Traditional Siamese Cat: Personality, Care And Training




Siamese cats first appeared in Siam (now Thailand) between 1350 and 1700. Many people consider them as a natural breed that has developed without the intervention of human being. They were considered sacred earlier and were only kept by priests and royalty. It is also said that Siamese cat guarded Buddhist temples.

In the West Siamese cats first appeared in the late 1800s. Soon they became popular for their distinctive looks and blue eyes. Earlier these cats were very delicate pet and had many health problems.

In early stages, they had crossed eyes and kinked tails but with human intervention and careful breeding, these characteristics completely disappeared from Siamese cats.

Traditional Siamese cats are actually the pure breed and some pictures of late 1800s show that these cats were thick; round-headed and had muscular bodies.

Traditional Siamese cats have smooth bodies, round head, round blue eyes and classic dark points on their creamy body.


Today traditional Siamese cats are not recognized by Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) because the breed standard has changed so drastically.

These cats are amazing pet to have as they are loud, talkative, demand attention, beautiful, lavish with affection and very playful. These cats are very intelligent and love to solve puzzles. They will always follow their owner wherever they go and will keep poking their nose into the tasks their owner will do.

These cats love to jump and climb and you will find them sitting on top of the sleeves many times a day. They will come and sit on your lap when you will sit on the sofa and will come to your bed when you will sleep at night. You have to become familiar before taking the plunge with this breed.

These cats demand attention so you need to spend time with them and they are terrific family cat for folks who can give them lots of attention. If you have a child at home then these cats can be charming companions for them as they will play a lot with kids.


Kitten of Siamese cats are little characters with superior energy. All the Siamese cats are born white and they develop points on their body after few months of their birth. Kittens are very curious and they love knowing new things.

These babies are quite small and lean, with no meat to soften the blow if they tumble off a bannister or refrigerator. If taught well they will poop at the same place every time where you want them to. Kittens love to play new toys and having lots of toys around is a good idea.

Traditional Siamese kittens are sleek and graceful at a very young age. They grow at an average rate as other breeds and will gain full size and weight at about one year old. You can buy a traditional Siamese kitten at a very affordable rate and it is sure you will fall in love with them from the time you will take them home.




Head Shape:

The head of the traditional Siamese cat is apple-shaped. It is as wide as it is long. The nose of is neither broad not pointed.

They have medium size triangular shaped ear which is round at the tip and broad at the base. Eyes of traditional Siamese are large, wide and are of beautiful bright blue colour.

Body and Tail: 

The body of these cats is of medium size, well-muscled with long tail. The feet are medium size and round. They have 5 toes in front and four at back.


The coat of traditional Siamese cat is short in length. Accepted colours are seal, chocolate, brown, lilac, red, tortie or blue Points with a body colour of cream, tan, beige, or near white in Blue Pointed cats.


They have points on their body at tail, ears, and legs and on the mask. Points over each body feature will be of same shade. You will find no white on body or in the pointed areas.

Overall Appearance:

Traditional Siamese cats are of medium size. Their bright blue eyes are very attractive and this makes them more beautiful. They are beautiful with classic look and irrepressible personality.

Care and Training

Traditional Siamese cats, not delicate cats. They are muscled and heavy with very good appetites. They should be given high quality diet and they are generally healthy. They can east much without getting overweight. When they are of age 5 to 10 they can have weight problems but this can be controlled by switching to a low-calorie food.

They need very little grooming and these cats are able to keep themselves clean and well-groomed. You can brush them once a week as they love the sensations of being brushed or combed. With regular brushing you can remove the extra fur and this also reduce the dander problem. Like other cat breeds they do not shed excessively and you will find less dander problem in them.

These cats can learn new activities if they are trained well. You can take them for walk and to parks and they will love it. Bath once a week is best for them and this will keep them neat and clean. Clean their ears with cotton every week and brushing of their teeth is also a good idea to keep the dental health good.

The lifespan of traditional Siamese cats

The life span of traditional Siamese cats is much more than modern Siamese. They can live up to 15 to 20 years and some may even live up to 25 years of age. If they are kept with proper care then you will find them healthy all the years they will live.

Compatibility with Children and Pets

These cats are very playful and they enjoy human company. They love to play with kids and other pets at home. These cats are not aggressive which makes them perfect pet to have if you have children at home.



Image by rihaij from Pixabay

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  1. Debbie Reid says:

    I’ve had two siamese cats in my life time. And loved every minute of having them. And, I’m about to get another one soon and very much looking forward to it.

  2. jojo says:

    i adopted my first trad siamese, my 2nd adopted. 1st and 2nd is silent siamese so they refute idea all are noisy. fave “game” of 2nd is to hide in plain sight. she isn’t a lap kitty but bonded to me at the hip and “nurse” if i am truly experiencing a bout of disability. she loves to be read classic poetry every morning. she eats prescription idiodine food 2x/day but it mut be doled out else she will gulp it and throw it up – which can be a Siamese trait.

  3. jojo says:

    ooops – meant to say “2nd appeared out of nowhere and adopted me” not a single lost sign posted nor claim to found signs.she is indoor only but up to date on shots. she wears a color but always be sure to microchip any cats!

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