Training a Cat to Be Quiet: Siamese Cat Meow Excessive and Yowling


There are plenty of reasons your cat meow. Sometimes you can find it irritating and sometimes you may love. Cats usually meow to indicate their problem, to say hello, request attention and sometimes they ask for food by doing this. Though some breeds like Siamese cats are known to be naturally noisy while some cats may not meow too much. Sometimes you may find it irritating when you hear overly loud meowing of your cat. Every cat owner must recognize when the meow might be important, and to do a quick check for empty water bowls and other problems. Today we will discuss a few methods by which you can train your Siamese cat for their excessive meowing and yowling. Always keep in mind that retraining your cat can take a while and breed like Siamese tens to be vocal even at the best of times.

Reducing Food-Related Meowing

Always follow a food routine- Cats usually meow when they are hungry. They beg to food often when they meow. So you need to always feed your cat on time before they give you a vocal reminder.

  1. The majority of healthy adult cats do well with one or two meals a day, but with more regular, smaller meals, they may be happier. Kittens under six months of age require at least three meals a day.
  2. The rule only applies to food for cat and not for water. You must always give your Siamese cat fresh water to drink at all times of day or night.

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Do Not Respond To Begging

This requires patience, as the first response from your pet would always be to meow even more. Without recognizing it, it’s essential to let this behaviour play out itself so that your cat can understand that meowing no longer works as a way to get your attention.

  1. When it is the time for a meal and your Siamese starts to meow, you should move to another room and should not pay attention to it. Once Siamese stops meowing, come out of the room and then fill the food bowl.
  2. You will find that your cat will meow in the morning to wake you up or she will meow to ask you for the food. After you wake up you should wait for a few minutes or at least 15 minutes to break this association.

Switch To An Automatic Feeder

If you install an automatic feeder then your cat will understand that from where she will get the food. Just schedule the time for a meal and your Siamese will refocus her attention on the machine instead of on you. This also helps the cat learn the mealtime routine.

Talk To A Vet About A Special Diet.

If you find that your cat still meows excessively in the food bowl then you should take her to a vet. One choice that can make your cat feel fuller is fibre supplements, but try it only under veterinary supervision. If you will give too much fibre then it can cause a digestive problem so it is better to consult your veterinary. There are few other cat breeds that may react better to small, high protein meal.

Preventing Night-Time Cat Meow

Play with the cat before bed

Whenever a cat is depressed, bored or feel lonely, she will meow at night. It is always a good routine that you play with your cat before her bedtime. You should always play or should try 45 minutes of high energy exercises such as chasing cat toys, followed by 15 minutes of cuddling or other calming, social activity. Playing with your cat will relieve its boredom. If you are busy and don’t have time then you must ask your family member to play with your cat regularly at night before her bedtime.

Give the cat something to do at night

A cat toy or food puzzle that is interactive can help keep the cat entertained. Around the house, you can also hide treats or toys so that the cat can hunt for them. Don’t increase the total amount of food the cat gets in a 24 hour period. Every food that the cat consumes at night has to come from its meals during the day.

Set up a cat bed.

If you don’t want your cat to sleep next to you then you can make a nice bed around the best corner of your house. Usually, most cats like to sleep in a box or on high shelves, where they can hide but still see out into the room. You can also add a piece of your recently worn cloth next to your cat’s bed so that she can smell you’re around.

Consider getting a second cat

Though many cats are happy on their own few may meow at night if they feel loneliness. If this is the case with your cat then you can get a second cat so that they both can give good company to each other.

Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat

Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat

Make sure the cat can find its way around

If you have an older Siamese cat who meows a lot at night then it can be a sign of poor eyesight. Older cats can have difficulty to see at night so you should install a night light to help her navigate.

Retraining Your Siamese Cat

Do not respond to unnecessary meows

If your cat meows to gain attention then you should stop responding to unnecessary meows. In the short run, your cat can become even louder or more persistent, but may ultimately learn that your attention is no longer earned by meowing. This takes patience and consistency.

Avoid negative reinforcement.

You should not scold your cat or scream at her for meowing. Instead, you should not pay her attention. Scolding will scare her and this unlikely to stop future meowing. If you will should or sold then it will make her more nervous and making its actions worse.

Reward silence with clicker training.

You should give you cat a reward after a few minutes when she stops meowing. Simply ignore her when she meows but reward her when she is silent and groom her at the time.

Respond to new behaviour patterns.

Often the cat always wants to get your attention, and it is up to you to reinforce the correct ways of doing it. If the cat begins to sit quietly next to you when it wants something, respond promptly to that behaviour or the cat will return to meowing. It’s up to you to determine whether to encourage or discourage her new behaviour pattern.

Cat Training in 10 Minutes

Cat Training in 10 Minutes

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4 thoughts on “Training a Cat to Be Quiet: Siamese Cat Meow Excessive and Yowling”

  1. GGof9 says:

    I’ve never had a cat that yowled but have had some sit outside our house yowling for our cat to come outside. It can be quite loud and scary to hear that. Good tips here for trying to correct the behavior for owners who have that problem.

  2. Judith Moy says:

    I adopted a 5-yr-old female, spayed Siamese over a year ago from a loving family who owned her and 2 male siblings (who they say were bullying her, the reason for the adoption). I discovered she was declawed. She is skittish and passive, never growls or bites but is not affectionate. She runs and hides if someone knocks at the door. She becomes upset if anything is out of place. Over the year, in spite of my being home most of the time and giving her attention, she is constantly whining (now meowing). She won’t let me approach her or pick her up so I have to determine what to do to comfort her. Every morning before I can even fetch coffee in the kitchen, as soon as I walk past the living room, she lays on the coffee table and begins the high-pitched whining to be brushed which she had been doing all day, every time I walked past her but have ignored that. We have an established routine of brushing in the a.m. (at which time she salivates to indicate her satisfaction), followed by playing ball. She also wants to play ball at peak play time around 10-11 p.m. She’s not interested in the other toys dangling from her cat tower. She now wakes me up at 3-4 a.m. whining incessantly under the bed, but won’t come to me. She has a good appetite and I replenish her water several times a day and leave dry food in her favorite dish. Her annual exam was normal. When she cries, I want to pick her up and comfort her but she resists, runs, still whining. I’ve tried several of your suggestions. BTW growing up we had 2 Siamese siblings for 15 years, and although chatty, they weren’t whiny. I realize every cat is different and volunteer for a local animal org., but I am getting annoyed and frustrated. Any advice? Is she not well-socialized or just a very needy cat? Thank you.

  3. Alex says:

    Maybe she misses her siblings or would like another cat companion. I have Siamese, one does yowl a bit, but stops when I talk to him. She does not sound happy, to whine all the time is not normal and I have not seen cats salivate like that either.

  4. Melissa Roy says:

    My kitten siameese salivated when i brushed hom too. He grew out of it. But some cats dont. Its very common. I would try adopting a kitten. I think shes afraid of humans still. Might take years to break

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