10 Cat-Friendly Phone Games for Interactive Play

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Cats have already captured the hearts of many, but what if they were to infiltrate our smartphones and tablets as well? A compilation of 10 entertaining apps for cats to play has been devised to engage your feline companions (and yourself!) through cat-friendly games on your electronic devices.

Engaging in play with cats yields several advantages for their physical and mental well-being. Primarily, it aids in alleviating their anxiety, particularly during extended periods of separation. Moreover, cat games stimulate their natural curiosity and playful instincts. Remember to express appreciation to your cat for its victory!

Best 10 Interactive Games for Cats for Smartphones

#1 Cat Alone

Cat Alone

Cat Alone is an entertaining cat app that provides hours of amusement for feline companions. The app offers a wide range of choices for cats to chase, including butterflies, cockroaches, laser pointers, and lizards. Leaving your cat with this engaging app will result in hours of play. This cat game features eight stages with stunning graphics and immersive sound. Users have the option to customize the sound according to their preferences.

#2 Mouse for Cats

Their cat can be put to the test of their mousing skills with Mouse for Cats. This straightforward cat gaming app presents a virtual mouse scampering across the tablet screen. When the cat taps the mouse with its paw, a score is earned based on successful hits.

The number of mice on screen and the enticing sounds they make can be adjusted to encourage the cat to play. Additionally, there are unlockable mini-games to keep the feline entertained. It is a cat app designed to please any feline friend with no unnecessary frills.

#3 Friskies CatFishing 2

A traditional fish app designed for cats. Users can challenge their pets to catch fish as many times as they can! The game features three levels, each with different amounts of fish available: one, two, and three at a time.

You should understand that not all cat apps may be available in your region. The only thing that can fix the situation and make it possible to download an inaccessible game is Google Play VPN. You can read more detailed instructions on how to change the country in Google Play Store at this link.

By switching to a server in another country, you will have access to those applications that were previously blocked due to copyright features. This greatly expands the list of entertainment for you and your cat.

#4 Petcube App

The Petcube app enables users to engage with their pets remotely using the Petcube Play 2 pet camera, which features a built-in laser toy. By simply dragging their finger across the smartphone screen, users can control the laser’s movement as it traverses the room. Additionally, users can observe their pets’ attempts to capture the dot directly from their phones.

Even in the absence of a Petcube camera, the app offers the ability to play with other pets. Users can readily explore public and shared cameras by utilizing the search function within their feeds.

#5 MeowTalk Cat Translator

Life could become more convenient if people could comprehend their feline companions’ meows. The MeowTalk Cat Translator app attempts to address this challenge by recording and interpreting a cat’s meows to communicate its messages.

Users have the option to create individual profiles for their cats and correct any misinterpretations made by the app. Although considered an enjoyable application, it requires a subscription fee to access its full range of features.

#6 Cat Playground

The Cat Playground app boasts an array of engaging activities to entertain your feline companion. With options like chasing a mouse, fishing, or laser pointer, cats can earn points for every successful catch. It’s important to note that excessive usage may lead to addiction in cats.

This interactive cat toy is compatible with Android phones featuring touchscreens, but it is optimized for devices with larger displays, ensuring a seamless experience for your beloved pet. Please note that this app requires payment and is guaranteed to put your cat in a delightful and playful mood.

#7 Paint For Cats

Paint For Cats

One might ponder if their cat possesses the artistic genius of a future Pollock. The Paint For Cats app on an iPad unveils hidden feline talents. With ten color palettes to choose from, watch as the masterpiece unfolds while the cat chases a digital mouse.

Once completed, the artwork can be emailed to friends (or the Louvre) and shared on a Facebook page.

#8 Pocket Pond 2

This app is unlike any other fish app for cats. It offers a stunningly realistic experience, featuring thousands of exotic koi swimming in a virtual pond on your tablet or phone. Pocket Pond 2 allows users to raise, breed, sell fish, and customize their own pond.

Not only will cat owners find it exciting, but their feline companions will also be captivated by it.

#9 Cat Fishing 2

Cat Fishing 2, developed by Friskies, is a catch-and-release feline fun game that offers exceptional mental stimulation and keeps cats’ minds active while satisfying their hunting instincts.

With a variety of sounds and a plethora of fish to engage their interest, this game is tailored specifically for cats. It provides endless entertainment options to keep them coming back for more.

#10 Mouse Simulator

Mouse Simulator is a simple app that emulates a mouse running on users’ phones and consuming cheese. This app is highly regarded among feline enthusiasts and has gained significant popularity. It operates without an internet connection and has minimal storage requirements. With over five million downloads and a rating of 4+, this app has become a favorite among cat owners.

Mobile Android users can utilize the app for free, offering options to adjust sound, size, and speed settings. Although cats may experience frustration as they cannot physically capture the virtual mouse, the app will keep them engaged for extended periods of time.


In this article, we covered 10 of the best cat apps for Android and iOS. Whether you are looking to stimulate your pet’s senses or simply entertain them with a virtual mouse, there is an app that will suit your needs.

We hope you enjoyed our list and found something that will keep both you and your cat entertained!


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