How Affectionate Siamese Cats Really Are

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Siamese cats are best known for their beauty and friendly nature. They love to interact with their owner and are one of the most lovable and affectionate breeds. These cats are very energetic and are loyal to their owners.  They are very affectionate pet that love to play, cuddle, and speak to you as ways to show their affection.

Siamese cats are very affectionate and are fond of human company. If you will leave these cats alone then they get depressed easily. Here we will discuss how affectionate these cats are and what you should know about their separation anxiety.

Which Siamese cat gender is more affectionate?

It has been found that male Siamese cats tend to be more affectionate than their female counterparts. Though both male and female are very affectionate and friendly.

Many Siamese cat owners say that males are more into physical interactions such as cuddles than the females. It has been also noticed by other cat owners that the personality and behavior of the cat depends upon how they were brought up and not by their gender.

How do Siamese cats show their affection?


Siamese cats are very communicative. They show their affection with their eyes. If you see your Siamese cat blinking slowly then it’s a surefire sign that your cat loves your company and trusts you.

They may also wink to show their love towards people. They communicate with other cats and animals with their eyes, as well.

2. Following you around

When Siamese cat put their trust on a person then they start following him/her around. They follow you around like a shadow throughout the day if you let them.

These cats are very active and playful feline friends and love to hang out and be a part of the action with you. Siamese cats will sit by your feet while you work or do your chores.

They show their affection by following their human companions everywhere they go. They will cling to you like glue when they love you and enjoy your company.


Just like dogs these cats also show their love and emotions through their tails. Siamese cats show their affection by weaving and twirling their tails around the legs of their favorite humans.

They show their affection by resting or physically touching their tails to your body. Siamese cats have long, strong, slim tail and they curl it around their legs at times to show affection towards the person they love.

4. Talking

Siamese cats are very vocal and loud. They love to communicate with their owner by talking to them. These cats will talk to you all day long to tell you how much they love you.

Siamese cats won’t let you ignore them and seek attention that they want. These cats will also purr when they’re happy.



5. Play

Siamese love to play with their owner and this is the most common ways that Siamese cats show affection. Even you will enjoy their company while playing together.

These pets are very vocal and active, so that means that they love to play a lot. If you will not play with them or if you won’t allow them to play then they get irritate very soon.

To get your attention they will do anything, so when you see them acting up, they might want to play with you.

Being an energetic creature, Siamese cats love to play a lot.  You can play different games with them outside or inside your house.

6. Cuddling

Cuddling is also one of the most common way by which Siamese cats show their affection. These cats are extremely lovable breed and will show you that they love you through lots of physical touch and cuddling.

They will come and sit next to you or on your lap when you will be doing nothing.

These cats love to snuggle every once in a while. At night you will find your Siamese cat sleeping next to you and you can also expect them to be curled up with you on the couch.

7. Scenting and Licking you

Scenting and licking is also the sign by which cats show their affection towards human. You will notice them licking your skin which is the sign by which they shower their love on the person they love.

Like other cat breeds, Siamese cats also have scent glands on their cheeks. They keep on rubbing them everywhere as they pass through your home and garden. If they rub their cheeks against you, it means they feel secure and relaxed with you.  Licking and scenting is a sign of an affectionate mood.

8. Purring

Siamese cats express their affection vocally. They purr, they trill, they chirp and try to make all kind of sweet sounds to communicate affection and trust. These cats have all sorts of tones of purr which can be quiet or loud.

9. Exposing Its Belly

Just like other pets, Siamese cat’s rolls over onto its back in an almost flirtatious fashion and exposing their tummy to shower their love and giving the sign of absolute trust.

When cat do this then it simply means that they are confident about not getting harmed by the person next to them.  By doing this they invite you to give them a belly tickle and play with them.

10. Separation Anxiety in Siamese Cats

Siamese are best cats to have at home. They are very affectionate, friendly, quite active, and even in tune with the emotions of their human companions.

These cats demand lot of attention and that is why it is necessary to spend time with them. You will find them crying when no attention is paid to them or if they are ignored.

Siamese cats suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone for longer period of time. The anxiety manifest in a number of ways:

  • Depression – They easily get depressed when left alone or are continuously ignored. This can affect their health and they become lethargic and inactive, unfit and overweight
  • Destructive– When in anxiety, these cats become destructive to overcome boredom. They will scratch and torn the furniture, carpets, clothes and other things that they will find near to them.

Are Siamese cats affectionate all the time? – Conclusion

If you are the one who love to spend time with a pet then Siamese is truly affectionate pet to have. They are very vocal, active and energetic pet so will defiantly love its company.

Also, these cats get along pretty well with other cats, pet friendly dogs and even with children at home. You will find them playful and affectionate all the day long.



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