Do Siamese Cats Like Water: Everything you Need to Know

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Like all other living beings, Siamese cats do drink water. Cats are frequently shown as having a severe aversion to water. Siamese cats, on the other hand, may not be as eager to flee from a little moisture. They may be able to handle more than just water. Could they have fun with it? Are Siamese cats fond of water? Yes, Siamese cats are known for their fondness for water. Even if a Siamese appears to dislike water, they will nearly never refuse to play with it.

Why Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

One of the most compelling reasons is because it is fascinating. Siamese cats are curious creatures. They enjoy discovering new things almost as much as they enjoy conversing. A flowing faucet is something they want to investigate. When most Siamese cats see dripping water, they can’t help but paw at the drops as they fall into the sink. Another reason you can’t keep your Siamese away from water is instinct. Cats in the wild use their hearing rather than their eyes to find moving water. Because cats can hear running water better than they can see stagnant water, this is the case. Their water bowl, on the other hand, isn’t as attractive. They can, however, detect the sound of running water from anywhere in the house. Furthermore, rushing water indicates the presence of fresh water. A cat’s DNA is programmed to seek rushing water. Drinking is far safer than slurping anything from a puddle. While on the subject of drinking, Siamese cats prefer the taste of running water to the water in their bowl. Related: Petlibro Automatic Pet Water Fountain Review

How To Tell If Your Cat Likes Water

If your Siamese likes water, you’ll be able to tell quite quickly. If you’re not sure, observe their behaviour around water and you’ll soon figure it out. Here are a few ways to know if your cat is a water lover.

  • Your Siamese cat is having fun with their water bowl. They are enamoured with the reflective surface. It’s also entertaining to splash around and make a mess. Keep in mind that your Siamese might be testing the water’s freshness by playing with it. Keep your Siamese cat’s bowl clean and fresh at all times.
  • They’re usually found inspecting toilets or recently used bathtubs. Like most cats, Siamese like spending time in the bathroom. They enjoy the smooth surfaces on their paw pads, and there are plenty of places to drink water. If you don’t want your Siamese to drink from the toilet, remember to keep the lids down.
  • Your Siamese licks the water faucet. A softly dripping faucet will mesmerize your Siamese like nothing else. Cats can’t stop themselves from pawing at the falling drops. Your Siamese may also like to drink from the faucet. Cats, as previously stated, prefer running water.



Letting Your Cat Indulge In Its Love Of Water

Don’t stop your Siamese from playing with water if he or she enjoys it. It will keep them satisfied if you provide them with the means to satisfy their curiosity. It will also prevent them from becoming bored, spilling their water bowl, and leaving you with a dripping floor.

Buy them water-filled toys.

Purchase water-filled toys for them. A brief internet search will reveal a plethora of water-filled toys that your Siamese cat will like. You can also make your version by half-filling a tiny water bottle. Just make sure the cap is securely fastened.

Get your Siamese a cat fountain

Pet cat fountain for your Siamese. Your Siamese cat will enjoy this flowing water at eye level. In addition, cats have been proven to drink more water when there is running water around.

Leave the bathroom door open

Allowing your cat to stay in the bathroom while you take a bath is one approach to fulfil their thirst for water. Water droplets hitting glass shower doors are a favourite pastime of many Siamese. If you’re taking a bath, your Siamese might enjoy lounging on the tub’s edge and watching the tranquil water. As long as you don’t mind your cat spending your bath with you, the company is always appreciated.

Siamese Cat Behavior Around Water

Siamese cats, in particular, hate being completely soaked. Their coats contain natural oils that help them keep a little spray of rain from reaching their skin. However, once water passes past this barrier, the oil makes it impossible for the water to evaporate naturally, causing the cat to become cold and uncomfortable for some time. Many cats will avoid getting wet in the first place as a result of this. Running water, such as from a faucet, fascinates many cats, including Siamese. This has less to do with your cat appreciating water and more to do with the way it catches the light and produces a sound. It’s also possible that cats enjoy running water because it’s cleaner. Allowing water to gradually run from a faucet may cause your Siamese to paw at it inquisitively. This may be a problem if you don’t like cats on kitchen counters. If your Siamese is a fountain drinker, consider buying a cat fountain for her.

Conclusion – do Siamese cats enjoy water?

Is your Siamese cat fond of water? Some cats love it, while others dislike it. Don’t be startled if your Siamese doesn’t seem to enjoy the water as much as you had expected. Your kitty is in perfect health! It is simply not in its nature to be fond of water.




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