Siamese Sphynx cat: Facts, History, Characteristics

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Sphynx cats are known for their (almost) naked appearance, but these attractive, intelligent, and friendly cats are so much more.

The sphynx, known for its hairless coat, is a cheerful, affectionate, and active show-off who thrives on human attention. The sphynx cat, despite her regal appearance and solemn attitude, is an acrobatic clown who doesn’t take herself too seriously. She enjoys entertaining and delighting her human companions, and she will follow you around the home like a puppy. If you’re considering getting a Siamese Sphynx cat, keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

The sphynx is a remarkable medium-sized cat with hairless, wrinkled skin and big ears. Her figure is sleek and muscular, robust and heavy for her size. The breed is a medium-sized cat with a well-muscled body. Her triangular head, wide-set eyes, and pronounced cheekbones harken back to ancient Egyptian cats, a similarity that inspired the breed’s name. The sphynx’s most distinguishing characteristic, aside from its lack of hair, is her big, triangle-shaped ears, which resemble those of a bat.

Even though the sphynx appears to be completely bald at first glance, closer investigation reveals a fine, short-covering of fuzz that gives the skin a suede-like texture. The lack of hair is what distinguishes a sphynx, with color and pattern found in the skin’s pigmentation patterns. Color and markings can range from solid to tabby to tortoiseshell, and they can be practically any color or pattern.

History of Siamese Sphynx cat

Siamese Sphynx cat History

While the ancient Aztecs raised hairless cats hundreds of years ago, the modern Sphynx cat is a Canadian breed that is said to have it’s in Toronto in 1966 as a result of a random genetic mutation that resulted in hairlessness. Some breeders became enamored with the hairless cat and decided to breed cats who produced hairless offspring consistently.

Originally known as the Canadian hairless, the species made its way to America, where experts raised hairless sphynx cats using this newly discovered hairless gene. The sphynx cat is still a popular pet choice in North America, and its popularity is growing in Western Europe.

Siamese Sphynx cat breed was recognized by The International Cat Association in 2005. Also, Cat Fanciers Association recognized Sphynx cat breed in 2002.

Personality traits of Siamese Sphynx cat

Personality traits of Siamese Sphynx cat

The sphynx cat is an acrobatic, lively entertainer who enjoys strutting about for attention. She has an unexpected sense of humor, which contrasts with her solemn demeanor.

This affectionate species will follow you about the house and attempt to be involved in whatever you’re doing, taking every chance to perch on your shoulder or curl up in your lap. She can be a handful since she is as curious and intelligent as she is energetic.

They won’t turn down the opportunity to snuggle under warm blankets with you on chilly mornings (or even on not-so-cold days). Their needy temperament may not be suitable for all pet parents, but those who adore the sphynx will be rewarded with excellent companionship that is difficult to find elsewhere. These cats are devoted, loyal pets who will unconditionally love you.

Sphynx cats are also noted for being extremely noisy. They’ll let you know if they want something.

Don’t be surprised if your sphynx enters any room, closet, or cabinet in the house. These cats are as curious as the proverb says, and they are highly athletic, using their dexterous, finger-like toes to poke, prod, and open doors. Before bringing a sphynx kitten home, you might want to conduct some light cat-proofing!

Siamese Sphynx cat’s Living Needs

Siamese Sphynx cat's Living Needs

Sphynx cats are an active breed that requires a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Toys and scratching posts can keep them occupied, but they need the attention and affection of their favorite humans to be genuinely joyful. These friendly animals can’t be left alone for long periods, so they’ll need a caring owner with plenty of time and affection to share.

While sphynxes enjoy chasing ping-pong balls and smashing around feather toys, climbing and perching are two of her favorite activities. There is no bookcase too high or ledge too tight for her to sit on.


Siamese Sphynx cat care

If there’s one thing you should know before getting a sphynx, it’s that her lack of hair doesn’t imply she doesn’t need to be groomed. She’ll require a lot of maintenance. Cat fur soaks up and separates oil discharges; without it, your cat’s skin might become oily, unclean, and even smelly. Sphynxes should be bathed at least once a week and have their ears cleaned and nails trimmed regularly to keep them looking and feeling their best. Also, keep in mind that this hairless cat is just as prone to fleas as their furrier counterparts, so frequent flea prevention is still necessary.

hairless Siamese

Sphynx cats have a ravenous appetite to match their large tummies, and they eat more than most cats. Keep a watch on their weight, but don’t be concerned about their rounded ribcages, which are a normal trait of this breed. Consult your veterinarian to determine when what food, and how often you should feed your sphynx.

Fun Facts About Sphynx Cats

Siamese Sphynx cat fun

  • Sphynx cats were named after a renowned Egyptian statue.
  • The usual body temperature of a Sphynx cat is 4 degrees higher than that of other cats.
  • Sphynx cats are not hypoallergenic.

Is a sphynx cat a Siamese cat?

No, the sphynx cat is not a pure Siamese cat. They do look similar in shape and size but they both have different countries of origin. Siamese cats are from Thailand while the sphynx cat is a Canadian breed. Though many people call Sphynx cat a hairless Siamese cat for their similar look and body built to that of Siamese cats.

How much is a hairless Siamese?

hairless Siamese price

You have to spend $1500 to $3000 for a normal pedigree Sphynx cat. A reputable breeder can cost anywhere between $3500 and $6000. (per cat). The price of a highly rare Sphynx cat might reach $100,000.

Can Siamese be hairless?

siamese-cat hair

No, Siamese cannot be hairless. Siamese is well-known for having extremely short hair.


While the smooth skin of a Sphynx cat is its most noticeable feature, the breed has a lot to offer. These cats are extremely sociable and a lovely pets to bring home. Sphynxes are the sun and cold sensitive since they spend so much of their time roaming around naked. Keep your feline warm with a soft sweater or coat if you live in a cold climate.


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