Ragdoll Cat
Ragdoll cats are true American breed and are known for their beautiful color points like Siamese cats. These cats appear large and they have reputation for being a serene and friendly breed. Ragdoll cats are very beautiful in appearance and they are notably affectionate toward their owners. Ragdoll Cat History
Traditional Siamese cat
Siamese cats first appeared in Siam (now Thailand) between 1350 and 1700. Many people consider them as a natural breed that has developed without the intervention of human being. They were considered sacred earlier and were only kept by priests and royalty. It is also said that Siamese cat guarded
Siamese cats are best for their beauty, elegancy, deep blue eyes, character, and seal points on their body. There are number of varieties in the Siamese breed and Tortie point Siamese is also one of them. Yes, you heard it right, there is a Siamese breed known as Tortie point.
Siamese Cats Have Blue Eyes
Siamese cats are known for their elegance and beauty. Their unique fur patterns and striking blue eyes makes them one of the most beautiful cat breed. These cats have origin from Siam (now Thailand) and they were once considered as royalty figure in ancient kingdom of Siam. The most beautiful
Balinese Cat
Balinese cats are among the popular cat breeds and they are best known for their intelligence, their friendly, inquisitive and playful nature, and their outstanding looks. These cats are very vocal and very demanding too. They are often compared with Siamese cats and the main difference between them is that