What Breed Is My Cat?

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“How do I find out what breed my cat is?” This is the very first question that comes to mind when someone buy a feline friend. There are many cats available today in variety of coat lengths, colors, and patterns. Each one of them has unique structure and an exceptionally svelte or maybe rather a chubby body form, and people start wondering – is my cat a purebred or a pedigreed cat? Cats have many features like cute colorful eyes, tiny buttoned nose, triangular ears and long tail that attract human attention.  Many people find cats with long fur very attractive while some find shorter haired cats more charming. There are 63 recognized breeds today and to know which breed is your cat can be tricky.

What Breed Is My Cat?

It is really tough to know which breed your cat is when you have adopted your cat and the official papers certifying his ancestry are missing. It is more guessing game then and to know which breed it is, we are here to help you.

Look at the coat Length

Most cats are categorized into categories: – domestic long haired or domestic short haired, based on the length of their fur. Rarely does a cat fit between the two when it comes to fur length, and it’s the first clue to narrowing down your cat’s potential breed.

Look at the Fur Pattern

Once you know the feline’s coat length, next step for you is to look at her fur’s pattern colors. You can easily guess your cat’s breed if you make sure which fur pattern she has.

Look at Your Cat’s Sweet Little Face

We can distinguish cats on three basic face shapes. These shapes are round, square or triangle. If you can remember this then the face shape can easily help you narrow down your breed. Generally, cats with round faces may be Persian or Himalayan, especially when they have big eyes as well.  Cats like maine coon and the Norwegian forest have square face while Siamese and Burmese cats have triangular face shape.

Get a cat breed test

If you are still not sure which breed your cat is then the best option to know is by visiting the vet to get a cat breed test done. Your vet will tell which breed your cat is through your cat’s DNA. This test also takes key traits like coat length and fur pattern into consideration and will provide you about 92% accurate estimate of your cat’s breed.

But Which Breed Does Your Cat Resemble?

Below we have discussed about few popular cat breeds and you can compare your cat with them to guess which breed your cat is.



Siamese cats

Siamese cats are very popular cat breed today. These are known for their higher intelligence and beautiful looks. These cats are short hair, have blue eyes and have color points in their coat. They have slim bodies, triangular apple shaped face and long tail.

Persian Cats

These cats are known for their long coat and stocky build body. They have large round eyes and short nose. Today you will find many modern Persian cats with flat face and nose pushed back.

Himalayan Cats

Himalayan cats have color pointed color pattern. They have same coat length and body as those of Persian cats.

Maine Coon Cats

You will find these cats with long silky yet dense hair coat and few may have tufts on the tips of colorpoints.

Russian Blue Cats

Russian blue cats are famously known for their bluish gray short coat and have bright green eyes. This breed is much active and has large body structure.

I found a stray cat – can it be a purebred Maine Coon/Siamese/Persian?

It can be possible that your feline friend is a purebred cat. There are many people who have found starry cat and that too of purebred. Usually these purebred cats are those that run away from home, get lost or otherwise find themselves living outside of a home. To know exactly about the purebred it is best to get a DNA test of your cat. You can take your cat to the nearby vet and your vet may be able to give you an idea of what breed of cat he or she may be. Also, if you have found a stray cat then it is important to take her to a nearby vet so that you can know the health issues your cat has.

How can I tell if a cat for sale is really purebred or not?

If you only want to have a purebred cat then it is best to purchase a cat from registered breeder. This will ensure that your cat’s history and living conditions are up to par. The benefits of buying a cat from a registered breeder is that they sell kittens that neutered/spayed, micro chipped, treated for parasites, and have received their first round of vaccinations. Moreover they will also provide you an official certificate of which breed your cat is. You will also get a registration paper from your breeder where you can register your kitten with an official purebred cat organization.

My cat mated with a purebred cat – will the kittens look like the father or the mother?

This is the most asked question on cat forums and the answer is that it is really very tough to guess what the kitten will look like. You can simply guess it from the colors and coat pattern but still to know the cat breed you have to get a DNA test.


If you have found a cat and want to know about the breed she is then always follows the basic steps like:

  • Look at the coat length
  • Look at the fur pattern
  • Check what kind of face shape your cat has.
  • At last if you are still not sure then take your cat to the nearest vet and get a cat breed test.

It does not matter what cat breed you have, what matters is how happy you and your feline friend is by accompanying each other.



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