Bengal Cat: Characteristics, Personality, care & Health Information

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Bengal Cats are termed as one of the most popular pets across the globe. You can find various breeds of cats with a different temperament, physical appearance, intelligence, etc.

Cats are known to have flexible bodies and its teeth are mostly adapted for hunting mice, rats, birds and other small animals.

Some cats are very active whereas some prefer lazing around in the room or on the couch.

They are known to have an excellent sense of smell and hearing hence you can also call them lethal hunters.

One such lethal hunters are the Bengal Cats. The initial Bengals were created with a mix of domesticated cat and the Asian Leopard Cats.

This breeding had started during the early 1800s and by the time it reached the 1980’s, this breed was gradually perfected.

Looking at the great demand for this breed, some of the breeders like Jean Mill developed a cat which had those striking appearance and also looked wild. Basically, the Bengal cat is a domesticated cat having the temperament of wild.

Delicate and fragile are not some of the terms that can be used for a Bengal cat. This breed is very active and known for its athletic stature. Along with being graceful, the Bengal cat has a muscular and lean body. Just one glance at this cat and you will feel that it is a perfect fit for a jungle atmosphere. But do not go on their wild looks since these cats are known to be very affectionate towards their human counterparts.

A Bengal cat is full of life and energy wherein they have a friendly nature. The owner needs to channelize their energy in the right direction so that they do not get bored.

Bengal Cat Characteristics:                            

With a strong build and a muscular body, the Bengal cat can grow up to a medium to large size. It varies from one cat to another. The male Bengal cats are known to look larger than their female counterparts.

The males mostly weigh around 5 to 8kg whereas the females weigh around 4 to 5kgs. These cats have large and powerful jaw which provides them with the wild appearance. Their heads are rounded and broad.

Their eyes are greenish-yellow and look like almond-shaped. The breeders mostly prefer their fierce-looking face. This is the only domestic cat that has rosette marking which is similar to that of a leopard.

The coat colour of a Bengal cat varies and it can display yellow, ivory, gold, cream or black colouration.



Bengal Cat Personality:

Termed as highly intelligent, the Bengal cat loves challenges.

They are also highly active hence you would not have a dull time with a Bengal cat. They are friendly in nature and love to talk.

Curious in nature, nothing can go amiss when it comes to Bengal cat. You can try out a variety of games with your cat such as fetching or some other tricks.

It is important to keep your cat busy with different types of games or activities so that they do not get bored.

Those cats who get bored tend to pick up destructive habits which may not be good for the home and the people living in.

This breed is extremely fond of water, unlike the other cat breeds. Hence, you need to be extra careful when you have an aquarium or fish pond at home.

Bengal Cat Care:

Caring for a Bengal cat is very simple.

You just need to pay special attention to brushing their coat in a timely manner. Extra care should be taken during the shedding season since brushing helps in removing any accumulation of dead hair and dirt that may have been stuck in their coat.

If regular brushing is not carried out, then these dead hair or dirt can lead to hairballs which can get accidentally ingested by these cats.

The Bengal cat is a highly active cat and loves to jump around and climb high places. Hence you would need to get them a cat tree having these facilities.

To ensure that your cat does not go about scratching every nook and corner in the house and also destroying the furniture, it is important to get a scratching post for them.

These are some good investments that can save you valuables at home.

Bengal Cat Health:

Strict visits to the vet and carrying out all the necessary vaccinations are a must for maintaining the good health of the Bengal cat.

Even if your cat is not left outdoors much, still they can suffer from any illness.

They can accidentally ingest harmful materials or food or can also pick up parasites from other animals.

Hence, it becomes necessary to visit the vet along with your cat once in every 6 to 12 months. The vet provides a general review with regards to the health of your cat and also would check for any kind of diseases that may not be easily noticeable.

The vet also provides the right diet for your cat.

The Bengal cat is a rare breed which is a suitable pet for those who love to keep domesticated pets but at the same time should also have the grace of a wild animal.



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