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    Cat Tree - Siamese Of Day

    Cat Tree

    A Cat Guide To A Cat Tree

    Who doesn’t like the cats as their pets? Everybody loves feline because they are so adorable and cute. If you are a cat person then you will fall in love with every single cute activity from them. Petting a cat may benefit you with a lot of health benefits such as stress relieving and also boost your mental health. Seeing the cat every time right in front of your eyes makes it feel so adorable and cute.

    1. Cats as a Pet

    Cats can be wonderful pets – meanwhile, their lovable behavior makes everyone laugh and smile. Sometimes they act so social and sometimes they act so confusing. No doubt, having a cat causes you to less caring than the dogs because cats live in their own space. The cats are an intelligent being because of some reasons – they always know about what to do and what we are up to do, for example, they know about the dinner timings, they know when you bring their new food to home, they know your timing and routine. Through research, it has been found that cats are way more intelligent than other pets. Well, it is one of the common misconceptions about cats that they are not affectionate, in reality, cats have a certain emotional relationship with her owner, it’s another side that they don’t like to show it off like the dogs, unlike cats, dogs have more explicit options to expressing his affection.
    Being a cat person, your cat must have a lot of quirky habits and that’s the reason you love her every activity and feel so much fun to be with. But not every time is the same, Sometimes cats tend to behave most surprisingly too. They are Unpredictable and can surprise you. Most of the time, cats love to scratch and claw the things including furniture, carpets, and curtains that you don’t want them to – but they are very bossy and do whatever they want to do, you cannot stop them but love them anyway. If we talk about the celebration and parties, you may find dogs the most active in such activities, although they love to do, when we pet a cat there must be the higher chances they won’t like or participate in such activities – especially when they are habitual quiet and don’t like loud noises, crowds, and unfamiliar situations. It can make them worried and anxious. Cats can get easily trained for it but you have to invest a piece of your time for it.
    We love our feline partners especially when they rub against our legs, knead our laps, do eye contact with us, and then purr. How could you not fall in love with such a cute act? Sometimes, we don’t like our four-footed amigo’s awful behaviors and activities such as streaking though the house at and not accepting the litter box even if it is clean. But the good news is that every cat problem can be manageable with little help and understanding between you and your baby girl cat.

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    Strange Activities that your cat likes

    Everyone who has their pet cat knows it better that there are few but most strange cat’s activities that cats love to do when they are around you or even they are alone. Most of the activities can make you fall in love with them and some activities can make you a little angry (for a temporary time).

    1. Sleep on your Laptop or Computer:

    Sleeping on the keyboards especially when it’s time to work is one of their favorite hobbies. They dislike it when we wake them up and push them off to tell “We got a lot of work to do Kitty”. Cats must get an average nap of 12 to 16 hours per day and they love it to feel the warmth of your PCs and laptops. So if you dare to Shush them off while they are sleeping, Better to be ready for the response from them.

    2. They dislike taking photos, they’re not Kardashians.

    Yes, you find a lot of cats photos on the internet, letting the owner click the photos but when your cat is mad, anything can make her feel madder at that time. Cats only like everything when they are in the mood or happy condition. Yes! They are Bossy! Humans can’t seem to stop the snapping pix with their cellphones whenever their cat baby is around and resort the sneaky tricks to make their cat look at the camera but after taking the snap you just drop that down and make her angrier. Give your cat a playtime in return

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    3. Hands off the Belly, Hooman!

    Whenever the cat shows you its belly – it means she is in a pleasant mood and wants to play but that doesn’t mean to be friendly whenever she does it. Yes, it quite strange but in some cases, this represents a normal cat’s behavior but opposite. It can be a cat’s language decoding “You wanna Fight huh? Showing up the belly can be a defensive move that is a sign to another enemy that our claw and limbs are in the attacking mood. “Better to Watch out you Spookey cat from the Next Door”/.

    4. Being a Cat, Love to Scratch:

    Grooming is the cat’s priority, scratching and clawing the sofas, curtains and the carpets is a simple act as we humans clip our nails and file them to look good. Cats are a self-maintenance specie. Scratching the nails helps them to remove dead nail growth out from their claws but on the other side, it is a sign for showing up their territory as they have the scent glands on their paws. “Such a Pity when we get to cut off your nails Poor Kitty but we are Hoomans we have to do it anyway”

    5. Bring a Dead animal or insect at home

    It’s quite normal but yet so strange that why do they do it every time – like it sounds disgusting isn’t it? Your cat is bringing a dead lizard or a cockroach to home or a mice “wow that’s cool sweety, you have saved the world”. That could be a sign of a gift that your cat pays you off with because every day you fill her dishes and give them food so now they just kill a mice or an insect that was roaming around in your Lawn. Relax Human, don’t freak them out.

    6. No problem with Nudity.

    “I love my cat, Let me buy her the cutest hat ever”. Cats have no problem with their nudity, they don’t even bother when you buy them a new outfit or even just a cute little hair clip. They hate to feel enclosed and confined meanwhile the texture of your sweater that they love under their paws doesn’t mean that they like to wear it on too. Cats never like anything on their body to be a meme star. Cats have up to 130,000 hair coats per square inch over their body and they never like to be more covered with clothes.

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    Understanding your Cat’s Behavior and Languages

    Understanding the cat’s behavior is a little challenging for the owners but when you learn their body language and some important versions of their meow, it becomes easy. Pets are always compared when it comes to their behavior just like dogs are very friendly and more expressive to love than the felines meanwhile cats don’t like to bother you, they are considered as mean and less caring but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love you back. Cats only portray their emotions and love indirectly.

    The Fluttering Blink

    It is an expression of greeting. Cats usually blink with slow and relaxed way to show the sign of trust and affection. The act of shutting the eyes slowly in front of the person or towards another cat is the ultimate symbol of showing the trust and friendship, it is an expression of greeting. Cats usually blink with a slow and relaxed way to show the sign of trust and affection. The act of shutting the eyes slowly in front of the person or towards another cat is the ultimate symbol of showing trust and friendship.
    The Direct stare – You have seen many cats direct eye contacting with you which could be a form of threat. When a cat is frightened, you can identify it by her eye pupils which dilate with wide eyes open. This act helps your cat to observe the environment data more accurately. However, when a cat is angry, the procedure is the opposite. Her eye pupil gets narrow to focus on the details sharply.

    Tail Signs

    It is an accurate barometer to determine her pleasant mood. If the tail edge is curled and the rest of it is straight, it implies that your cat is being friendly. A tucked down tailor between its back legs symbolizing the anxiousness or insecurity. Cat’s upright bottle-brush stance with a smooth tail implies that she might be threatened. Similarly, when your cat has unsheathed claws, arched back, and standing hair signifies that your cat is extremely terrified and it can be dangerous even to touch her in this situation

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    Whiskers movements

    It is also a language to determine the cat’s relaxing mood and frightening situations. A relaxing cat always has the whiskers out from its face while a frightened cat always has its whiskers flat touching its face.

    Scratching nails

    It can be considered as their favorite hobby and an essential need. Although, I have discussed about it as a strange habit above but it can be considered as their body language too. It is an act of marking the territory and to left the marks of their nails which indicates that I live here. If you bring a pet cat to your home the things that is necessarily important along with its food bowl and potty place is its scratch spot area. By not providing her a proper scratching tool or spot to let her satisfy its frustrations, she will do it to your furniture and upholstery.
    We know that it is a common factor and a most irritating issue that your cat always ruined your new curtains and sofa covers, sometimes you freak them out but that’s not going to help you both. She has to get something to initiate its instincts. You may go to the Market to check the cat’s scratching products from simple scratching boards to the scratching mats and various sizes of modern cat trees. What’s most important to your cat is the most important to you too.
    The cat’s owner should know this that to stop their cat from scratching their furniture they must provide her an alternative for scratching and for relaxing. Cats do love a well-designed scratching post and a Cactus Cat tree to avoid scratching your furniture. Buying your cat a well-designed and comfortable modern cat tree along with a cat cave bed can make her super happy and bring more advantages in petting your cat.

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    Advantages of Modern Cat Tree

    Cats love a tree, yes! We all know about it. But you can’t let her climb the real tree especially when your cat is an indoor pet. In this case, bringing the best cat tree to your home can make your cat in love with you. They love to climb and spending time on their comfortable cat cave bed after perching high atop their cat tree – apart from taking a nap they love watching everyone and everything that’s going on. There are many reasons why cats love cats tree and how can you get them the best cat tree that they will ever love.

    Because Cats love to play

    The size of the space doesn’t determine the happiness of your cat but the usage of the space does. For example, a cat tree for large cats can offer them a “third-dimension space” to make the full use of the height and observe the surrounding area. These cat trees allow the feline families for being more active and playful as the scratching apparatus are also attached to it.

    Space Saving

    One of the advantages of having a modern cat tree is to save the space which is better than having a separate scratching post. A modern cat tree has multiple features an all-in-one product. Plus, If you have multiple cats then they won’t like to spend time in a close space, in this case, the best cat tree with multiple spaces could be a great solution. A large cat tree has multiple hideaways, levels, perches, cat cave beds, and scratching posts which not only save the space but allow your cats to share their own space.

    Cat Tree Design

    A good design is everything! Investing your financial resources for a random cat tree can cause you nothing but disappointment. Hence, a good design is selected through various points, Does your cat particularly active or rather tranquil? Does your cat like climbing or taking the nap more? Will your cat its all-in-one features or she wants everything separated? Well, figuring out the choices of your cat and its habit, you can choose a good design easily.

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    Reasons Why cat trees is best for your Felines

    Because your cat loves the climbing tree. The climbing tree makes the cat feel more secure and alert about the surrounding activities. Cat tree king allows the same purpose to the cats whenever they want to perch and observe the environment. A modern cat tree can reduce the unwanted feline dispute in the home as they feel secure in their cat cave bed. There are small cat tree is also available for little kitties according to their climbing abilities and surroundings and to protect them a fearless safest space. It brings Enrichment for the happy cats because climbing the trees is a form of exercise for them.

    Things to consider when buying a Cat tree

    Okay, so the advantages and the reasons for having the best cat tree has been cleared in this article. But that’s not enough when you go shopping for one for your cats. When you are looking for the ideal modern cat tree the first thing that you must consider is the personality and size of your cat. The best cat tree always has perches to let the cat fit perfectly and some other small cat trees with hanging toys to play for your lovable kittens along with hideaways for a timid feline. There is also various type of scratching posts according to the surface material – you need to understand it whether your cat loves wood or sisal.

    The location is second important option to be considered. The place that you select for your cat means a lot for your furry friend as well as for your whole family members. Cats love to see activities and see you working, if you place the cat tree in an empty space, there is more chances that your cat won’t use it. Also, cats love to see through the window so placing your cat tree king beside the window is also a great way to please your cat with the use of her cat tree.

    Even though, cat trees are majorly loved by the felines but every feline has it own individual choice. In some cases, you pet cat doesn’t feel the need for cat trees just like small kitten – they like to jump over the furniture and play around the house rather than stay away in their tree.

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