The best anti-scratch solution for your furniture

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Scratching is a healthy and natural behavior for cats. It’s not something they do intend to ruin your furniture. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens sometimes. Scratching keeps a cat’s paws and nails healthy in the wild, and it also deposits its scent. They’re claiming a tree—or your sofa—as their own when they scratch it. Scratching also gives your cat some much-needed exercise.

Cat owners are well aware that cats scratch everything with their sharp claws as a natural behavior. Miloona is the most effective cat furniture protector. They may be added to many types of furniture without detracting from its aesthetic appeal.

best anti-scratch solution for your furniture

Can we get an overview of the Miloona cat anti scratch furniture protector?

Miloona anti-scratch furniture protection is packaged nicely. It’s 17.72 by 12.76 by 0.35 inches in size. It weighs around 15.84 ounces. Transparent materials are used to make these protectors. It feels like you are touching something smooth. Using cat protectors for furniture, such as Miloona, is a modern way of safeguarding your treasured possessions. Using Miloona furniture protectors will not block the beauty and original color of your furniture.

How is Miloona scratch protector better than scratching post?

Miloona scratch protector is easy to install and it does not require any extra space in your room, unlike a scratching post. You can install it on your existing furniture easily. Moreover, it is much cheaper and it can protect any kind of furniture without losing its external look.

How safe is Miloona scratch protector for cats?

Miloona scratch protector is completely safe for cats. You don’t need any twist pins to attach it to your furniture, unlike other scratch protectors. All you have to do is cut the anti-cat scratch furniture protector and attach it to the surface of your furniture and it won’t damage your furniture as well.

Is Miloona scratch protector durable?

Yes, the Miloona scratch protector is durable and will last long. You must properly follow the directions for long-term use.  It’s a good idea to clean the furniture first before using a protector. After cleaning, allow time for it to dry before applying the protector. Don’t make any holes in them intentionally. Chemicals like acid can decrease their activities.

Where can we fix the Miloona scratch protector at home?

You can fix the Miloona scratch protector at any surface such as wood, plastic, textile, leather, faux leather, wallpaper, screen door, and many other surfaces. It is easy to fix it on the sofa, kitchen chair, screened door, and on painted wood furniture, etc.

Can we easily remove it once it is fixed?

It’s a simple technique to get rid of it from any surface. All you have to do is use a hairdryer to warm up the sheets a little. These sheets will simply peel off without leaving a sticky residue on your precious things.

Is there any toxic chemical used to make Miloona scratch protector?

It is made of non-toxic material and it is completely safe for your feline friend and children as well. If somehow a little amount enters into your pet’s system, you do not have to worry about it.

Can we apply it to a doorway’s carpet as well?

Yes, it is easy to use it on a doorways carpet if the carpet is smooth and not shaggy.

Do Miloona protectors leave behind any residue?

During our research, no such signs were discovered. Lint, fur, or dust won’t stick to the sheets and your couch will look as new.

How easily can we customize the Miloona scratch protector?

Miloona sheets can be customized to any size your couch may need. The furniture protection can be used on any type of furniture.

Do I need to change posts, and how often?

Our protectors can be left on the sofa for up to 6 months, depending on your needs; if your cat stops scratching the sofa, you can remove them, but otherwise, you should keep them.

Will they leave a film on microfiber after removing it?

No, the protectors don’t leave any kind of sticky film after they’re removed.

Does this scratch protector work only for cats?

Although cat scratch deterrent tape is most effective for cats, it can also be used to keep puppies from destroying furniture.

Will Miloona furniture cat protectors help me to train my cat?

Yes! Cats are extremely intelligent animals. When you’re not around, they’ll scratch your furniture most of the time. Miloona protector will keep your cat from scratching your furniture without the cat viewing you as the troll that guards the couch.

Can this product protect my furniture from the cat’s claws?

Stickiness is something that cats hate without a doubt. Cats are extremely intelligent creatures. They will develop a good habit of staying away from your furniture after a period of use.

Will this work on rugs?

We do not recommend using it on rugs. This product should not be used on furniture that has been chipped, peeled, linted, or faded.

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