t done such a thing with your cat earlier then the whole experience may not turn pleasant. For those of you who have even taken your car
Siamese Cat Breeders
Are you wondering from where you can adopt a good Siamese cat breed? Confused on which breeder can provide you with a Siamese kitten at the best rate? These are some of the questions we often get to hear from people who would want to own a Siamese cat or
Care for Their Siamese Cat
Similar to we humans, even pets such as dogs, cats have their own unique personality. Some of the pets crave for a lot of attention and always want to be pampered and cuddled. On the other hand, some do not enjoy to be handled too much and prefer to be
Cat food
The Siamese cat has been bred in a selective manner over a period of generations. During the good old days, they were purely treated as royal. Siamese cats have a muscular and slender body. Their jaw shape is also triangular and thin. Thus making them quite a unique looking cat.
Cat-Friendly Phone Games for Interactive Play
Cats have already captured the hearts of many, but what if they were to infiltrate our smartphones and tablets as well? A compilation of 10 entertaining apps for cats to play has been devised to engage your feline companions (and yourself!) through cat-friendly games on your electronic devices. Engaging in
Siamese hygiene
Siamese cat are a loving and caring breed. But if you plan to adopt a Siamese cat then it means proper evaluation is required in terms of its care and hygiene. You cannot compromise on the health of your Siamese cat. They are extremely caring, friendly and loving pets to
How To Make An E-Collar For A Cat
If you have ever owned a cat, you know what a great asset an E-collar is for a cat, especially when it is injured or has undergone surgery. E-collars prevent cats from lciking themselves around a wound or surgery site. A DIY E-collar is simple to make and needs only
Train a Siamese Cat
Siamese cats are very friendly in nature. They require love, attention and affection especially from their owners. Siamese cat’s personality is very much similar to that of dogs. They are also fun loving and intelligent animals. They try to be around their owner and display affection. Similar to dogs, since
Siamese Cat
Striking personality, and color points are some of the characteristics you would find in a Siamese cat. The breed of Siamese cat is quite intelligent, fun-loving, caring and affectionate. Adding them as part of your family would be the best part. However, before you decide to get one at home
How To Introduce A Dog To A Cat
When we love both cats and dogs, we wish to keep both of them together in the house. Thankfully, keeping them in a single home is possible. They are not always the enemies of one another. Though herding breeds and aggressive dogs are an exception, many others display a loving