Applehead Siamese Cats – What Are They?




Siamese cats are one of the most popular cat breeds around the world. They are known for their elegant looks, blue eyes, and high intelligence.  Siamese cats are the most recognizable and widely known cats in the world.

These cats are very active and vocal and they love to play with their owners. Siamese cats are all born white and they develop colour points after a few years if their birth.

They are easy to identify through their body, seal points, facial features, and behaviour. Being one of the most ancient cat breeds, Siamese cats make the finest of all companion cats.

Types of Siamese cats

Generally, there are three types of Siamese cats.

Traditional Siamese (Apple Head Siamese): – This is the original breed of Siamese that was first imported from Siam (now Thailand).

Classic Siamese: – This classic breed was common in the ’50s, the ’60s and ’70s.

Modern Siamese: – This is the current breed of Siamese.

The basic difference in these three is of the physical characteristics. Here in this topic, we will discuss Traditional or Applehead Siamese.

Applehead Siamese Cats – What Are They?

Traditional breed of Siamese which is originally imported from Siam (now Thailand) is often called Applesehead Siamese cats. This breed is fairly large as compared to modern and classic Siamese.

Their body is round, muscular and heavy. Traditional male Siamese can weigh up to 18 pounds. Head of traditional Siamese cats is fairly round (apple-shaped) and that is why they are often called as apple head Siamese.  Eyes of this breed are slightly rounder than other types.

Ears of this type of Siamese are equivalent to the average domestic cat. Applehead Siamese has long legs, long tail but still, the tail is shorter when compared to classic and modern type. Applehead Siamese cats have short silky hairs and they are generally quieter than classic as well as modern types of Siamese.

The history of the Applehead Siamese cat

Applehead Siamese cats are actually the traditional Siamese cats that were historically the original cats of Siam’s Royal Family. These cats were highly valued in the ancient period and Siam’s royal family bestowed them as gifts to friends, relatives and other state leaders.

According to historical documentation, Siamese cat has a history going back to at least 1350AD.  These traditional Siamese are called Applehead Siamese cats because their head looks very similar to an apple. Head is round and big with beautiful blue eyes and the shape of the head is very much similar to an apple.

In ancient period, Siamese cats were given high respect and these cats were considered to have great wisdom and mystical powers. It is said that when a member of the royal family was dying, a Siamese cat was specially selected to receive their soul upon their death.

Traditional Siamese or apple head Siamese breed was first exported to the west in the 19th century. Because of their distinctive looks and royal background apple head Siamese becomes highly popular and in demands as pets.



How does the Applehead Siamese differ from the modern Siamese cat?

Applehead Siamese looks and personality is very much similar to an ancient Siamese cat as compared to classic and modern standard Siamese cats.

Today’s modern Siamese cats that are much common in the west are very vocal, slender, and angular with large ears and have a triangular head. The reason for the slight difference in traditional (Applehead Siamese) and modern Siamese looks and personality is because of the breeding within the last couple of centuries here in the West.

Applehead Siamese cats also have bigger bones, and a more muscular body as compared to modern Siamese. Ears of Applehead Siamese cats tend to be smaller than the modern Siamese. Modern Siamese cats have very thin, elongated body, and have very long pointed faces.

Applehead Siamese cats are considered to be the original Siamese breed that once existed in Siam and was first imported. Their tails and necks are both thicker and shorter than those of the modern Siamese. This breed of Siamese is extremely beautiful with all the personality, intelligence and loving nature for which the breed is known.

You will find Applehead Siamese in the same colour variants as the modern Siamese though there is a slight difference in shape and build of the body. Being larger and bulkier than the modern Siamese, heads of Applehead Siamese cats are rounder and less pronouncedly pointed, hence the “Applehead” name.

The Personality of the Applehead Siamese

Like modern Siamese cats, Applehead Siamese cats are also very intelligent and beautiful. These cats are attention seekers and they love to do many playful things in front of the owners to gain their attention. They are active but not that much vocal as compared to modern Siamese cats. Like other cat breeds, Applehead Siamese cats are also very curious cats and want to know about everything and everyone. They love human company and get easily depressed when left alone for a prolonged period of time.

When they are not playing they love to sit in the owner’s laps, and often sleep near their owners at night. They love to play with kids and cat-friendly dogs. These cats also enjoy puzzle toys that require thought to move parts and release a treat.

Age and Health

Applehead Siamese cats are considered a healthy breed of cats. When compared with modern Siamese cats, Applehead can live longer than modern Siamese. Some of Applehead cats can live up to 25 years or longer and this is longer than the lifespan of many other cat breeds. Although they do not fall sick or have many health issues still physical exercise and activity are much needed to keep them active and energetic.

Enjoy spending time with your Applehead cat

Applehead Siamese cats are very friendly and loving pet. They are intelligent and very beautiful too. You will love spending your time with them at home and in return, they will give total devotion, dedication, love, companionship, entertainment, commitment, and affection.



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12 thoughts on “Applehead Siamese Cats – What Are They?”

  1. James Beer says:

    My Applehead died today, he was 17 years old. He was the most intelligent and loving cat I have ever known, we did everything togeather, he was almost like a dog in so much as he would come when called, sleep at my side and do what he was told. All he ever wanted to do is make me happy.
    I haven’t just lost a cat I’ve lost a friend and important member of my family. I don’t really know how I’m going to cope without him we loved eachother so much.
    If you spend the time with them they will become the most rewarding, loving and entertaining pets you could want, you can talk to them and they will talk back.
    Saying goodbye has been one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do, there is already a massive hole in my and my families lives.
    If you get one and can spend the time with them you will never regret it.

    1. Ted Kemp says:

      That’s heartbreaking, i was sitting with my 3 year old applehead reading about her traits and stumbled upon your post and it put tears in my eyes. I am very sorry for your loss, you obviously cared very much for your cat and that is what matters the most because wether here or there your cat won’t forget the bond you shared.

    2. Deborah Seigars says:

      We just lost the star of our lives, our Olivia. An applehead, one month shy of her 19th birthday. She was much like your family member. She climbed moutains with us, hiked everywhere, swam in rivers, lakes and even rode waves in the ocean. She caught frogs (let them go) and once even caught a fish in the river (let him go too) Our heart is aching but the memories can never be taken away. You are right “spend time with them, you will never regret it”
      Not one single day in Olivia’s life was she taken for granted. She was loved to the moon and back.
      Oh … and she loved the occasional banana split whe would share with Dad 🙂 We live in Maine so she was most happy by the fire in winter if not snuggled in bed under the covers.
      I hope you are doing ok, please know you made me smile a little today just reading your story of love.

    3. @madelinehere says:

      I’m glad you were blessed with such a special companion – like so many cats can be when treated like that

  2. Nikki says:

    I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I loss my dear Applehead in November at the age of 11. Too soon to ago but she had health issues most of her life. She truly was the most intelligent, funny, and deep cat I have ever had. May you grief be short and your memories long. Thinking of you.

  3. Gwen says:

    Hello! I’m so sorry for the lost of your cats. I know they were loved and very care for. I have had several Siamese’s which all came up missing back in the day. So, my daughter got me one for my birthday and she’s a Snowshoe Siamese. Also a month later she got me male possible Applehead Siamese and his size and ears, personality sounds like the Applehead. I pray I’M successful with these two,

  4. Shari Grace says:

    I just had to put my shelter cat I’d had 15 years down. She was a rather odd duck tortie who was very different from my appleheaded Siamese before her, but I gave her a good home, and we were content as I’m an odd duck too:). My Mina, my Siamese, SHE was the love of my life and thinking of her still brings tears to my eyes. She was the best shelter find ever. I didn’t want another cat and I kept going back to look at her. I had her 15 blessed years and and so want another like her when the time is right.

  5. Kay Griffin says:

    So I live in Texas, and already have a male mini house Panther boy cat..but I put out food on my back patio and this year a male applehead seal point Siamese showed up on my patio..he was so thin you could see his back bones. We had a week of winter storms and he was so thin im not sure that he would have survived.. He is now with me and my other cat and they both get along together well.

    1. Suzanne Miller says:


  6. Linda Nelson says:

    I actually have 6 cats. I have a farm and they are great mousers. Out of the six 2 are apple head sisters that were feral and live trapped as kittens. I find that hard to believe, but I have never had a Siamese before. I am partial to the Manx. I have 2 right now and 1 before that lived to 20. All of my cats have lived to at least 18. My other 2 cats are mixes, ones a orange tabby and the other is a gray and white with really big ears. Four of them are the same age they just turned 2 and my one Manx is 7 and the big eared one is 3. I am a cat person all the way and I find that the apple heads are really good mousers and very quite. I’ve heard that Siamese are very vocal but not these females. They do love toys and to watch TV even to this day. Their coat is short and dense like a plush carpet very soft. I’ve read that they are considered hypoallergenic as well. All my cats are indoor/outdoor and very spoiled. We have 3 cat towers inside and a box of toys for them, they spend summers mostly outdoors and indoors during the winter. They really love it. I am now a Siamese lover since my girls bring me joy and rodents!

    1. bunny eiseman says:

      My daughter just adopted an Applehead, not known to me before this article. I catsit sometimes and she is definitely a people cat and highly intelligent. Love her.

  7. Cynthia S. says:

    Great site on Siamese Cats !

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