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Best wet cat food for indoor cats
One of the first considerations you’ll have to make as a new pet parent when you bring a new cat home is what kind of cat food to feed your kitty. Even though there are hundreds of cuisines and cat food brands on the market, most cat owners will go
The Best Raised Cat Food Stand
There’s no denying that we enjoy pampering our kitties. They’ve earned it! They provide us with love, comfort, and a certain degree of entertainment, so why not give them the finest of everything if you can afford it? The bowls they eat from should be no exception, therefore we looked
Cat food for Siamese Cats
Siamese cats are unique and loving breed of cats. Very affectionate and caring towards their owners. Very rarely you would come across a cat which is social and friendly with humans. Siamese breed is one among those which is very social. They love to gain attention and do not like
Why Does My Cat Lick Me
Cats lick themselves (or kittens) to groom themselves, therefore licking is usually a gesture of affection or a technique of cleansing for them. Cats, on the other hand, lick each other to express various forms of affection. A cat’s lick could be a way of them claiming their territory or
Siberian Cat information
The Siberian cat is a medium-sized semi-longhaired cat that is both beautiful to look at and a loving companion. The Siberian is a forest cat native to snowy Russia, where its rich triple coat protected it from the cold weather. This breed has a charming temperament that makes it an
Munchkin Cat information
Munchkin cat breed is well known for their tiny short legs. Some people compare the Munchkin cat to a Dachshund because of its small petite legs and low-slung torso. They have short legs due to genetic mutation. Munchkins were officially recognized as a breed by The International Cat Association in
Siamese Sphynx cat facts
Sphynx cats are known for their (almost) naked appearance, but these attractive, intelligent, and friendly cats are so much more. The sphynx, known for its hairless coat, is a cheerful, affectionate, and active show-off who thrives on human attention. The sphynx cat, despite her regal appearance and solemn attitude, is
Russian Blue Cat facts
Russian Blue cats, as their name suggests, are blue-colored cats from Russia. Modern Russian Blues are quite similar to other cat breeds such as the British Shorthair, France’s Chartreux, and Thailand’s Korat, but they have their distinct traits in terms of appearance, personality, and health. Because of their rich, silky
Siberian forest cat facts
Today, we’ll talk about the beautiful Russian cat known as the Siberian Forest Cat, which has been around for centuries. They are one of the most popular cat breeds. These forest cats, often known as Siberians, are well-renowned for their ability to shine in cat shows. The Siberian Forest Cat
Siamese Cats All You Need To Know
As much as we may consider ourselves all-around animal lovers, when it comes to choosing a pet of our own, researching how a particular type or breed of an animal may suit your personality, lifestyle, and household can make a big difference. Once you have narrowed your choice down to
Siamese And Balinese Cats
Have you ever wondered what makes a Balinese cat different from a Siamese cat? In many ways, these two breeds are quite similar. The Balinese are a branch of the Siamese family tree. There are, however, a few distinctions between the two breeds worth mentioning. So, if you’re undecided about
Siamese Cat
Cats make excellent domestic pets and are happy to live with their humans indoors. Because they are frequently seen napping in a sunny place or purposefully ignoring the human attempting to draw their attention, it is widely assumed that they are lethargic and hate any activity. Siamese cats are not at