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Siamese cats are a unique friendly breed of cats that originated from Thailand. They are loyal and very affectionate. They are highly intelligent and love being in the company of humans especially their owners.

When it comes to purchasing a Siamese cat or a kitten then the cost would vary widely. Purchasing one from the shelter would be reasonable than a purebred cat. If you plan to go in for a pedigree purebred Siamese cat, then it would cost you a bomb.

Note that the costs of Siamese kitten or cat is not about purchasing price but also the money that you would need to shell out for its maintenance.

Cost for a Siamese Kitten

Many owners prefer to go in for a Siamese kitten rather than a cat. They prefer to nurture it like a small baby and see it grow as an adult.

Siamese kittens are not too high priced when you plan to purchase it from a shelter. But if you plan to purchase one from pure breeder then it would cost you between $300 to $450. At times this can go up to $600 for a kitten.

Pet enthusiast normally have their eyes on pure breed kittens which are very costly in terms of buying and also their maintenance cost.

Cost for an Adult Siamese Cat

Not all of the Siamese adult cats cost the same. There are different types of Siamese cats that come with unique looking marking and coloration. Only a skilled breeder would be able to tell you the difference among each of them.

  • Wedgie: Distinctively wedge shaped face.
  • Applehead: Rounder face
  • Seal Point: Fawn coloured present on their body with dark brown points which become dark as they age.
  • Blue Point: White body with blue and grey points
  • Lilac Point: White body with pink and grey points
  • Chocolate Point: Cream coloured body with cocoa coloured points

The prices of Siamese adult cats along with the breeding abilities is quite high and is dependent on multiple factors such as quality, genealogy etc.

  • The Siamese cats of normal origin with not so noticeable colours and features would cost between $600 to $800.
  • Siamese cats of premium origin that are brought from good breeding farms and having beautiful appearance/feature would cost between $850 to $2000.

Basic Costs Associated with the Ownership of a Siamese Cat

So finally you have decided to purchase a Siamese cat at the said price. But you should also be aware of the other costs that you would need to bear as an owner. There are numerous expenses that tag along once you purchase a Siamese cost. Let us go through those each further below.



Spaying and Neutering

Once you have bought a Siamese cat, one of the best things that you can do is to her spayed and neutered in case of male. In females, the procedure of spaying is basically removing the ovaries and the uterus. In case of males, their testicles are removed surgically. By carrying out the procedure of spaying and neutering, you are basically reducing the chances of your pet from getting any type of cancer. At the same time, the feline cat cannot get pregnant and also the male cat cannot father any unwanted litters.

Both of them tend to become less territorial and also do not roam much. The process of neutering also reduces the chances of urine spraying and the general marking behaviour carried out by male cats.

If you perform these surgeries at any shelter home, then it would cost you around $100 to $350. Spaying is a bit more expensive than the neutering procedure since that process is highly invasive in nature.

If you plan to get these procedures carried out at a private vet clinic, then the cost would be high.

Pet Supplies

When you bring home a Siamese cat then be ready to provide them a lot of attention. They would tend to roam around freely and constantly trouble you if they do not have any other activity. Hence it is important to keep them busy. Also you would need certain supplies for your pet.

  • Cat Food: If you go in for a basic dry kribble then it would cost around $5 to $8 for a 4pound bag. Canned or frozen food can cost between $16 to $38. There are cheaper ones made available but do not settle for cheap.
  • Litter box: There are varied types of litter boxes costing differently. Speciality litter box would cost between $20 to $150. Designer litter boxes are available at higher range. There are also disposable litter boxes available online with varying prices.
  • Toys: Keeping your cat entertained and busy is also important. Siamese cats tend to get bored easily hence there is a need to keep them busy. A simple yarn ball is also a good one for your cat to play with. Teething mouse, teaser toys, scratcher toys are some great ones that are priced from $3.99 and above.

Regular Health Checkups

Siamese cats are mostly on the healthier side and there is not much that you would need to worry. But there are certain illnesses and diseases that you should be aware about which can have an effect on their health.

  • Wool sucking
  • Feline Asthma
  • Separation anxiety syndrome
  • Heart Diseases
  • Convergent Strabismus and Nystagmus
  • Various cancers
  • Amyloidosis

There is a need for a regular health check-up of your Siamese cat so that they stay healthy always. The health check-up would mostly cost you between $80 to $500. But it all depends on the vet that you take your cat to.

  • Vaccinations
  • Checking for bugs and worms
  • Dental check-up
  • Obesity
  • Health Examinations

Other Fancy Items

Toys, food, litter boxes are basic items that you would need at home. But while travelling, it would be better to get a cat carrier. This would ensure that the car is free from any litter and fur. You can purchase cheaper cat carriers online which should not cost you more than $20.

Cost of a Siamese cat depend on the type or breed you plan to go in for. Also the cost may vary from one owner to another. Before you plan to get a Siamese cat, get yourself acquainted with the monthly expenses that you would need to shell out for taking care of the cat.

On an average you would need to shell out $50 to $60 for your Siamese cat. This would include, its food, toys and other items, visit to the vet and grooming.

Note that these are just estimated prices and can vary from one cat to another.

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Related Questions

Can Siamese cat bully other cats? Yes, some may bully other cats. Especially if they find the other cat too friendly with their owner.

Are Siamese cats aggressive? Yes, they can get aggressive. But as an owner, you should understand their behavior and shower them with attention and love.

Are Siamese cats royal? Yes, they were sign of royalty some hundreds of years ago. Due to their distinctive appearance, they were a part of the royal family.

Are Siamese cats talkative? They are extremely talkative and love to vocalize their opinion.





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