Snowshoe Siamese Cats: Personality, Health & Coat Color




Have you ever heard of a cat called a Snowshoe Siamese? Yes, this breed does exist and is very rare to find. First appearing in the 1960s in the United States, the Snowshoe Siamese cats are actually a blend of a Siamese and American shorthair. This cat breed is now becoming very popular among cat lovers throughout the world. They are known for their distinct personality and attractive features. Snowshoe Siamese are very beautiful and cats that can make good pets in the right circumstances.

Being a crossbreed of Siamese, Snowshoe shares some of the same commonalities of the Siamese. This breed is also very different in and of itself.  Even there are few things in Snowshoe that are very different from Siamese and we will discuss it in detail here.

Snowshoe Siamese Cats Appearance

This breed is a medium build and has sparkling blue eyes and their head is a triangular-shaped. The paws of Snowshoe are white, and you will find white markings on the face, chest and feet which gave this breed its unique name. All Snowshoe kittens are born white and they develop their dark features later after few years of birth. Snowshoe breed is a seal point or blue point, like a Siamese but their feet are different from the Siamese breed. Body of Snowshoe is more rounded than that of the Siamese, with short hair.

As these cats are medium build, they weigh up to 9 to 12 pounds only. Female Snowshoe cats are smaller in size than male and they weigh up to 7 to 10 pounds only.

The personality of Snowshoe Siamese Cats

Snowshoe cats are very beautiful, kind and intelligent cat breeds. They have very playful personalities which makes them a great pet. These cats are attention seekers and they will do a lot of things to gain your attention like jumping on your laps etc. These cats are very fond of human company and they love to get pampered from their owner. They love to sleep with their owner and you will find them sleeping on owners bed.

Snowshoe cats have very playful nature and they do not need huge open space to enjoy themselves. If you have a small apartment then these cats can easily adjust in it. These cats are very fond of heights and love to climb over the tall rack, cupboard, loft etc.

This breed will easily get depressed when they are left alone. They love to play with other cats, kids and are very energetic and clever.  Being intelligent they love to perform tricks like opening cabinets, doors, refrigerators, windows, etc.

Snowshoe cats are friendly in nature and they easily get mix up with other cats, dogs, and rabbits. They enjoy talking and have a very distinctive tone. Some snowshoe cats are bossy in nature while some are shy, and others may be a loner or caring.



Snowshoe Siamese Health

Snowshoe Siamese are generally healthy and they are not known for any specific genetic diseases. Occasionally in some cases, you may find Snowshoe Siamese with a defect however such as a kinked tail or crossed eyes. They do not need much care but daily little exercise and a yearly visit to the veterinarian is important. They usually live up to 15 to 20 years.


If you own a Snowshoe cat then you must brush their coat once to twice a week. Brushing will help you remove dead hair and distribute skin oils. You should brush their teeth at least once in a week to prevent any periodontal disease and to maintain dental hygiene. They should not be kept alone for a prolonged period of time as they cannot handle the loneliness. A little training is important to teach and maintain good manners in your cat.

Is the Snowshoe Siamese for You?

Snowshoe Siamese are very playful, friendly, yet mellow, attention seeker and they love human company. They are comfortable to be left with another feline and they get very attached to their owner. Their personality makes them an adorable pet. But is your lifestyle compatible to keep them as a pet? Well, it is very important that you should not consider snowshoe unless you give this cat the time and attention on which it thrives. They easily get depressed when left alone for a prolonged period of time. This breed needs more attention and a human company that many other breeds of cat. If you are the one who keeps themselves busy in long work hours, travel often or are otherwise away from the home for extended periods then this cat breed is not for you. But if you are the one who enjoys a retired or work-at-home lifestyle then this is the cat breed for you.

Coat Color and Grooming

Snowshoe cats have a short and smooth coat. All these kittens are born white and they develop the colour later after birth. The points on tail, legs, head and ears start to develop when they are a few weeks old and these points get darker when the kitten matures. The coat colour is light cream ranging to beige or tan with a seal or blue points. Other colour points like chocolate or lilac are rarely seen in Snowshoe Siamese as they are difficult to produce. The paw pads in Snowshoe cats are white and you will also find white marks on its face, chest and feet. The eyes of Snowshoe cats are very beautiful. They have wide blue sparkling eyes of walnut shape. Their eyes are large and rounder than the Siamese eye. The body of Snowshoe is firm and muscular which is medium-sized.

Children and Other Pets

  • Snowshoe cats are the perfect pet to have. They are a very friendly and playful creature. These cats love to play with children and cat-friendly dogs. They are a quick learner and you can teach them new tricks easily. You will be surprised to see that these cats will appreciate the attention they receive from children who treat them politely and with respect.

So if you are the person who lives with a family and children and looking for a cat to pet then Snowshoe cat is best for you.



Image by skeeze from Pixabay
Image by (El Caminante) from Pixabay
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3 thoughts on “Snowshoe Siamese Cats: Personality, Health & Coat Color”

  1. Gwen says:

    I have a Snowshoe mixed, but she has all the traits of pure Snowshoe, she’s into everything she’s nosey, love high places. Very she was 3mos when we got her and she just turn 5mos on the eighth. She sleeps at the top of my pillows so her body is touching my head and she pats it to wake me up in the morning. I got her companion so she would have someone to play with and that seems to be great with when she’s not playing with my grandbaby. She can be very verbal…lol

    1. Roseann says:

      In November 2021 I rescued 2 snowshoe kittens. they we 4 months old and they are brothers. they look so much alike I can’t tell which one is which from the back. the markings on their nose helps recognize from the front. So do the collars I put on them.
      They have begun to darken up. I am hoping their body will get a little darker, it is marbled in two shades of beige. I don’t know if that is normal. As these were rescue kittens I really don’t know much about them or how pure they are. I refer to them as my ‘knockoff’ snowshoe kittens! But they are wonderful, fun, playful, smart and rarely seperated from each other. They let my grandkids carry them around and are just so patient. One is more adventurous then the other, but both are very lovable. the adventurous one learned how to turn on a play toy that we have that blows balls. Several times a day he will go over to the toy press the button to turn it on over and over. Watch for a while and then start batting at the balls so he can chase it around the house. So amazing and funny to watch.
      These kitty have been a blessing for us. I have always owned 1-2 cats but when my last one died 3 years ago we were cat-less.So now we’re back to enjoying the company of a cat.

  2. Krystal Causey says:

    My siamese kitty has white paws but no white anywhere else. The rest of her is siamese colors. She has all of the characteristics of those noted in a snowshoe.

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