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    November 2019 - Siamese Of Day
    Types of Siamese Cats
    The Siamese cat is known to be a very friendly and beautiful looking breed. The breed originated from an ancient kingdom of Siam, which is now popularly known as Thailand. Over a period, the Siamese cats have evolved in various ways such as body composition, colour and size. The different
    Bengal cat
    Are you in a lookout for a cat that has some exotic looks and personality without any kind of danger? Then the Bengal cat has been specially developed for you. The Bengal cat is not a recommended breed if what you are looking for is a friendly and gentle cat
    Cat Tree
    Do you find it funny to get your cat some kind of furniture? But we suggest that there is nothing funny about getting cat furniture. Owners who have a cat as their pet would surely understand the importance of getting cat furniture. When you little kitty has its own little
    Kitten Birthday Party
    It is a joy to watch the little one turn a year older. With that, it means that you should be hosting a nice themed birthday party inviting all of their friends. Before you go into the nitty-gritty of a birthday party, you should be first deciding on the theme
    Care for Siamese Cats
    Alas, you got home that little bundle of fur. Getting home, a kitten or a grown-up cat is not one and the same. There are a lot of Do’s and Don’ts that one should be prepared for. When you bring home a kitten, taking care of it would involve a