Why Your Siamese cat Is So Small

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Siamese cats are mostly bulky cats but they may vary in size just like humans do. If you are the one wondering why your Siamese cat is small then here we will let you know the reasons behind it. There are several variables you need to take into consideration. Here the thing to notice is that modern Siamese cat is naturally small when compared to other cat breeds. The reason behind the small size can be genetics, lack of proper diet, or it could be your Siamese’s feeding mannerisms. Also, the size of the cat varies from kitty to kitty but we will let you know why some Siamese are smaller than others.

The Siamese Cat’s gender

The reason behind the cat size can be the cat’s gender. Usually healthy adult male will weigh in about 9-14 lbs., and a female will weigh in about 7-11 lbs. Male Siamese cats are taller than female cats. Generally, male Siamese cats will be about 16-20 inches tall and the female will be about 15 to 19 inches tall. Cat’s gender is the main reason behind the size difference. Think about humans: by and large, we find that men are larger than women. We can also see this difference in even big cats such as tigers, bobcats, lions, and cheetahs and in other cat families.

Having access to food

Food can play a great role in the growth of your Siamese cat. It is mandatory for you to give your Siamese proper nutrition so that Siamese can grow to her full adult size. Also always give your cat the food that she loves so that the cat enjoys it and eat more than just satisfying her hunger. Also, if you have another pet at home then keep an eye while feeding them. Sometimes the other pet that is more aggressive will eat more food by blocking the food bowl or will eat food before others have a chance to get anything. Low diet or unhealthy food that lacks nutrition can also be the reason behind it. Getting adequate nutrition is a big factor around your cat growing to her full adult size. Healthy food also plays a great role in cat’s energy level, proper growth, intelligence, muscle build up and maintaining body temperature. There are three important nutrients that every cat needs to grow to its full potential and these are fats, proteins and small amount of carbs. So if you are worried about the growth of your Siamese cat then just change the diet and add more healthy food to it so that she get the correct amount of nutrients to grow. Also do not serve a low fat diet to your cat as it will give them trouble maintaining a healthy weight.




Water is as important as food diet for Siamese cats. As we all know everything in this world revolves around water. Like humans, cat’s body also is made up of 70% water. Usually cats hate to be in water for swimming and bathing and they have low thirst drive, so it is important to pet owners to give their pet the water they need for bodily function and growth. Also, these days cats eat lots of dry food and thus it is necessary to have some wet food in their diet and water bowl nearby at all times for proper drinking. When the cat gets enough water to drink then the body works properly which helps in natural growth of the pet.


Age of your cat plays a great role in her growth. The cats grow in size with time and here we will discuss the growth rate of your Siamese cat in different life stages. Stage 1:- Kitten (0-6months) – When the kitten is born, the weight is about 4 to 6 ounces.  Within 2 weeks the weight is doubled. You will see that by 8 weeks a kitten can be anything up to 3 pounds. When the kitten grows up to 6 months then weight can be as much as 8 pounds. Stage 2:-Junior (6 months-2 years) This is the age when cat is totally active, full of energy, and talkative.  During this age they stop gaining weight as rapidly. Most Siamese cats reach their full height and length by 12 months but continue to gain weight until the age of 2 years. Stage 3: Adult (2-10 years)- As this age as long as a Siamese cat is active, it should maintain its weight as long as it is eating the correct amount of food every day. Stage 4: Senior (10-15years) – Here is the stage when you will find some changes in the weight lose as well as weight gain. If the cat develops any health condition then you will find some weight lose in your pet. The cat will gain more weight when she becomes more lethargic. Stage 5: Super senior (Over 15 years)- When Siamese cat gets old she will lose muscle and weight. Here you will provide your cat proper diet and should regularly take her to health checks.


Lifestyle of your Siamese cat plays a great role in her growth and size. An indoor Siamese cat will be heavier than it should be rather than too small. You will find that Siamese cat that has an outdoor life will look smaller than indoor Siamese cats. Always make sure that your indoor Siamese cat has places to scratch and flex its muscles. She must get area to run, play, jump and climb that will keep your cat fit and will make her muscles stronger. The other thing that needs to be considering with cat’s growth is her mood and behaviour. If the cat is bored or depressed then she will develop stress and anxiety problems which will trouble her growth.

Why is my Siamese cat so small? – Conclusion

If you are comparing your Siamese cat with other breeds then the size can differ as Siamese are slim and small in size. They are still perfect in size for their build. If you are comparing your cat with other Siamese breeds then check the gender and age difference between them. Above mentioned points also play a great role in size growth but if you still think that your Siamese cat is smaller than it should be then we recommend you to take your pet to your nearest vet.



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