Siamese cats face
The Siamese cats are considered to be a unique breed among the cat family. You must have encountered them before as blue-eyed, unique fur patterns, long neck, dark-colored paws, and face. This kind of coloration is known as “points”. This means that their extremities are those parts or points of
Tips and Tricks Train a Siamese Cat
Training a cat can turn out to be a difficult affair. Due to the stubborn nature of the cats, most of the people find it impossible to get the cats trained. Various cat breeds have different nature. When it comes to the Siamese cat, the training part gets even more
Siamese hygiene
Siamese cat are a loving and caring breed. But if you plan to adopt a Siamese cat then it means proper evaluation is required in terms of its care and hygiene. You cannot compromise on the health of your Siamese cat. They are extremely caring, friendly and loving pets to
How To Make An E-Collar For A Cat
If you have ever owned a cat, you know what a great asset an E-collar is for a cat, especially when it is injured or has undergone surgery. E-collars prevent cats from lciking themselves around a wound or surgery site. A DIY E-collar is simple to make and needs only
The Siamese cat is one of the oldest and popular breed of cats found across the globe. They are quite loving in nature with a pleasing and playful personality. They are very affectionate in nature and easily get attached to their owners. You can term it as a “dog like”
About Siamese Cats
The Siamese Is an Old Breed: The Siamese is considered to be one of the oldest breed which originated in Siam which is now referred to as Thailand. They were known as Royal Points and also considered to be royal. They were honored in high regard and none except the