Do Siamese Cats Need A Companion?

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Are you thinking of getting a Siamese cat as a pet? Then there is a lot that you should be well aware of before you get one.

The Siamese cats are one of the ancient cat breeds which originated in Siam (now Thailand). They have been a part of the royal household for long. Hence, for hundreds of years, they have lived along with human. The Siamese not only have a great overall appearance but they also make for a lovely companion at home. An elegant looking, smart and friendly cat, the Siamese is a breed that you can plan to have only if you are able to devout time towards them.

Let us delve deep into the personality traits of this unique breed and also the companion that would suit them.

Intelligent creatures:

Among most of the cat breed, the Siamese is known to be an intelligent breed. They are always curious to know more about their surrounding which in a way may not turn out to be in good favour. They are well aware of how to get attention from their human in a good or bad way. Hence, if you get a Siamese it is important to keep them engaged by getting some stimulating intellectual toys. This would ensure that they are kept busy without getting into any kind of trouble.

Loud and Vocal:

Siamese cats love to communicate every single detail. If you planning to get one, then be ready to constantly hear chatter from your pet. They are an extremely vocal breed and have their own opinions. Talking is a way to draw the attention of their owners and at the same time to show their love and affection.

They are also great in expressing their mood in terms of when they are happy and when they are feeling low. Some may find this chatter as frustrating but for some others, it is a way of identifying the mood of your kitty.

Hungry for attention:

As mentioned earlier, Siamese breed is known to be attention seekers. They are one of the friendliest and social cats. With the lack of any activity, they can get easily bored and depressed. You may find other cat breeds to be independent wherein they do not need constant pampering.

But the same does not hold true for Siamese. This particular breed needs to be constantly showered with attention and care. You may need to cuddle them or take them in your laps etc. Thus, there is a need for a companion in such cases.



Companion for your Siamese:

Siamese cats are known to mostly get along well with anything you get home. But there are few companions with whom they easily get along without putting themselves and others in trouble.


If you have small kids at home, they can turn out to be a perfect match for your Siamese. Similar to this breed, kids also have a lot of energy that needs to be channelized. They love to play and keep themselves engaged. Hence, kids can keep up with the energy and attention-seeking trait of the Siamese.

Another Siamese cat:

One Siamese cat can blend well with another Siamese. Having similar personality traits, they sure know how to keep each other engaged and entertained. You can get another Siamese cat of the same age group so that they both get along well.

Other cat breeds:

Few of the other cat breeds that can get along with your Siamese include, Siberian and Abyssian. It is important to follow the rules of introduction between both the cats. Gradually when you introduce the new cat to your current Siamese only then it would work well. Do not be in a haste to introduce your cats since it may backfire and the existing one may not be in a mood to accept a new companion.


It is agreed that dogs and cats do not get along well and may face some hurdles when you get one home. But, not to forget puppies also possess the same amount of energy just like a Siamese. Hence, when you get a puppy home it would keep both of them entertained.

Is Siamese the right pets for any cat lover?

Easy to take care of:

The Siamese is easy to take care of and grooming. Since most of them have short hair, you only need to brush their coat once a week. Siamese is prone to dental issues hence you need to take care of brushing their teeth at least once a week.

Do you need a companion?

One of the most important traits of Siamese is that they need attention. Hence, before you get one remember to provide them with that ideal environment of friendliness and care.

Indoor or Outdoor cats:

Siamese need not be always kept indoors. As long as the environment outdoors is safe, you can train them on a leash and go for walks. Some of them prefer staying indoors whereas some love to explore the outside world.

Gain weight easily:

You need to control the diet portion of your cat since they are prone to gaining weight easily. Talk to your vet with regards to the diet plan that needs to be followed for your kitty.

Not-so friendly companions for your Siamese:

Though there is no doubt that Siamese is one of the most social and friendly cats, not all companions would be ideal for them.

  • Your Siamese cat would need a companion that would match its energy level. Hence, getting an old pet would do no good. Even an older Siamese for your young Siamese kitten would not be an ideal choice.
  • Pets those who need to be kept in the cage such as rabbits would not be an ideal companion for your Siamese.
  • Matching the personality traits of your Siamese cat is extremely important before you get a new companion. Hence, getting another cat who prefers a calm environment would not be an ideal choice. British shorthair or Persian cats are independent and peace-loving cats which do not have the same energy as Siamese.



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