Quick Tips & Tricks on How to Give Your Cat a Pill

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When it comes to giving pills or any medications to cats, even the experienced veterinarian would come across certain challenges.

It is commonly known that the easiest method to give medications to the cat is by hiding it in its favourite food. It is important that the cat completes the entire meal so that the medicine is also taken in.

Hence it is safe and better to place the medicine in small portions of food which the cat can easily finish.

Few cats are very smart in understanding that there is pill in the food. Hence in few cases the cat can spill out the pill. As an owner, you should be observing the cat during as well after consumption of food.

Give Siamese Cat a Pill

Today let us have a look at some of the challenges and steps on how to provide pills to cat.


  • Cats are known to be more sensitive to taste than dogs. Hence they can easily identify the taste of bitter medicine even when it is mixed along with their favourite food.
  • Cats normally associate those things which are important for their survival and also if anything can cause danger to them. Thus any unpleasant situation is linked with danger.
  • Even though cats are known to be highly social in nature but at times they can turn out to be uncooperative.
  • Cats can observe your behavior or the time of the day when the food starts tasting different than usual. Based on their instincts they then associate or link the various situations. Eg: you going through the medicine box before feeding the cat or particular part of the day etc.

Once they identify certain behavior or changes, they would start to take action so as to get rid of the danger. There are various tactics used by the cat to save themselves from danger.



Cat-Powerful Claws:

When the cat bats you with their paws then it is a sign of an incoming danger.

They are giving you a warning sign which as an owner, you should be able to understand. This may be done several times in a day ultimately leading to scratching.

Cat-Running away:

The first thing a cat does is to run away from danger. Whenever they sense something dangerous around them, they run and hide in a safe place.

Cat Biting:

Surely, no one would want to mess with the sharp teeth of the cats. Cat bites can lead to the breakage of the skin which can eventually cause infections.

When you follow certain precautions and steps for giving them pills then things become easier for both.

Tricks to give pills or medications to the cat:

    • First and foremost, it is important to provide a safe and secure environment for your feline. They should not sense danger around. Get the pill ready in such a place where one can easily access it without the knowledge of your kitty.
    • If you plan to give the pill directly inside the cat’s mouth, then ensure to properly lubricate it. You can lubricate the pill with small amounts of butter so that the pill does not stick in its throat or mouth.
    • If you are the one administering the pill to your kitty, then hold them in your lap properly. You can wrap the cat in a blanket just so that only its head is exposed.
    • You can also ask for help from your friend or other family members. Extra hands would make it easier to keep the cat steady while giving the pill.
    • Wrapping the cat is ideal when you are aware that it may scratch you while administering pills. Swaddle it with a towel so that the limbs of the cat are held against its body.
    • You need to grasp the head of your cat with one hand so that the other hand is free for giving the pill.
  • Make use of your ring and little finger for opening the mouth of your cat. You need to put gentle pressure on the front teeth and the lower lip. Once the mouth is open, quickly place the pill over the tongue.
  • Aim to drop the pill at the back of the tongue so that even when the cat tries to spit the pill out it shouldn’t.
  • Release your fingers from the mouth of your cat once the pill is positioned in its right place. The cat would close its mouth and slowly swallow the pill.
  • If you are unsure whether the cat has swallowed the pill, then hold the closed mouth of the cat until you see the swallowing action.
  • There are certain cats who are quite stubborn and would not swallow the pill. In such cases just gently blow across their nostrils which would immediately trigger the swallowing reflex.
  • Offer some water to your cat and also something to eat. This would ensure that the pill has properly gone all the way down into its stomach.

Some cats can get frustrated with the constant pill dosage hence would start to scratch or bite.

In such cases use a pill holder or you can also have the medicine in some other flavored formulation that can easily be liked by the cat.




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