Can Siamese Cats Be Left Alone?

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Only an animal lover can understand the pain of leaving one’s precious pets alone when one has to go out for work or any other reason. Not only is it heartbreaking to leave the furry four-legged bundle of joy alone, but it also gives you a headache thinking to find a messed up home if your pet is not in a good mood. It is imperative to know the dos and don’ts about owning a pet for we don’t want the cutest member of the family to suffer in any way. When one has to decide between keeping a dog or a cat, the fact is that cats are usually less fussy. Cats are extremely cute and adorable, but look the only criterion to own a feline? We need to introspect beyond the looks of a pet before we actually decide to own one. There are many other factors that one needs to take into consideration before one actually concludes to own one. The factors further vary from one breed to the other. Besides thinking about the playful nature of the felines, one must also take note of the mood swings of the same, especially if one is often out for work or other reason for a substantial period of time. While some cats are comfortable with the whole idea of you leaving them alone at home, the others might not fancy it. So to address the question ‘Can Siamese Cats Be Left alone’? we need to ponder over certain traits of the cat that will come handy before we choose to leave the cat alone. Siamese cats are very sociable and outgoing in nature. They are playful and want you to be around to play with them. They just love being loved and need constant interaction to keep them happy and chirpy. As a matter of fact, they are quite independent in terms of being left alone as well. Having said that, what must be taken note of is the fact that Siamese cats are anxiety-prone. They can get easily depressed and their depression might even take a destructive turn when they don’t get any company or stimulation. They lobe to have people around and must not be left alone for more than a period of eight hours. A Siamese cat might not like the separation and may take it very seriously. It is very unfair on the owner’s part to send their cats off or to decide against keeping them after a certain realization that looms over them after a considerable time of keeping the cat. They send their cats to rescue homes or just part from them. One should always do the adequate amount of research it takes to own the pet so that the mute feline doesn’t suffer while being in isolation. Only if your lifestyle and your job allow you to spend time with your cat, should you own one? If your job is time-consuming or demands that you spend considerable time at work and commute for a long duration, then you can decide against it.



The Factors to Consider Before Leaving a Siamese Cat Alone

Other than just the nature of the Siamese cat, there are other factors that help you decide if the cats should be left alone or not. The biggest factor is that of age, which allows you to check the duration of the cat being alone before you leave your home. If your cat fits in the following age group, it can be left alone for the duration mention against it:

  • Under 4 months old:2-4 hours
  • 4-5 months old:5 hours
  • 6 months old:8 hours
  • 1-year-old or more:24-48 hours

The other factors to take into account before you leave your house are:

1. The Mood of the cat:

You need to know how your cat has been feeling. You can also consider its mood swings for the past couple of days. You need to ensure that the cat is absolutely fine, both physically (not unwell or injured) and mentally (not irritable or grumpy). If your cat is in good shape, you can consider leaving it alone for some time. Never leave the cat alone if you experience that the cat is extra naughty, aggressive or anxious.

2. The Duration of Hours:

A very important question that should cross your mind before leaving g the cat alone is the number of hours the cat will be left alone, according to its age. If you plan to leave the cat alone for quite sometimes, then you need to be extra careful about getting the arrangements done for the cat.

3. The Necessary Arrangements:

You should be absolutely confident of the arrangements done by you in case you have to go somewhere for a certain duration. The food, water, automatic cat feeder, litter box, air conditioner (depending on the weather), company for the cat, comfort-everything needs to be checked and followed up on. If you are not confident about the arrangements, it is a good idea to think about getting g a cat-sitter for the your furry buddy so that it can be properly taken care of.

How Can You Keep Your Siamese cat Entertained when it is Alone

The most important thing to remember about your Siamese cat is that they are friendly and jovial. They demand attention and entertainment. However, if you have to step out of your house, leaving them alone, there are certain ways to keep them busy, entertained and also ensure that they are comfortable even when you are not around. Some of them are:

  • Leave your cat with some company like toys to keep it in its playful mode.
  • Make arrangements in the house by hiding food in the nooks and corners so that not just your cat is busy looking for it, but is also full throughout the day.
  • Siamese cats are playful, so one can always make some room for their jumping and climbing.
  • You can turn on the radio or T.V for some stimulation so that the cat does not feel alone.

If you want to go out to cater to a busy schedule without worrying about your furry pet, ensure that your cat is comfortable and entertained throughout so that when you get back home, you fond your cat in the same happy mode you left it in.



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